kids talk about a time their pet ate something unusual - my dog ate meat absorbent pads

by:Demi     2019-11-04
kids talk about a time their pet ate something unusual  -  my dog ate meat absorbent pads
As part of an ongoing series of children's pages, NJ Senior media asked students from kindergarten to eighth grade to answer questions or complete sentences.
The question for this week is: your dog (
Or cat, mouse, goat, horse)
Once my dog had a chocolate cake at the camp.
We were on the playground, and then we went home.
There is a trash can on the floor, and there is a cake that has eaten half of it.
I thought Cooper, my dog, would die because of dark chocolate.
We let him throw it.
He's fine after that.
My mom washed clothes when my dog Tiami ate something he shouldn't have.
There are two stray socks on the sofa.
It's not time to eat, so we haven't fed Timi yet.
All of a sudden, we found ourselves pressing the peroxide outside in the throat of Tiami.
"I can't believe he swallowed your socks," My mom complained . ". I sighed.
After I threw the pan a few times, he walked slowly to the hammock.
I said I never wore that sock again.
Abigail Draghi, Grade 4, Kingwood Township school, my dog Parker, ate the rope Mrs. Kingwood had.
Sidbury gave me the cat cradle
I don't have a real pet but I have a plush animal pet.
My pet likes to eat meat.
I saw her eat some poop.
That was a few days ago.
My pet has been eating cheeeeeeez!
My dog, small, ate a Lego toy.
We found it in his poop.
My dog Lucy had a whole chocolate cake on Thanksgiving Day.
Emily flynn first grade Spruce Run School bug!
My dog thinks cricket is good!
My dog had surgery and took something out of his stomach.
We don't know what it is.
Spruce elyn CormioGrade 1 Spruce Run school kc ate a rope from the balloon.
After she vomited, we said, "Are you okay ? " But she did not answer because she was a cat.
Caitlin pastillo Grade 1 Spruce Run School dogs eat garbage.
My cat ate butter and licked his beard all day.
One day my family went out.
I left half of my bagels on the kitchen table.
It's tin foil.
When we got home, there was rubbish everywhere!
My dog, Olive, ate it.
My kitten's name is Emma.
She ate my pony fish.
Anika TekchandaniGrade Monthly Spruce School30-
My dog ate my crayons.
Level 1 Spruce School Nicholas casnovas30-
My dog eats cat food, and the cat eats dog food.
Luxurious audenda level 1 Spruce Run School my cat, very small and very interesting.
She eats flies stinkbugs and crickets.
She even eats ribbons.
She is a very strange cat!
My pet ate fish.
My pet ate a magnet.
My pet is a fish.
It eats fish.
My fish will spit out the food and eat it again.
My fish is blue.
I like my fish because it has big wings.
Murray often eats his mother's plants when he feels bad.
Mother is not happy.
My dog ate the arm of my toy.
Jackson Russell kindergarten-30-
My ring box, but not the ring!
My cat ate a spider cricket.
My dog ate a roast chicken, bones and everything. He did not die.
Alex wysockpuppet gartenspruce running school my old cat, baked, used to hide in the trash to eat leftovers. I miss him.
My pet Malie likes to eat the flowers in my mom's garden.
There are pets in Derek BurtGrade Monthly Spruce Run SchoolI.
He almost ate my sister's finger.
Jack Schlidge first grade spruce strawberry, yogurt, French fries, chicken, peanut butter, meat, cheese, rice and carrots.
Jimmy, my aunt Burian's dog, ate a diaper from my cousin's baby.
We are not sure if it has been used.
Julia Matos first grade Spruce School-30-
My dog ate my play.
Level 1 spruce running school-30-
Sorry teacher, well, my dog ate mine, well, homework, I'm sorry.
Baibre LynchGrade Monthly Spruce School30-
I have a toy pet dog. happy.
I usually give her some toys like waffles, potatoes and chocolate.
She usually eats batteries!
My cat ate candy.
Alex annenkodobrianski first grade Spruce Run School my stuffed animal.
I pretended that the owl had a rose.
Pink and red.
My pet ate a Nerf bullet.
He had to have surgery to remove it.
I have a pet but I have never given anything unusual to my pet fish.
Once my brother left a pack of Sour Patch Kids and my dog outside.
My dog Katie ate candy and got sick all over the carpet.
Katie will get sick if she eats something like candy.
Since then, we 've always made sure we don't leave something like candy behind so it doesn't happen again!
My dog ate a lot of bad things in his life.
One thing is a whole box of biscuits, which is not good.
