hurricane-busting ideas proposed - super water absorbent material

by:Demi     2019-08-25
hurricane-busting ideas proposed  -  super water absorbent material
Jackson, Florida.
-Amateur hurricane-
Busters came up with a lot of crazy ideas to save Florida from the fierce storm.
These include: blowing a hurricane with a huge fan, or blowing a hurricane with a nuclear warhead.
Even the federal government has been involved in this bill for 30 years,
Before putting aside the idea of artificial weather effects in the 1980 s, the fate of many. research is called the storm rage project ".
But a lot of ideas
Part is hope, part is fantasy.
Continue to appear among weather experts, Internet bloggers and others who think they have come up with a way to save coastal residents from the pain of a hurricane.
Suggestions include applying olive oil to the surface of the water;
Drag an iceberg to cool the water in Florida;
Or build a large fan on the coast to blow away the upcoming storm.
Hugh Willoughby, a research professor at the International Hurricane Center, said: "Then there is a guy who calls to say that he can pray that they leave . " (search)
International University of Florida.
So far, the weirdest proposal, and one of the most frequent ones, is the idea of using a nuclear warhead to blow a hurricane out of the water.
"There is no radiation, the hurricane is bad enough," Willoughby said . ".
Put the elf back in the bottle.
Nuclear weapons are more dangerous than hurricanes.
Willoughby reviewed some of the proposed inventions while serving as director of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (search)
Hurricane Research said many ideas were quickly debunked due to a lack of basic knowledge of the weather.
He said one of the government's plans is to spread a substance on the surface of the water, but the wind and waves make it impossible to keep the oil floating.
"All of this underestimates the size of the storm," Willoughby said . ".
However, a businessman in South Florida thinks he has a winning idea.
Drive a Boeing 747 into the monster storm, where it will hit it with a lot of super suction powder and actually suck it dry and take it apart.
Only testing can determine if this is a fantasy flight, and there is no plan to try the process on the upcoming Hurricane Ivan.
But businessman Peter Cordani, chief operating officer of DynO-Mat (search)
A company that sells eco-friendly absorbing products believes that he can divide the storm into one or two categories.
He claimed that during a test near Palm Beach, the thunderstorm disappeared, and he formed a team including two former astronauts to work out the plan.
"We are confident about this," said Scott Mike Ryder, one of the astronauts who tested the lunar module.
Others are not sure.
Government Atlantic Marine and Meteorological Laboratory (search)
Describe the proposal as long term
Shooting: any effect of absorbing powder is very small, it takes thousands of tons of goop, flying hundreds of flights into the storm every half hour or so.
Willoughby says the project will be "very expensive, not much good ".
"It really needs all the military power --
"The US has to carry the elevator plane with this material and there will be a major air traffic control problem around the eyes," he told The Associated Press last year . ".
The government suggests amateur Hurricane vandals focus on more realistic goals --
Implement construction regulations and educate the public to be prepared to help poor countries prepare for the storm.
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