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judith mae andersen - 55 gallon drum

judith mae andersen - 55 gallon drum


judith mae andersen  -  55 gallon drum
Chicago court investigators provided photos of oil drums containing Judith May Anderson's body found on August.
1957 on Lake Michigan. Aug.
28,1957 Chicago seekers, you will find that the same is true of Judith May Anderson.
An in-depth study of the Chicago Tribune archives reveals the answers to some of my questions, but while this information is notable for certain details, others are covered up by frustrating shadows
15-year-old Judith disappeared around 11: 15. m. on Aug.
1957, after leaving her girlfriend's 16-year-old Elena Abbatacola apartment to go home.
Boat found a 55
On August, a barrel of a gallon drum with Judith's torso, minus the head, right arm, and left hand, floated in the Montrose Port area of Lake Michigan. 22, 1957. A 5-
On August, a gallon barrel containing missing body parts was found in the port. 24.
When metal containers float in the lake, these remains are in a state of advanced decomposition because they are in the water and also because they are exposed to the hot sun.
After Judith left Abbatacola's house, the police did not find anyone who did see her.
Police ruled out alleged sightings at other locations not on her route.
The victim's family: Judith lives in a house on the 1520 th. Lotus Ave.
Ralph W is with her parents.
Anderson and Ruth, 43.
Two of the 44-year-old Anderson and 19-year-old Robert's three brothers; and James, 12.
Her father Ralph is the foreman of a binding company. Law Co. , 2100 N. Natchez Ave.
Her brother Robert also works there.
Her mother is a housewife.
Ralph C.  Judith's big brother
Anderson, 21, was stationed in Virginia's army.
Victim: The Tribune says Judith is 5 feet tall, 8 inch, weighs 150 pounds and has blonde hair.
According to her father, she took an active part in sports at Austin High School.
"She is very helpful at home, she is very obedient, she is very strong and much stronger than a normal girl," Ralph C. Andersen said.
"She's a great girl," says Robert Anderson . ".
She was confirmed at 1954 St Palm on Sunday.
The Evangelical and Reformed Church of Peter, 5448 Diversey Ave.
Kenneth Blevins, who dated her, said Judith was "a girl with a good mind, seriousness, a good character, a keen sense of humor ".
"Terry Johnson is one of Judith's close friends, and she says she and Judith often ride with the boys they meet at the nearby snack bar" milk King soft freeze (see below).
Terry says they ride a car with the boys for about a few hours a week.
She later defended Judith's reputation by saying that Judith "will never ride a thumb with a boy or get on the bus with a stranger.
Neither of us, nor ever, these things.
"I only remember Judy getting on the bus once with a boy she didn't know," she added . ".
I knew the boy and had to convince Judy to accept the process.
"While the boys nearby were attracted to her, Judy was not interested in them," Terry said . ".
"The only time she wants a boy is for a special occasion, like dancing.
Terry said: "Judy is very shy in front of the boy.
"Witnesses and their families: 15-year-old Elena Abbatacola and judeith have been friends for a while, working as a telephone lawyer at a model company in downtown Chicago.
Elena lives in the second place.
Apartment on the second floor-
1019 N story brick houseCentral Ave.
With Mary, her widowed mother, and her six brothers: Leo, 30;
Joseph, 27 or 28, a sheet metal worker; William, 23;
Philip, aged 19 or 20;
Nicholas/Nicola/Nicklas/Nick, 18; and Robert, 14.
John, 25, lives at 5427 Ohio Street and is the owner of a nearby pizzeria. With his wife.
According to the Tribune, Nick abbatakola has been under family supervision after being convicted at the age of 15 for molesting a small boy with a family friend.
The juvenile court sent Nick to Chicago State Hospital on April 12, 1955.
The Tribune said that he left the hospital on May 28, 1956, but had to check in regularly before he received the final discharge on May 25, 1957.
Her father said Nick had called Anderson's house and asked Judith for an appointment.
"Judy turned him down and she said he told her, 'Oh, you fell in love with that sailor.
We don't know the sailor [
Probably Kenneth Brevin. -lrh]
Ralph testified during the interrogation.