And chocolate cookies.
Chocolate is toxic to dogs, so we gave him medicine to vomit. That saved him.
I think it's terrible to see Max almost die.
I don't know what to do without him.
I like my dog Max so much!
My dog ate two years ago.
I went home from school and the hamster cage was open.
I'm really scared.
My mother and brother are looking for Thor everywhere.
My hamster is Thor.
We found Thor under the sofa.
It turned out that my dog bit him.
This is the saddest day I can remember.
My dog, Bree, likes to eat a lot.
The weirdest thing she has ever eaten is the blue highlighter.
She was lucky she didn't get sick when she ate it because it wasn'tToxic.
After Brie had eaten, it looked like he was wearing blue lipstick and blue claws.
She stole it from our table and bit the plastic directly into the ink section.
Worst of all, she messed up on the carpet and left a big stain!
Mom is angry with Bree but she is a puppy!
She will be transferred to 1 in April 2018.
Hopefully Bree will stick to dog food instead of highlighters, pens, marker pens and human food.
Last summer my brother Julie and I were playing tag games outside.
Just as julius tagged me, we heard a scream.
Our heart thum slammed and sprinted to mom's barn.
As we looked inside, we saw our mom's ears missing!
Mother's horse, Guido, bit off her ears and mother had to go to many doctors to fix her ears.
One day, when my cat and I were in my room, my cat began to wander around.
She found my socks and began to chew.
She finally took off a small piece and ate it.
Then she coughed a ball.
She ran out of the room and I had to pick it up. It was gross.
My pet ferret was named Mr.
I also call him a rubber robber.
He was named a rubber robber because he stole, hid and ate any rubber he could put on his teeth.
Some examples are the fact that he removes the rubber top from his pencil and chews on the nerf bullet (
If they are in the House)
Once he even bit the leg of my brother's Hexbug!
He hisses as we try to take things out of his mouth, and we have to gently take them out of his mouth.
Rubber is not good for ferret!
Ferret should be a carnivore, but he really seems to like rubber!
We have had rubber robbers for 4 years and we hope he can stay here for a long time.
My dog, Little Tim, ate a lot.
One day I took some snacks from the kitchen. I poured Cheez-
Put sour cream, onion slices and biscuits in a bowl.
I dropped so many potato chips and cheese.
On the floor.
Whenever Tiny hears food falling on the floor, he runs to the floor to eat.
So, I tried to take all the snacks from the floor quickly.
But whenever I pick up the snack, Tiny grabs the food from my hand!
So if the pet can eat these snacks, I will raise my head.
I breathed a sigh of relief.
I hugged Tiny.
I love him very much.
Once my dog ate a grape that was poisonous to the dog.
My mother was very angry because my brother and I left the food for the dog to eat.
My mom took her to the vet.
I was shaking because I thought my dog would die.
Then I was looking for a furry dog when my mom came home and she was there!
I gave my dog Sasha a big hug.
Finally, I assure my mom that I will never put food where Sasha can reach it again.
My dog eats anything, but she likes the food people eat better than her dog food.
Her name is Tess.
She only eats dog food if we put some extra stuff on the dog food or if she is really hungry.
I have a pet.
She is a hamster.
Her name is Coco.
She loves carrots.
She sometimes puts the carrot in her mouth and takes it to her little house.
She also ate the hamster food we gave her.
They are all very good animals.
I love them very much.
So my pet basically doesn't care what to eat.
Once, my dad told me and my brother a real story about our wolf.
He said there was a deer in a restaurant in aklia. our wolf)cage.
I asked, "What happened ? "
"Aklia has a deer! " my dad said.
"The whole thing," My brother asked. "Yep! " my dad said.
The next day I went to his cage and saw only part of a deer.
Brody GaleGrade my dog Rosie chews socks at Golden Wood town school, grade 4, but she never eats them.
She sat under the table while we had dinner, waiting for the food to fall, but she never complained.
She is a very good dog!
Once my dog Gus ate a mouse and my other dog Hazel started chasing him to get it.
When I saw this, my mom and I were chasing Gus and trying to open our mouths and save the mouse. It was gross!
Our dog JP used to eat grass and flies!
He eats all sorts of strange things.
He's really old, so I don't think he knows what he's eating.
But that's how I love him.
Our dog Tug took a bite from the blanket.
Pink and yellow.
My mother called him "little devil"
Zachary DavisG rade3 Thomas Conley educated my dragon cats Rocky and Alex who used to bite my socks a lot.
Whenever I lay down with them, they would climb to my feet and bite my socks.
