judge finds ken feinberg not independent of bp - 55 gallon drum

by:Demi     2019-09-09
judge finds ken feinberg not independent of bp  -  55 gallon drum
Wilmington, Delaware (Reuters)-
Administrator of BP Plc $20 billion (
12 billion)
A federal judge ruled on Wednesday that the fund to compensate the victims of the Gulf oil spill was not independent and that oil companies must avoid calling him "neutral ".
Judge Carl barbill also ruled that BP must disclose in all communications at the claim facility along the Gulf Coast (GCCF)
Its chief executive, Kenneth Van Berg, fulfilled its legal obligations under the Oil Pollution Act on behalf of BP.
"Although BP may have entrusted him.
The independence of Van Gogh and GCCF in the assessment and payment of individual claims, and many other facts support GCCF and Mr.
Van Berg is not completely "neutral" or independent of BP. page ruling.
BP stated that the claim facility would "immediately execute the terms of the order that are not yet part of the GCCF procedure.
A spokeswoman for Van Berg declined to comment, in addition to saying the fund would continue to pay the claim.
At Feinberg's frequent town hall meeting along the Gulf Coast, he reminded potential claimants that they did not need a lawyer to file a claim against his fund.
He argues that his fund will pay fees faster and more generously than the federal court, and that he and BP often describe him and the fund as "neutral" or "independent ".
So far, about 87,000 people have accepted the settlement of their claims.
Each of these settlement agreements has an agreement not to sue, which may reduce the number of proceedings.
Barbier ruled that BP must tell the claimant that they have the right to consult a lawyer and explain that they have the right to join hundreds of pending proceedings if they do not accept a final settlement.
The judge also said that the court may take action to correct the wrong communication and a lawyer representing the oil spill claimant said that this could result in the re-entry of the 87,000 settlementsexamined.
"This is not a can of worms. It’s a 55-
"A bucket of bugs," said Kevin Dean of the Motley Rice law firm in South Carolina.
He said his company would immediately start contacting customers who accept the Fanberg fund settlement, "telling them their rights.
"Mike Stevenson is a professor at St. William Mitchell Law School.
Paul of Minnesota said the judge did not appear to have ordered a re-examination of all settlements.
"Even if the claim is reopened, it does not mean that someone who has already resolved will reject an acceptable solution," Steenson said . ".
The fund was set up last year at the urging of the White House after the explosion of the British oil rig and the influx of millions of barrels of oil into the Gulf.
The leak damaged the fragile wetlands in the state of Luis Anna and hit fisheries and tourism in Mississippi, Alabama and Florida.
So far, the fund has paid about $3. 5 billion.
Just a few hours ago, Van Berg announced his proposal to finally resolve the claims for the oil spill, the largest oil spill in the United States. S. history.
The case happened in the US oil spill. S.
District Court, Eastern District, Anna, Louis, No. 10-MDL-2179.
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