John abbatakola told the Tribune that he was arrested on 1955 for attacking a man who "has been bothering Nicholas.
"Judith is also a friend of lineya/Lyanna," Terry "Johnson, 1743. Luna Ave.
Sometime after July 27, 1957, Terry introduced Judith to Kenneth, 18, 4447 Carole Avenue?
He's on vacation with the Norman in orcas.
He studied aviation mechanics at the Naval Aviation Station.
On one occasion, Kenneth and Judith played cards at Terry's house, about August. 10, a Saturday.
While they were dating, Judith, Kenneth and Terry walked over to abbatacolas pizza place at 4753 Madison Street.
Terry left around 9. m.
Kenneth and Judith walk to a home near Costner Avenue and Fulton Street where Elena is looking after the children.
Elena, Judith and Kenneth went to a pharmacy on Madison Street and Pulaski Road and they took a bus because of the rain.
Elena gets off at Augusta Avenue, Kenneth and Judith get off at North Street and walk to Judith's home.
Kenneth and Judith chatted on the porch and then he left. On Aug.
11.  before he returned to Russia, she saw him off at the train station.
Nancy O'Brien, 222 N. Kenneth Ave.
He obviously dated him too and was there.
Kenneth said he kissed Judith goodbye. On Aug.
Kenneth said he received a phone call from Nancy asking if he was going to marry her or Judith.
He said he was getting married to Nancy.
"I changed my mind after I hung up.
So I wrote to Elena and asked her to tell Judy that what I said was not intentional, "he told the Tribune.
It is reported that the incident happened on the night of Judith's disappearance, but it seems to be a mistake.
Neighbor: not sure.  it's probably blue.
White collar, middle class and white.
The Anderson family moved in about 1954. Ralph C.
Anderson and Robert Anderson say they don't know about any teenage gang activity but don't know much about the area.
The last action the victim knew was: On the night of her disappearance, Judith was wearing brown matador pants, a white sleeveless shirt, a black sweater and a white flat
The Tribune says summer high heels without socks.
She was wearing a pure silver chain and a cross with an opaque yellow cigarette case and a small blue purse in her hand.
Before her body was found, there was speculation that she might be going to orkama to visit Kenneth, but instead of taking the $25 in the bank, she left $5 on the dresser in the room.
According to Elena, there were 15 cents on the night of Judith's disappearance.
According to Elena, Judith's usual route home is to leave 1019 N. Central Ave.
, Walk north, turn right on Le Moyne Avenue, walk east until you reach an alley behind the residence at North Lotus Avenue, then walk to the alley to reach her home at 1520Lotus Ave.
Elena says she usually walks home with judeith, but she didn't do that the night judeith went missing.
Ralph said he often warned Judith not to use the alley.
On the day Judith disappeared, Elena met her about noon after the summer class at Austin High School.
Nick abbatakola picked them up in his blue 1953 Dodge sedan and drove them to the home of an aunt living on Huron Street.
They sent Judith home around 3 in the evening. m.
After dinner, after getting dressed and going out, Judith left home at about 6: 55. m.
Arrive at Abbatacola's house at about 7: 15. m. About 7:30 p. m.
Judith and Elena visited the milk King soft frozen stand at 5756 North Street.
Owned by the Brady family.
They had a soft drink and played with the record. [
According to Josephine Brandi and her grandmother, Anna Alfano, 2314 Watts. 75th St.
At about 7 in the evening, Elena and Judith are at the King of dairy. m.
With a group of teenagers.
"They drank a soft drink and went outside and sat on some junk containers in the back until the lady
"Alfano told them not to wander there," the Tribune said . ". [
Josephine said that Judith and Irina returned to the King of the dairy farm at about 9: 30. m.
Nick abbatakola is driving his 1953 Dodge.
Josephine said Judith, Irina and Nick stayed until 10: 15 a. m.  when the king of dairy was closed. m.
But they don't notice if they leave together.
Elena later disputed the story. ]
Elena said she and judeith returned to Abbatacola at about 8: 30. m. or 8:45 p. m.
After stopping at the grocery store to buy potato chips and ginger soda, the Tribune reported.
All but Elena and Robert are not at home.
