indian-origin teen wins google science fair prize - super absorbent polymer manufacturers in the world

by:Demi     2019-08-31
indian-origin teen wins google science fair prize  -  super absorbent polymer manufacturers in the world
A 16-year-old Indian-
A South African-American teenager has won a $50,000 scholarship, the annual Grand Prize at Google science expo, as she developed a cheaper "super" using orange peel
Absorbent material that helps the soil to maintain moisture ".
Kiara Nirghin, a Grade 11 student at St. Martin's private school, submitted her project called "no longer thirsty crocodiles" designed to deal with the severe drought that has plagued South Africa.
Her solution to the drought problem uses orange and avocado peels that are usually discarded.
Google science expo is a project for junior scientists aged 13 to 18 who are invited to use science and technology to solve the world's biggest challenges.
"I have always loved chemistry since I was young.
I clearly remember that when I was seven years old, I tried vinegar and baking soda in a plastic cup . "
Nirghin said in her submission that she cited a famous Indian scientist as her biggest source of inspiration. “M. S.
"Swaminatan has always been my source of inspiration because he really believes that not only India, but the world is taking the necessary steps in the direction of sustainable agriculture," she said . ".
"I hope one day I will be a scientist specializing in agricultural science and also a molecular gourmet scientist," she added . ". Ms.
Nirghin explained how she found a replacement for super fruit in the Peel
Absorbent Polymer (SAPs)
, Relative to their own mass, it absorbs and carries liquids of about 300 times their weight.
"These SAPs are non-biodegradable, expensive and rich in acrylic, sodium hydroxide and other chemicals.
In more research on this topic, I found that there are naturally present polymers in most citrus fruits, "Ms. Nirghin said.
After 45 days of experiments
Nirghin successfully created a lowcost super-
Absorbing polymers, made from waste products in juice manufacturing.
This polymer is biodegradable and can retain a large amount of water without regularly replenishing it, keep the soil moist and improve crop growth.
The young scientist believes her mixture will help the drought farmershit areas.
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