kinder morgan's $7.4-billion trans mountain oil pipeline expansion: what we know so far - oil spill pads

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kinder morgan\'s $7.4-billion trans mountain oil pipeline expansion: what we know so far  -  oil spill pads
Kinder Morgan announced on April 8 that it would spend $7 to build the company. 4-
By May 31, its pipeline through the mountains had expanded billions or was disappearing.
It accused Prime Minister John Hogan of the NDP government from B. C.
Liberal Party in 2017
Contrary to the project, the Hogan government passed B. C.
Spills can be cleaned up until the province is satisfied.
Hogan stressed that defending B is his job. C. ’s coast.
April 26, B. C.
The government submitted a to the court to determine its jurisdiction over the issue.
Goldmorgan CEO Steve Keane said the company has spent about $1 billion and doesn't want to risk billions more before it completes construction.
The ultimatum intensified B. C.
And Alberta, turn off the fuel taps of its northwest neighbor. In return, B. C.
Threatened to sue Alberta
The Federal Free Government of Alberta and Justin Trudeau also said they might be interested in the project.
Trudeau also said Ottawa would exercise jurisdiction over the pipeline, which has been approved by the federal government. C.
Approval under item B beforeC.
Free government.
The following is an explanation of some of the issues behind the dispute.
Existing 1,150-
The km pipeline has been in operation since 1953.
It starts near Edmonton and has a terminal at a port facility in bennaby.
The pipeline initially produced a capacity of 150,000 barrels per day and later expanded to 300,000 barrels per day.
The pipeline provides refined products and diluted asphalt (
Oil sands from Alberta)to B. C.
These products supply crude oil to Parkland Fuel.
At the bernabbie refinery, the Washington State refinery, and the tanker docked at the Westridge Marine Terminal.
The route also brought aviation fuel to Vancouver airport.
The expansion will add a second pipeline, nearly doubling production capacity to 890,000 barrels a day.
Oil tankers are expected to export most additional capacity to the United StatesS. and Asia.
The project is almost always considered critical to opening up new markets for energy sources. hungry Asia.
Goldmorgan's Westridge Marine Terminal already has some oil exports, but most of them go to California.
In 2017, about 11 million barrels of oil were shipped from the Port of Vancouver to the United States.
This is about 19 tanker loads from Aframax.
Large operators that can be docked at the Westridge terminal.
Less than 600 barrels of oil were shipped to China on 2017 and were not shipped to China on 2016 and 1.
In 2015, 5 million barrels of crude oil were delivered to China.
Ali Howell, a spokeswoman for the Trans-Mountain expansion project, said about eight of the 10 tankers leaving Westridge were going to the United States.
However, the transportation and destination today does not say what will happen in the future, says Hornsell.
The main purpose of the expansion is to provide additional transportation capacity for crude oil from Alberta to market B. C.
Washington state, California and Asia.
Many British columnians are worried that the oil spill could hurt Colombia. C. ’s coastline.
The project is expected to add 350 tankers a year.
The company has very little research on major leaks, once in 2,300 years, due to increased safety, including the addition of tanker tugboat escorts on the route.
But critics of pipeline expansion are not satisfied with the risk analysis by kingmorgan or B's tanker safety recordC.
B and other organizations. C. -
The Washington-based marine life Association noted that a Nestucca barge leak occurred in Washington state in December.
1988, of which 5,500 barrels overflow after the tugboat hit the barge.
Oil reached the beach in northern Oregon and was washed up a week later on the coast of Vancouver Island.
In 2013, Canada was not fully prepared to respond quickly to the leak, and relied too much on "mechanical" recycling equipment such as slag skimming devices, even in calm waters, only 5 to 15 cents can be recovered from the leak.
Goldmorgan is paying for ocean response in Western Canada.
This will add six new temporary bases, an additional 120 staff and a new purpose --
Ships worth up to $0. 15 billion were built.
About nine ships are currently under construction.
However, Marine Response spokesman Michael Lowry said that work at the base to be started this summer has been suspended due to the Ginde Morgan ultimatum and suspension of spending.
The new base and equipment will cut the estimated time for full response work by half to 36 hours, this means that emergency personnel should arrive anywhere from the Burrard entrance to the tanker route at the Juan de Fuka strait entrance within 6 hours and within 2 hours of the Vancouver Metro.
Kinder Morgan's computer model estimates that it could clear up major leaks.
However, a 2014 federal government study questioned this conclusion.
The study found that diluted asphalt sinks in seawater when it is hit by waves and mixed with sediment.
However, it has been found that the sediment level may not be sufficient to sink diluted asphalt when it is not running in spring
The low season of The Salehi sea and the Fraser River. A B. C. government-
A study commissioned in 2014 found that nine to three leaks could be recovered five days later.
It is expected that Columbia University will receive about $0. 6 billion in five months.
Also an annual plan to fund the Arctic and East Coast.
The plan promises a new regional oil spill response plan, including improved maritime traffic and navigation information for the coast guard and new communication equipment.
It also pledged funding for oil spill research, new Aboriginal community response teams and new Coast Guard Auxiliary personnel.
Some of them are already being launched.
Canada coast guard new lifeboat station
Located in Victoria, Hartley Bay, Port renfreu and notaka Bay-
Cleaning equipment and rescue boats are included.
The station has already started.
On February, Public Service Canada leased two vessels off coast B capable of using ofs, including tankersC.
In 2017, B announced $20 million. C. ports.
Announced research spending includes strengthening underwater listening technology to record noise and ocean currents.
Spending on new equipment includes equipment from North Vancouver
Recently, the company publicly expressed its support for the pipeline and noted that it had signed a benefit agreement.
The first nation of Whisper Pine also expressed support for the pipeline.
Ernie Crey, Cheam's first president, said it would cost a lot of money to cancel the project.
Goldmorgan said it has reached a benefit agreement with 43 First Nations, 33 of which are located in B. C.
Over time, the company said, the agreements would provide more than $0. 4 billion in benefits.
However, even the first nations that signed the benefit agreement did not necessarily show support.
Prime Minister Justin Trudeau's government added at the Trans-Mountain project that some of the first nations that signed the Benefit Agreement felt that their rights were not respected and their concerns about the impact were ignored.
And the First Nations who occupy an important position on this route, including Tsleil-
The sea routes of Waututh and Squamish countries.
Both countries were the first to bring a lawsuit to the court.
Legal experts say the case in the first country claimed that the consultations were inadequate and tried to overthrow the federal and federal courts. C.
The approval of the project cannot be ignored.
On 2016, the Federal Court of Appeal overturned its approval of $7 for Enbridge. 9-
It was found that there was no proper consultation with First Nations in Ottawa, all of which marked the end of the project.
The six First Nations questioned the Trans-Mountain project on the issue of full consultation by the federal appeals court.
The Squamish Nation is also in B. C. Supreme Court.
A decision is expected before the summer.
Goldmorgan touted 35,800 direct and independent jobs in the construction of B. C.
It is expected that 33,900 direct and derivative jobsa years will also be created during the operation period.
But a said that the financial interests were exaggerated.
B. Construction EngineeringC.
The report says the figure is close to 12,000 and will create only about 50 permanent jobs.
A 2012 study in Calgary
The Canadian-based energy research institute found that Alberta will reap most of the benefits of economic growth, with gross domestic product (the measure of the economy) growing by $291 billion, making B. C.
$4 billion in pricesB. C.
Revenue is estimated to exceed $2.
During the 20-year period of pipeline construction and operation, provincial taxes were $2 billion and property taxes were $0. 512 billion.
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