Elena's mother, Mary, is at Elena's brother John's pizza shop.
John said Nick was in the pizzeria that night too until early the next morning.
Nick said he was at the pizza place from four in the evening. m. on Aug. 16, to 4 a. m. on Aug. 17. At 10 p. m.
Elena and Judith started watching movies on TV.
"Planting roads" on WGN"
TV Channel 9 ends at 11: 30. m. ;
Or "secret agents of Japan"
TV Channel 7, 11: 45 ends. m. ).
A month after the incident, the newspaper revealed that Robert's three friends were also present that night: 14-year-old Eugene Todd;
Ralph skumachi, 13
Frank Sciliano, 14
The three boys said that Judith made a somewhat secret phone call in an advertisement around 10: 15. m.
But Elena said it's not true.
The three boys left Abbatacola at about 10: 30. m. [
Presumably, in some reports, Judith asked her if she could make a long speech.
Called Kenneth but she was told she couldn't. ]At 10:45 p. m.
Leo abbatakola went to bed when he got home.
According to the Anderson family, Terry Johnson called around 10: 50. m.
Had a chat with Judith, but she was not at home.
Judith called her mother at 11. m.
See if she can stay until the end of the movie but be told not.
At about 11: 15, she left Abbatacola's house. m.
Never seen it again.
Before she left, she and Elena planned to accompany her and Nick to the dealer where Nick bought the car. At 11:45p. m. -11:50 p. m.
Judith's father, Ralph, began to call Abbatacola's house to inquire about Judith, but received no reply.
"I took my son's car and rushed there because we couldn't understand the silence," he said in the investigation . ".
I rang the bell. This is a two-
Story of brick house.
Abbatacolas lives on the top floor.
I can see the lights on it.
I know the bell rings in their lobby because I can hear it.
No one answered.
I can't hear the sound and movement.
Ralph returned home about midnight. At 12:02 a. m.
Ruth called the pizzeria and talked to Mary. "Mrs.
Abbatacola told us Elena was asleep at home.
We told her we had been to the house, saw the lights and rang the doorbell. "Mrs.
Abbatacola told us Elena slept soundly and couldn't wake up on the phone.
She said it was too late and she did not ring the doorbell.
We hung up the phone to another girl, a friend of Judy ,[
This is Terry--lrh]
Hope she knows where our daughter is.
It must be 2 or 2: 30 in the morning. m.
Ralph testified.
Ralph continued to call the abatacola family, but did not answer at 12: 15 A. M. m. or 12:30 a. m.
Mary abbatakola got home at about 1: 30. m.
Ralph called Abbatacola's house at 2: 30 in the morning. m.
Talked to Mary who woke Elena up.
Elena said Judith left around 11: 15. m.
"We went home to Abbatacola.
We asked Elena and she was told to fall asleep.
"I asked them to get her up so I could speak to her," Ralph testified . ".
Elena told him Judith left after calling her parents.
Elena said she was willing to walk home with judeith, but judeith said, "Oh, that's okay. It's late.
I will jump on the bus.
I'll call you around noon tomorrow. " [
She's about 15 cents. -lrh]. At 3:25 a. m.
Ralph contacted the Austin Police Department to report Judith's disappearance. About 11:45 p. m.
Saturday, August.
Edwin Thomas, 53, and his wife were fishing at the port's East Wharf, 1957 kilometers.
"A car runs down gravel road from Montrose Avenue next to the port," Thomas said . ".
"It stopped about a block from the port opposite us and made a U-
Turn around and then stop a few feet away from the edge of the port, on the grass by the driveway.
"Someone came out of the car wearing a light shirt and flashed a flashlight back and forth along the pond for four or five minutes.
Then the car drove away.
"About half an hour later, he said, another car or maybe the same car drove back from the driveway.
The car stopped in the same place and then backed up to the port.
When the driver stepped on the brakes, Thomas and his wife kept flashing when they saw the rear lights.
"We heard two loud noises and we thought some of the people in the car had penetrated into the lake," Thomas said . " But then the door slammed and the car took off at a very fast speed.
"When the car passed near the street light, they observed that it was either a hard top or a convertible with a light canvas top.
