introducing the $300 'towelkini': a towel and bikini in one - absorbent

by:Demi     2019-08-29
introducing the $300 \'towelkini\': a towel and bikini in one  -  absorbent
Towels are a useful and necessary part of daily life with absorption functions such as drying us after a shower, cleaning up spills, or acting as small cushions lying on the beach.
Towels are undisputed heroes in Linen cabinets-
When you need it most, it is there, serving the family quietly and faithfully.
But now, after a "concept designer" in New York turned the towel into something never thought of, the world is forced to reconsider the role of the inconspicuous towel in our lives. A swimsuit.
Introduce Towelkini.
Designed by Aria McManus, Towelkini claims to combine the function of the beach towel with the aesthetics of the bikini.
Basically, the dress is an oversized beach towel that cuts a few holes in your legs and ass cheeks. Like a beach-
Time is tight and you can roll out of the bed or tub, stretch your legs and slide straight into the beach outfit.
On top of that, this comfort looks more like a hospital gown with no back than anything else.
You can also have your own towels for just $ NZD305
According to my calculations, this is much more expensive than buying a togs and a beach towel yourself.
Designer McManus says her Towelkini has "two fundamentals of everything on the beach ".
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"They are one and achieve the ideal," she wrote on her website . ".
The designer says her work will "block the bait aside" and "throw the towel in when all your haters see you ".
The internet is completely confused about the so-called "swimsuit" instead of rushing to the online store to buy one.
The obvious question is, how can a person swim in this towel without being overwhelmed by the weight of a soaked wet towel?
Also, once we get out of the waves, a heavy, wet towel sticks to our body, what exactly should we use to dry ourselves?
The designer claims that her work is "selectively ventilated behind the back to achieve a full range of effects ".
"It's perfect to lie on the beach or swim in the pool," she wrote . ".
Mcmanas also said that the towel really put "water in the towel "--
But will it hurt us to wear this dress?
I don't like the sound at that point.
She then encouraged her fans to "follow suit and turn this into the only thing you have on the beach ". Oh, my.
People were quickly confused about this strange swimsuit.
"I don't understand.
Why are you lying under a towel and lying directly on the beach?
One wrote.
"I must have missed something.
"Almost half decent, I dare say the front is lovely," wrote another lady ".
"Then you see the back and you will be reminded to dig a hole in the towel.
"In the midst of the chaos sweeping the internet, Aria came to Instagram this week to thank everyone for their support and let them know that she" likes to imitate ".
This trend even appears on television networks in Britain and the United States, through conversations
The presenter tried to explain a towel in their own way and giggled on a strange bikini.
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