jarvis: valuing, protecting the 'quiet workhorses of our community' - carbon dioxide absorbent

by:Demi     2019-09-06
jarvis: valuing, protecting the \'quiet workhorses of our community\'  -  carbon dioxide absorbent
They clean our air and water.
They calm us down.
They protect our home from the flood.
They are "quiet workawayers in our community," said Cohn ".
Irek Kusmierczyk.
They are trees and they will be a big problem here.
At the strategic planning meeting on Monday, the addition of Windsor's canopy was selected as one of the two top priorities of the Council.
Kusmierczyk calls it a surprise Oscar ".
"It's very interesting and exciting to see this," he said . ".
Members debate on all Frequently Asked Questions
Economic development, floods, sidewalks, bike lanes.
Trees play a vital role in all of these goals.
Streets with trees are better for businesses, they filter particles from the air and absorb carbon dioxide, the main greenhouse gas.
They pull water and run less. Into the sewer.
They provide shade for buildings, sidewalks and parks, save energy and allow people to go out in the summer.
They promote mental health.
Studies have shown that they have increased the value of property.
"They are considered critical to the quality of life," Kusmierczyk said . " He proposed increasing the canopy coverage of the city.
When it comes to trees, Windsor is at a critical moment.
The city's first tree inventory in 30 years will begin in May Day.
A team of four farmers will reach each city.
Every street has its own tree, and every park has it if there is enough money.
They will count them, identify them, and get their GPS coordinates to determine their exact location.
They measure their perimeter with their arms.
They will assess their age and health. Surprise Oscar.
The city council decided to make urban trees one of its strategic priorities.
This June 29, 2018 archival photo shows one of the reasons: Giles Bastian is relaxing under a tree in Alexandria Park by the Windsor River.
The city's forest man, Paul Giru, says Dan Janis/Windsor staval costs about $4 per tree, or about $250,000, "it's not bad . ".
"Can you imagine having to make sure that every corner and gap in the city is seen and every tree is measured? This is not all.
Then they take aerial photos of all the trees in Windsor.
Along the streets, in parks and natural areas such as ogibuwei and the people's courtyard --
Use a lidar, a laser measurement, to check the canopy.
All this information will be used in the preparation of Windsor's first urban forest management plan, which is expected to be at the end of next year or early 2021.
There will be dozens of suggestions by then, and trees will be a big problem.
Objectives will be included in the proposal.
It is estimated that the canopy area of Windsor is about 20 cents.
Many cities target 30 to 40 age points.
To properly trim our existing trees, an additional $2 million will be spent each year.
Growing more trees?
"This is going to be a brand new wax ball," Giru said . ".
A tree is also expected to be recommended for the plan
Articles of Association covering private property.
It can stop people from cutting down trees in their own yards.
"How can we not see it? ” asked Giroux.
"If we really want to be serious, it doesn't make sense to plant trees when others come out unnecessarily.
"Don't you want to cut down the oak because you don't like the oak?
"A very aggressive city would say, 'Sorry.
"I won't give you a license," Giru said . ".
There are already trees in many cities.
Rules and regulations concerning private property.
People from Toronto moved here and they couldn't believe we didn't.
"We will have some exciting moments in the future, and some important things need to be discussed," he predicted . " He knew it might be controversial.
"But this is a way.
We will come up with a plan and we will see how important this is for the residents.
There are other things to consider here.
Trees are now considered municipal assets like roads and sewers.
They will be part of Windsor's new asset management program.
Because they have a purpose.
They are also one of the few assets that really add value. exponentially —over time.
The road deteriorated.
But as the trees grow, filter more particles from the air, absorb more carbon dioxide, absorb more rain and provide more shadows.
Nashville, Tennessee, thinks trees are so important that Mayor David Briley launched a campaign last fall to plant tens of millions of trees by 2050.
He recruited
Profit groups and ordinary citizens.
The sport is called root Nashville: grow a tree and grow our city.
These goals are different from reducing the rate of admission to asthma in children to encouraging people to walk along commercial corridors.
"Streets with trees are more suitable for business," a member of parliament told the media . ".
Related basement flood prevention, tree cover is a priority of the Supreme Council.
A terrible day for trees
The most devastating storm in five years after the budget was rejected, urban forests look for new ways to save young trees. There are lakes and rivers in this area, but we don't have many trees.
What we have is special, like protected Kentucky coffee trees, because they don't grow in most parts of Canada.
But agriculture, development, disease, insects and storms have cost us a lot of trees.
Kusmierczyk said the proposed plan to manage our urban forests will provide a crossroads that sounds much like Lorax.
Last year, the municipal council cut $54,541 from the city's coverage budget, which the government suggested would be needed to help the new tree survive.
I hope we will be smarter this time.
Ajarvis @ postmedia
For many in the community, joining Windsor's list of trees is already a priority. In this Oct.
2018, file photo, 14-year-old volunteer Liam Cardoso put down fresh coverings at a tree planting event hosted by the joint workplace environment committee at Windsor assembly plant in Windsor.
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