japanese astronaut tests stink-free underwear - materials that absorb water

by:Demi     2019-08-22
japanese astronaut tests stink-free underwear  -  materials that absorb water
Houston, Irene Katz, March 23 (Reuters)-Teen-
Age boy, are you tired of the awkward question of the last time you changed your underwear?
Japanese space scientists may only have the answer. a line of odor-
Free underwear and casual wear.
Koichi Wakata, Japan's first astronaut to live on the International Space Station, is testing the name "J-
Made by textile experts from Tokyo Japan Women's University.
He can wear his suitcase. underwear)
"It's been more than a week," said yanyanagawa, an official at Japan's Aerospace Exploration Agency.
Wakata clothes developed by researcher Yoshiko Taya are designed to kill bacteria, absorb water, isolate the body and dry quickly.
They are also flames.
Anti and
Static, not to mention comfortable and stylish.
Last year, Japanese astronaut Takagi Takamori tried the dress on a space shuttle mission.
Even after intense exercise, the clothes in the mud well remain dry.
"The rest of the astronauts were sweating sweaty's back, but he didn't sweat.
"He doesn't need to dry his clothes," Liu said . ". J-
Ware should reduce the number of clothes that need to be delivered to the space station without laundry facilities.
It is expensive to ship the goods to the track, so keeping fresh clothes for a few weeks at a time will save a lot of money.
Once the development is completed, the Japanese space agency plans to provide these clothes to NASA and other space station partners.
A commercial line is also coming soon.
Taya is also working with Dongli Industrial Co. , Ltd. 3402. T)
Jin Wen company (8111. T).
Clothes with tiny thin chemical layers in the material.
Three vakata arrived at the station last week-
The clothes seem to be working, Sunday said.
"No one complains, so I think that's good so far," Wakata said . ". (
Edited by Jane Sutton and Cynthia Ottoman)
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