killer sticks to story as execution looms - 55 gallon drum

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killer sticks to story as execution looms  -  55 gallon drum
In his view, he is a family man who respects women. he has never been in trouble and believes in Christianity.
But long criminal records and two murder cases.
He was convicted of 1994 rape and murder of a woman in San Antonio and was charged with 1991 rape and murder of a homeless woman in Grand Rapids, Michigan. —
Draw another picture
Hernandez is scheduled to carry out the death penalty on Thursday for the 38-year-old 1994 people, pending the results of the leniency request before the Criminal Appeal and the writ before the appeal.
"It still feels unreal.
I'm not guilty of this murder.
I will take it to the grave, "herndez said in a recent death row interview.
"My grandmother raised me to respect women.
Science is not.
It was almost an accidental opportunity that Hernan DERs had to do with Verstegen's death in 2002, eight years after her death.
The naked body was found to throw 55-
Gallon drum in church
As a condition for his parole for the Grand Rapids attack, herndez had to submit DNA samples for a local, state and national database called CODIS, a joint DNA
When a match was discovered, a cold case detective who resumed his investigation in 2000 visited herndez in Michigan prison.
Saidler recalled that about 20 minutes later, Hernandez asked a Michigan official to leave the room and then admitted to killing Verstegen, a single mother interested in photography. Lay.
Sayyidler said he offered to write a statement for herndez, who is crying and shaking.
"He gave me the facts of the case that only the murderer knew," said sayyidler, who is now an investigator at the Bexar County district attorney's office. “He gave (the confession)
It's easy for me.
He had some tears, but I can't say whether he shed tears for himself or for the victims.
"Susan Verstegen's supervisor became concerned after not arriving at the second delivery station before dawn on February. 18, 1994.
She did not answer his phone.
When he checked, it seemed that she had already delivered the goods to fristo
Lying in the shed behind H-E-
B is at 9255 Grissom road, but when her work computer was found nearby, he called the police.
No sign of Verstegen or her 1991 Pontiac Firebird, a massive search started: from H-E-
Supported by SAPD's Eagle helicopter
Earlier the next afternoon, when a baseball player of the Prince chased a runaway ball to 55-
Some of the items of the Galleon barrel, Verstegen were found scattered in 3-mile radius —
A pair of her shoes, a Firebird and a removable roof panel on the car called "T-tops.
The baseball player looked in the drum and found a woman's body inside.
Susan friggen's mother and her husband, who had just returned home from New York, were told that their daughter's case had changed from the case of the missing person to a possible murder.
"I made the most horrible voice because I couldn't believe it was possible," said Anna westgen, 78 . ".
"I have always been positive. I feel that God has betrayed me.
Susan weltergan's brother. in-
Law and her boyfriend found the Firebird.
According to police records, there is a handprint on the driver's side door, "drag the finger to mark the inside of the Rear Window", made of "smaller fingers.
There is a damp place in the back seat.
The police cut off the wet fabric and used it as evidence, as well as samples of soil under the car, cigarette wrappers, potential fingerprints, vacuum samples, drums, scissors nails and cotton swabs on the body of verstegen
Her son, then 15, was a sophomore and lived with his father and stepmother a few blocks from his mother.
The first night of the search, he was called to help, and the next day, when she was found, he was at the command post.
A week later, he returned to school and did his best to restore the lives of teenage boys, he said.
Four years later, evidence was submitted when the national DNA system was established.
Monney will continue to hear from detective SAPD informing him that they will reopen the case.
Four investigators conducted the survey at different times.
"I know they are working very, very hard on this and I just think it's one of the things they can never solve," he said . ".
"So I have to work on this.
Saidler questioned the suspect for two years, spoke with relatives, and re-discussed his previous detective work.
When the Michigan authorities called him for a DNA match, he was looking for new clues on a completely different road.
The next day, Sadler and a detective from Michigan went to the prison to visit herndez, who was held in prison for violating parole regulations and showed him a Susan West
He said he didn't know her. “I told (Hernandez)
I know he's lying to me, "said Le wrote in his Guide for trial.
"I told him there was DNA evidence that he had something to do with the murder.
Herndez recalled how he felt at the time: "I was really surprised.
I thought it was all wrong.
Though he and Susan are now being said by herndez.
Their long casual relationship after H-meetingE-
B where did he work, he told Saidler that he saw her for the first time shortly before killing her because she left an H-E-
Where he stopped to buy his shirt.
He claimed that herndez drove around the back of the store to avoid a red light and saw Verstegen outside the warehouse.
"I 've been smoking marijuana, drinking beer and mixed drinks and didn't realize what I was doing," frankly . ".
"I suddenly grabbed her and pulled her into the car.
She struggled and I put my hands around her neck and held her down.
He took off Verstegen's pants and raped her, and his hand was still on her neck, according to the confession.
He said that when he finished, he realized that she had not breathed.
Frankly, "I panicked and drove her away in her car," he stopped where he thought it was the park, "put her in the trash can," and drove away.
The weather was warm, so hernandes' T-
Before abandoning it. Fired from H-E-
Because of missing too much work, herndez moved back to Michigan and was soon arrested for violating the 1992 parole regulations.
But it wasn't until he was released on parole for another belief that he had to provide DNA samples.
Today, Hernandez, the father of the three daughters, claimed that he had sex with Susan Verstegen that night, but did not kill her.
"The detective was very sorry for me.
"I have not committed this murder and others have committed it, and I don't know how they live," he said . ".
Susan Verstegen, a fitness enthusiast and outdoor enthusiast, works out every day, Hernandez said.
How could he be, a skinny 20-year-
He asked, an 18-year-old healthy woman, too old.
"Together with an older woman, I realized the dreams of every young person," says Hernández . ".
"I was annoyed when they showed me the picture of her in the trash can.
This is what they said I did "according to the autopsy report by Susan westgen, her legs, breasts, arms and face are full of bruises, bruises and bruises.
The record shows that this is not the first physical violence in Hernández.
When a team of cold cases in Kent County, Michigan, he was already on death row in Bexar County.
He found that his DNA matched the small amount saved in the investigation into the killing of 1991 77-year-old Muriel stopkel, who was shot dead in the parking lot
Stoke Park is homeless.
Detective Sgt said relatives had tried to get her out of the streets of Grand Rapids but failed.
Supervisor of the team.
"DNA matching is just bittersweet for the family because now they know who should be responsible but they don't know why," she said . ".
Hernández declined to be interviewed by Detective Kent.
Wolter said his sentence in Texas is unlikely to put any trial on the death of stopuk.
Anna weltergen's family disagreed over the death penalty, saying she wanted Hernan to accept the crime he committed.
"Susan certainly doesn't want someone to be killed for her, but he's out of control," she said . ".
"I want him to know how much God loves him.
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