On August, oil barrels were found by the boat. 22, 1957.
The remains were initially identified as victims of her early 20 s, perhaps younger. On Aug.
1957, the searcher sees a 5-
About 1 feet kilometers from the coast.
It includes head, right arm and left hand.
Judith identified by matching fingerprints of religious photos in her room (
Described as the image of Jesus on the Internet)
With the victim's left index finger
Her dentist.
Dental X-Comparison of Judith
Rays made with the victim's teeth were also identified.
The hair on Judith's comb matches the body, and the nail polish found in her room matches the nail polish on the victim's toes.
Gunshots: Judith was hit in the head four times by. 32-
Caliber Revolver
Two bullets shot into the brain, one shot into the back of her neck, and the other shot into her left chin.
According to news reports, powder burns around a bullet wound.
According to the Tribune, one of the non-lethal bullets was divided into two, and investigators believe there were five.
Only three of the wounds were found in four shots, but the newspaper said the physical condition may have covered one of them.
According to the coroner's report, death is an instant.
Some news reports said the killer used "old ammunition" and speculated that two of the bullets failed to penetrate Judith's skull because gunpowder had degraded as he got older.
According to the Tribune, the forensic doctor looked for material under her nails but found nothing useful.
Stomach contents: no solid food was found in Judith's stomach.
Substance analysis of her lower digestive tract found traces of peaches and plum skins, potato residues, fish, peas and wheat ---
The Tribune says it may be a chocolate cake.
The time of death is set at about 12 hours after her last meal, which is 6 in the evening. m.
Decomposition prevents any determination of whether she is poisoned or under anesthesia.
There is no evidence of alcohol.
Bruises, bruises and other injuries: No evidence of bleeding was found.
The medical examiner found no signs of struggle and no evidence of her sexual harassment.
Dismemberment: The Examiner says dismemberment is not skilled and is "the work of an amateur without any knowledge of anatomy ".
The killer apparently used a sharp knife, a saw, and probably an axe.
The examiner says it takes one to two hours for a person to cut his body in this way.
Metal containers: according to the Tribune, the larger drum containing the torso was originally "36 inch high, but the drum at the top --
The third drum was cut off by the torch and the rough edge folded about 3/8.
Drums are clearly used as waste containers in some factories or offices.
"The killer apparently cut several vertical seams down from the top of the drum with a chisel and a hammer, reaching a depth of six or 7 inch.
After placing the torso in the drum, the lid is pressed to the top of the torso and kept in place by bending the side of the drum.
The Tribune later reported that the drums smelled of kerosene or fuel oil, and there were some traces of tissue, rust and iron sand.
The detective said it had been "renovated.
The detective later said it was cut off with big scissors instead of a Cold Chisel.
Later, the Tribune reported that the height of the drum was 28 inch and the diameter was 22 inch.
It is marked as "STC" in 2"
Inch letters and "SNP" and "188548" in letters and numbers are 1 inch high.
Garbage dealers say scrap stations that pack metal when transporting overseas often use old drums and seal them the way Judith killers use them.
A manager at one of Chicago's largest refineries and smelters said: "No one will think of packing something like this . ".
Waste metal barrels transported in China are usually sealed with a hemp cloth fixed with wires.
Only scrap metal barrels shipped overseas are sealed by tapping the side of the top to secure the lid.
Police have learned that railway workers sometimes use such cuts.
Lower drum as tool container.
A crime lab investigator said the method was also used by soldiers in the Pacific during World War II.
Investigators eventually revealed that the drum contains lard, which is usually used as a lubricant and coolant in the machine shop ---
For example, when cutting stainless steel,-
There is also the production of typewriter ribbons and carbon paper.
The drum used to be used for ordinary oil, then filled with lard, for sale between 1949 and 1951.
According to police, from the residue inside the drum, it has been stored on one side and discharged oil regularly, about 5 to 10 gallons every 6 to 12 months.
It may have been emptied about 1956, upended, but never cleaned up.
Investigators speculate that the drum was used in a small machine store because it was not often drained.
Until later, the Tribune rebuilt the method used to cut the Drum: "He put the drum aside and held an axe with a curved blade, just like the Boy Scout's axe.