I have holes in my socks!
Maggie, one of my dogs, once chased a mouse.
I think she ate it.
After that, she has a tone!
Once, one of my chickens ate a giant bug.
First she smelled it, then she ate it.
Stella, our dog, ate my sister's chocolate.
This is a big Hershey bar.
I was scared because she might have died.
After eating, she was very crazy and excited.
She ran around and barked at everyone!
Kalvis LiepinsG rade 3 Thomas Conley school I am going to have two German Shepherd dogs named Moose and Rocco.
What I don't want them to eat is a particularly valuable book I made.
It's about my dad.
He died when I was ten months old.
My book makes me happy and reminds me of my father. (
But moose and Rocco can eat my homework! )
My dog froggi does not eat anything strange.
He is a good dog.
My dog, frog, makes me feel safe.
Once at Tristan Krieg Rad3 Thomas Conley school, my dog was happy to get my mom's Fitbit and bite it up.
My mom ordered another one and was glad to find one in the driveway and gnaw it!
My mother finally ordered another one. I was happy not to chew that one.
My mom hid that.
Thomas Conley taught my dogs, Zach and Chloe, to eat Groundhog once.
My mom accidentally opened the door and then they brought it into our kitchen.
My mom just cleaned it up.
She said they must have brought it in for our treat!
Once my dog Maren ate a sticky window decoration shaped like Christmas lights. Silly doggie!
Our lizards eat bugs and crickets! Yuck!
My pet dog, Riley, eats sticks.
He found out when we went out.
He thinks it's food!
Thomas Conley at Mason hagetti kindergarten is educating my guinea pig, chewy, biting my finger.
He thinks the taste is good!
Once, when I had lotion on my hand, he kept smelling and trying to take a bite!
Once my dog Kaya ate my sister's necklace and a toy ice cream cone!
Kaya is so interesting!
My dog, Miracle, had chicken nuggets, chips and hamburgers.
Then she said, "Wang!
"One time my dog Cody ate a bug.
On April, once my dog ate the head of one of my action characters and threw it up!
One day, Xiao Feng, my dog, ate a live chicken!
Then I heard a lot of screaming, brown feathers everywhere!
Once my dog Shamrock ate corn.
He was sick and we saw something disgusting in the morning!
Once, my dog, Buddy, had a drink from the toilet! It was funny!
His nose was wet with water. Yuck!
My dog Stella ate the fake leaves on a fake tree.
She did it twice.
She was sick twice.
She ruined the tree!
Once my cat jumped to my desk.
There is an important paper above.
When I woke up there was a bite on the paper and a little bit of paper on the carpet.
I looked at her and she looked at me like "what did I do. One Saturday morning, Abby, my dog, found a sock and chewed it over.
The next day, when I was lying on the sofa, she dropped it on me.
It's all saliva!
I don't have a pet, but once Roxy, my neighbor's dog, eats a Mao ball from a cat.
She spit it out and my neighbor cleaned it up.
I'm glad I don't have a pet!
Maggie, my dog, ate a mouse! It was nasty!
I started yelling at her and she was guilty and walked away with her head down. Maggie's crazy!
There is a dead deer in my front yard, but we don't know.
But my dog found it!
She bit off one of the deer's legs.
When my dad got home from work, he found bones lying in the driveway.
He thought it was a bit funny but he didn't want to clean it up!
Once my dog Chase drank cement.
The nose is muddy!
I think he likes it because he always wants to drink a little more.
I think he's really thirsty.
Once, my dog, Chica, bit my stuffed animal bear.
She ate a little.
We said, "bad girl, Chika!
She lay down and took a nap in bed.
Thomas Conley taught my cat, Dash, to eat a plastic toy from our toy box.
Then he had a ball and spit it out!
I think it's a plastic ball. My mom saw it when she came out.
She could almost tell what it was.
My dog Griffin once brought a possum (
Who played dead)
Go to our door.
He put it in his mouth and put it at the bottom of our steps and began barking.
My mom started yelling at him. NO!
"She also yelled at my dad," Travis! Come quick!
"Cooper, my dog, used to eat couch pillows.
He will take a bite, and the stuffing will come out, all over the ground.
My mom would yell at him, "No, Cooper!
"Once my dog Juno ate a metal cap!
I think it's a beer bottle cap.
It was stuck in his body and he had to have surgery. He almost died!
The weirdest thing my dog Marin eats is deer shit.
She's done it four times.
We knew she had eaten feces because later she had black spots on her tongue and she had a stink! YUCK!
