kinder mulls sending ethanol on plantation line - water absorption

by:Demi     2019-08-24
kinder mulls sending ethanol on plantation line  -  water absorption
Orlando, Florida, April 22 (Reuters)-U. S.
KMP petroleum products pipeline company, energy partner of golden Morgan.
With the expansion of the alternative car fuel business, N is exploring the delivery of ethanol to the Virginia Plantation pipeline in the state of Luis Anna.
"We are evaluating the planting pipeline. . .
As the next pipeline system that could handle ethanol, "Jim Lelio, director of the company's renewable fuel business development, said at an alternative fuel and vehicle conference in Orlando on Tuesday.
At the end of last year, Kinder said that it had begun to pass 105-mile (170-km)
Florida's pipeline for oil products is laid according to the needs of customers seeking to reduce fuel costs for rail and truck transportation.
Lelio said that there are many challenges in sending ethanol on the production line, and for larger production lines like plantations, the challenge is even greater.
The transportation distance of oil products on the plantation is 10 times that of the Florida pipeline.
A major problem with the delivery of oil through the pipeline is that the fuel can absorb excess oxygen, resulting in a problem called stress corrosion cracking.
But Raymond Paul, director of government affairs in Washington, D. C. C. -
The petroleum pipeline Association says the company has found ways to control the problem and absorb water.
Other companies are also interested in transporting ethanol by pipes.
Midstream Partners in Magellan (MMP. N)
The greatest poet in AmericaS.
Ethanol producers say they have signed an agreement to study the construction of a $3 ethanol.
Article 5 billion special pipelines for transporting ethanol from the United StatesS.
Midwest production centerS. Northeast.
Lelio said that the process of evaluating the plantation was much larger than the small Florida line, which took about 18 months and spent more than $10 million on the evaluation.
He said that Jinde will carry out an engineering assessment of the plantation from this year, "this may be a cleaning process, which is a major factor in putting ethanol into production. ” (
Timothy Gardner reports, editor Marguerita Choy)
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