The drum has two reinforced ribs around it, taking the third path from each end.
He took the axe along one of the ribs, hit it with a hammer, and began cutting.
"However, the killer noticed that cutting the drum in that place would leave a drain hole in the remaining container, so he switched the end and started cutting again.
He "cut into it, worked around quickly, cut this off --
The Tribune said. [
He apparently cut off a metal ring about 10 to 12 inch high and 22 inch in diameter ---lrh].
His next task is to cut off the lid so that it can be placed on the edge of the drum.
"He used a 1-
The inch blade in his left hand hits it with a hammer along the top.
At the end of this cut, he made another cut at the top of the drum, and so on until it fell off the drum.
He works very precisely and the cut does not overlap more than an inch occasionally.
He knows how to use the chisel and how to cut the drum.
It took him about 15 minutes.
"His last job on the drum was to start five slashes on both sides with a hacksaw.
Then he cut the slash on both sides of the month 1/2 inch deep.
The Tribune said: "The steel dust on the saw was found to stick to the inside of the drum, indicating that the body had been placed inside.
The killer places the lid inside the drum, Hammers both sides down, and presses them tight with the round end of the hammer.
When he finished, the drum was 23 1/2 high, 22 1/4 in diameter and weighed more than 150 pounds.
The paper says the metal barrel with the head, hands and one arm is "16 inch high and more than 1 feet in diameter ".
"It was also cut, apparently with a chisel, with the edges folded and the lid fixed in place.
According to the Tribune, there is a small amount of calcium carbonate and calcium silicate phosphate in the bucket.
"The barrel is marked as En-Ar-
National oil refining company automotive oil
Cleveland, Ohio, is a type that has not been produced for about 10 years.
The bucket was very unusual, police said, and they could not find another one to show to potential witnesses.
The Tribune later said that the murderer made four slash lines on the side of the barrel, about 4 to 5 3/4 long without using a hacksaw.
The Tribune said that there was no lid, so he took the flaps off his head, arms and hands.
Investigation: The neighborhood was searched on Judith's presumed route home, and police interviewed all residents.
A book of address books was found in Judith's room, and the police interviewed all the people on the list.
Hundreds of police officers have been assigned to the search office, and skin-SAC divers have carefully checked the port of Montrose.
Chicago police firmly believed in the lie detector test and handed the results of the lie detector test to all those involved in the case.
According to the Tribune, Joseph abbatakola failed to pass the lie detector test on the "repeat problem" of his movements on August. 16, 1957.
Joseph said he was installing air.
Air conditioning pipeline project at First National Bank, 35Dearborn.
When he got off work around 10m. or 11 p. m.
Joseph borrowed the 1957 Ford car belonging to his brother Philip, "opened a circle of pubs and arrived at home at two o'clock P. M.  P. M. m.
The Tribune said.
According to the Tribune, Joseph was finally approved for a later lie detector test.
Two detectives traveled to an abandoned area of Chicago and the Northwest Railroad, between the streets of Erie and Ohio near Kendon Avenue.
One of them fired two pistols at the bunker and the other reported that from 200 feet metres away, gunfire was barely heard.
However, gunfire was heard and reported to the police.
While the test was carried out, investigators also noticed that oil drums, which were cut in a manner similar to oil barrels containing bodies, had officials investigate railway rights of passage.
Police investigated 109,000 homes, 200 ships, and searched 40,000 to 50, 00 garages and basements.
Police inspected 900 businesses that bought lard, including 225 machine stores.
And, of course, all-too-
Predictable crank calls and prank letters.
In 1958, after the police questioned and ruled out many potential suspects, attention was focused on a construction worker whose mother was employed by Elena and judeith as telephone lawyers
Chicago police went out of their way to put incredible pressure on the man and his parents to plead guilty, but never succeeded.
He was convicted of sexual assault in another case and served his sentence at Joliet.
The investigation record was sealed on 1961.
According to the Tribune, the Abu batakolas family had moved to California at the time.
Judith May Anderson's body was cremated.
Her mother died on 2005 at the age of 91.
Her father and eldest brother died a few years ago.                                                                            

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