Matthew Santoro Grade 3 Thomas Conley school my dog Jack used to eat a peach pit from his neighbor's compost pile.
Because it was too big to digest, it was stuck in his stomach.
He had to have surgery and stayed at the vet for two days.
Still, he wanted to get back to the compost pile.
Andrea Goodwin's third grade Thomas Conley eats the same thing every day, fish fillets.
But if she could come out of the bowl, I think she would want to have some sugar!
My dog Coco once had a common chicken bone --
No chicken on it!
We had a party, one of the guests (a kid)fed it to her!
Fortunately, she did not die because of it.
She died old.
Johnny Muhern, grade 3 Thomas Conley school in the movie "Coco Dante dog ate some crazy stuff.
First he ate face paint.
It's black and white.
The second side effect was a cough, which made him a spiritual mentor.
In the end, Dante ate something crazy and made me laugh.
Mike, my dog, ate something important.
My dog Mike ate my homework!
I went to the store and I left my homework in bed and when I got home I saw it and it was broken.
So I called my mom and asked her what I should do.
My mother asked me to put it in my bag and bring it to school.
I did this and I told my teacher that she didn't believe me!
I took it out of my bag and then she believed me.
In the end, my dog Mike ate my homework.
My dog ate something crazy.
She ate a bed bug.
First of all, the internal organs were on the floor because she put her nose on the floor and it was crushed.
The upstairs stuff stinks.
Second, my dog ate a bug and she swallowed it all.
It was easy to get down, but she twitched after eating.
All in all, I know it's fun when my dog eats a bug.
Jared PetersenGrade Moon Valley School30-
So, I asked one of my dogs to go to the bathroom outside.
After that, Daisy, the first dog, cried!
Then I let my other dog named Romeo eat the bar outside!
My dog will eat anything. Cat food.
My stuffed toy. The trash.
Anything he can enter when he feels lonely.
But he will only chew and smell like me and my family because he misses us.
Eden Patrick.
Once my guinea pig ran around on my carpet and ate small pieces on the couch.
She is a small guinea pig. she is a fast-moving guinea pig.
My dog eats a lot of crazy stuff, but what's really crazy is when my dog almost eats a dead bird.
It was a snowy day. I was at my friend Kate's house.
We had my dog Cooper running around the yard because of the fence.
Cooper ran around in the shed, and Kate and I followed him.
I saw a feather in his mouth, then a bird's foot.
I screamed out of his mouth.
This is what my dog almost eats.
My friend's dog once ate my homework.
I just finished eating and went for some snacks.
When I came back, my pencil was half eaten and my homework was torn to pieces.
I don't have these pets at Fiona Cusack's fifth grade kaofeng school, but I think they are easy to get into cereal food;
It stays in a lower position so the pet can reach it easily.
Like I said, I don't have these pets so they never touch anything.
My cat eats a lot.
Like you know, regular cat food, random hair on the floor, spiders, and more outrageous things.
But the most memorable moment, when my cat was almost killed and might eat it, my cat Lily found a mouse in our basement.
When I gave Lily some new food in the basement, this happened when I heard the sand under the shelf.
I was a little scared because I thought it might be a big spider.
I hate spiders, so I'm really freaking out.
Then Lily went under the shelf and chased it back and forth throughout the basement.
I ran up the steps and went upstairs and shouted, "Mom!
There's a mouse in the basement!
She replied, "Why did you tell me ? "Go tell daddy!
"I ran around in the basement, ran upstairs, and ran to the basement outside where my dad was.
I'm freaking out!
This is when my cat almost ate a mouse.
In the summer, we invited some friends to have a barbecue.
The meat we serve is like a regular barbecue. one is pork chops.
My dad gave it to them, so my brother took one.
But he also took a steak knife so he could cut it.
My dad likes to play, so he grabbed the steak knife, stabbed the pork chops and gave it back to me.
My brother picked up the pork chops and put them on the table.
He is going to go in for a drink.
When he opened the door, Bo flew straight out of the door to eat pork chops.
Bo grabbed the meat on the plate, and the pork chops with bones in their mouths ran around the yard.
A knife stuck out of the pork.
My mom got up and tried to get the meat out of Bo's mouth.
He was very resistant to his food. or any food)so he growled.
What's worse, my dad yelled.
But in the end she got a piece of lunch meat and he threw it away.
This is a very scary situation because Bo almost swallowed a whole pork chop and a knife.
My dog ate a large box of chocolate.
I don't have dogs, cats, weasels, goats or horses.
But my snail used to eat algae and fish.
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