interesting facts regarding the paper towel - which paper towel is the most absorbent

by:Demi     2019-09-04
interesting facts regarding the paper towel  -  which paper towel is the most absorbent
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Since its invention in 1907, the product has undergone many improvements.
Paper towels were discovered by Arthur Scott of Scott paper, who distributed them as paper towels that could be used for cleaning.
The product was almost invented by accident, when he had a batch of too thick toilet paper to be used for its prescribed purposes, so he improvise Scott by punching and promoting it as a disposable cleaning tool and then invented the kitchen paper towel in 1931.
Here are another 10 facts about paper towels. 1.
Paper towels are second only to toilet paper in use. 2.
About 2/3 of paper towels are used at home and the rest are used at home
The third way to use a towel is to go out, including the use of towels by consumers in places such as going out and public toilets. 3.
Tissue Rolls are usually divided into two layers, classified according to their endurance, ability to absorb liquids, weight, thickness, and color and pattern, if any. 4.
Although paper rolls with diamond shapes or circular patterns have eyes
Grasping the beauty helps to increase the sales of the product, and the design actually helps to improve the absorption capacity of the towel. 5.
There is a trend, from creases or folded paper towels to towel roll dispensers, which helps reduce the use of paper towels by encouraging singlesuse of towels. 6.
Sports without contact
Sensing paper towel dispensers helps further reduce paper consumption, and perhaps the green effect also reduces people's consumption.
Companies are trying to encourage more consumption by using paper towel coupons, helping consumers save money and buy more products. 7.
North America (
Canada, USA)
The paper towel market has actually expanded, mainly due to the arrival of revolutionary solutions and innovative marketing and advertising campaigns. 8.
The kitchen towel section witnessed a specific focus on product development, as well as new colors, styles, packaging and accelerated absorption capabilities that make the goods more attractive to consumers, because the supplier's goal is to distinguish goods from competitors. 9.
To make people aware of the waste generated by paper towels, the eco-consumer waste calculator provided by King Country, Washington State, shows that if every citizen in Washington uses only one paper towel per day, in Washington alone, 134,312 tons of waste will be produced, enough to accommodate 1,685 large jets of 747. 10.
Depending on where you live with a local recycling supplier, old paper towels can be combined through a green bin plan to help reduce landfill waste by converting organic matter such as household food residues into fertilizer.
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