is nuclear power a renewable or a sustainable energy source? - water absorbent polymer

by:Demi     2019-08-23
is nuclear power a renewable or a sustainable energy source?  -  water absorbent polymer
Nuclear energy is currently a sustainable source of energy, but it could become completely renewable if the source of uranium changes from ore mined to sea water.
Due to the continuous replenishment of the extracted U through geological processes, the nuclear will become as endless as solar energy.
But does renewable energy and sustainable energy mean the same thing in the energy world? Not necessarily.
As Professor Jason Donev of the University of Calgary said, "not all renewable things are sustainable and, in turn, not all sustainable things must be renewable.
"The literal meaning of renewable is to 'make the new one again '.
Any resources naturally replenished over time, such as creating wind power for biomass or biofuels or the growth of biological organisms, are of course renewable.
Renewable energy means that human energy extracted from nature usually replaces itself.
On the other hand, sustainable energy can be maintained for a defined period of time, and its total amount will last until the human history period that requires it, at the rate of use or intended use.
It may or may not be updated at some speed.
The energy use of human beings is mainly a small number of primary energy types, of which the following energy sources are considered renewable: solar energy, wind power, water and electricity tides and geothermal energy are considered non-
If it takes a long time for them to be created, such as fossil fuels, or if their creation occurred a long time ago and is unlikely to happen again, such as uranium, then they are renewable.
However, we will not run out of coal, oil or gas very quickly.
Our oil and gas reserves are growing due to fracking.
Take a look at Donev's data visualization and see what's happening economically
Recoverable natural gas is a function of time.
At that time, global gas reserves increased from 60,000 m³ in 1980 to 170,000 m³ in 2013.
Natural gas is non-renewable, but the current technology allows us to get such an amazing amount, which seems infinite by past standards.
There will be more technology in the future.
To protect the environment, it will be very, very difficult to prevent humans from using so many available fossil fuels.
However, even if renewable energy is used faster than its rate of regeneration, it will become unsustainable.
This is often seen for geothermal energy, where hot rock updates are not fast enough and the temperature at the inlet is lowered below the point where steam is generated.
On the contrary
If the use of renewable resources is slow enough, it can last for thousands of years, and the impact on the environment will not cause huge problems.
This is the most obvious in nuclear power.
Like fossil fuels, the amount of uranium obtained from traditional sources has long been underestimated.
Reserves use only present-calculated for economically recoverable sources
Technology and pricing.
Both are improving.
Better yet, there will be far more advanced nuclear reactors that will replace our existing reactors than the ones currently used --day reactors.
Small modular reactors can better customize energy use as needed.
The molten salt reactor gets up to ten times the energy from the same amount of uranium because fission products and reaction poison are removed over time.
The fast pile burns everything, not just U-235.
Use only existing uranium from U-
Mines, and burning existing spent fuel in nearby Fast piles
In the future, provide enough uranium fuel to produce 10 trillion barrels a year for thousands of years, which in any case makes it sustainable at present.
However, the use of uranium extracted from sea water, rather than the extraction of uranium ore, makes nuclear energy truly renewable and sustainable.
The amount of U in seawater is only 3.
3 micrograms/liter (
Parts per billion)
But a total of 4.
A billion cubic kilometers of seawater contains 5 billion tons of U.
But these numbers are not static.
Uranium mined from normal uranium rock formations and burned in the reactor is gone forever.
But the uranium extracted from the sea is constantly replenished.
The seawater concentration of U and all other dissolved components are stabilized-
State the chemical reaction between water and rocks on Earth, including the continuous weathering of the ocean and continental rocks on the land.
The dissolution and weathering of the crust rocks constantly replenish all the elements in the seawater, and it is impossible for humans to extract enough U to reduce the overall seawater concentration faster than supplementing U.
As with any commercial commodity, the process of seawater mining must become economical enough to replace mining as an energy source in the United States.
New technologies for extracting uranium from sea water are rapidly becoming economical.
Research and development of extraction of U from sea water has been ongoing since the 1960 s, especially in Japan, including inorganic adsorption agents, absorbent polymer fibers and uranium-
Specific non-woven fabric.
On 2012, the Department of Energy announced the development of a type called HiCap (pictured above).
According to the doctor
According to Peterson of the University of California, Berkeley, these improvements reduce the production cost of seawater mining to between $100 and $300 per pound of yellow cake (U3O8).
This figure is expected to decline further over the next decade.
The cost of uranium is a small part of the cost of nuclear fuel, which in itself is a small part of the cost of nuclear power.
Over the past 20 years, spot uranium prices have changed between $120 and $10 a pound.
These differences are mainly due to changes in the supply of weapons --
Mix uranium into reactor fuel.
Therefore, when the cost of extracting uranium from sea water falls below $100/lb, it will become a commercially viable alternative to mining new uranium.
Nuclear energy can become completely renewable and sustainable as long as humans need energy.
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