huffpost hill - may 27, 2010 - secondary containment

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huffpost hill - may 27, 2010  -  secondary containment
Editor's note: The following story includes a reference to the poll conducted by the company Research 2000.
Since then, a report published by a group of statistical analysts in the year 00 s has seriously questioned the reliability and accuracy of the June 2010 research survey.
If you are out of work, the good news is that Congress will vote on unemployment benefits.
Bad news: it may take a while.
This is good news if you are gay and patriotic: It seems that the repeal of the dad act will pass.
Bad news: You have to wait until the end of the year at least.
If you are Barack Obama, the good news is that your reporter has won the day.
Bad news: Helen Thomas is still playing.
The good news if you're a red sn fish: top killer seems to be working.
Bad news: you may be dead.
This is the Huffington Post Hill on Thursday, May 27, 2010: cancel the extension of unemployment
Even after the Democratic leadership scaled back its bill to re-authorize several domestic aid programs, conservative rankings reduced its impact on the federal budget deficit by $50 billion. and-
Democrats have been in a state of unhappiness.
The House leadership met shortly before the press release to find a way forward, but there are major obstacles to all roads.
Mainly: Max Baucus, chairman of the Senate Finance Committee, told the Huffington Post that he was reaching an agreement on an amendment that Republicans could propose.
But it costs a lot.
The house has been planning to pass the bill and go out of town during Memorial Day.
If any changes have been made to the bill, it may languish during the holidays as the program and benefits expire. "We're ready.
The house was delivered.
"We will pass," bauckas said.
"Agreement must be reached with Republicans on the ballot.
We will have to reach some compromise on the amendment.
When asked if the House would vote tonight, a tantrum's Stacey Hoyer, speaking at the leadership meeting, said: "We're still talking!
"Chris Van Holen said they are discussing possible changes with their members and may end before the break ---
But he didn't say they would vote tonight.
Sandy Levin has been working on the Blue Dog.
Pelosi, who works at Jared Polis, is not happy with the hedge fund bug fix.
It is very difficult for the house to leave the town. "Let's go!
Two members of Congress shouted on the floor, at least one of them a Democrat.
"People are really tired," one Dem told Huffington Post . ".
"What you see is stubborn success.
"Democrats are considering removing the COBRA health insurance subsidy.
The workers were supported by Blue Dogs.
"It's obscene," Grant chairman Dave Obby told Huffington Post Hill . ".
The Blue Dog Henry Queller says he tends to support the bill if the deficit impact is reduced to 60 billion, in part because he gave up Cobra.
John Larson told Huffington Post Hill that COBRA cut is not yet finalized. "COBRA?
When Dick Durbin was told what the house was thinking about, he said.
"For many who sympathize with the unemployed, it is painful to see their Cobra cut off. " (
Durbin met with Barney Farnk in the House to discuss measures to keep his credit card fees in the final Wall Street reform bill. )
An official at the leaders' meeting told Huffington Post Hill that cuts in aid to states are under consideration.
Obviously, the governors did a poor job of lobbying.
"They need to do some heavy work," said an assistant Dem leader . ".
Or some improvement.
"Everything is pending, but, so far, the House is planning to vote here tomorrow.
Company lobbyists fighting for loopholes
One of the ways Democrats are proposing to pay long-term unemployment benefits is to close a tax loophole that rewards companies that work overseas, killing a bunch of birds at once.
However, the Blue Dog of the Republican Party and its alliance did not support it, arguing that it required the United StatesS.
The difference between companies paying foreign tax rates and US tax ratesS.
Tax rates put them at a disadvantage.
One of the companies lobbying against closing the loophole is IBM.
According to the documents submitted by the SEC, IBM "permanently reinvested overseas" $26 billion.
The number of it since 2005S.
The number of employees dropped from 134,000 to 105,000.
The bill it lobbied against included research and development credit that would benefit IBM.
Move forward in Congress
It is expected that the Senate Armed Forces will pass an amendment that will eventually abolish the "do not say ". ".
The panel has taken a full day off. door session.
The House may vote on delegates.
Patrick Murphy's amendment to the defense authorization act quickly abolished dart.
But if the repeal of the amendment is passed with liberal support, and then those liberals are finally released on bail in an anti-war gesture, does the House Democrats have a vote for the basic bill?
Lawmakers call for cuts in military spending
Officials from both sides of the aisle condemned the "apparent failure to discuss the efficacy, extent and cost of the overseas USS.
In the letter to the National Fiscal Responsibility and Reform Commission, "military commitment ".
It was written by a representative. Barney Frank (D-Mass. ), Ron Paul (R-Texas), Walter B. Jones (R-N. C. )and Sen. Ron Wyden (D-Ore. ).
Just a few weeks ago, Frank appointed his own bipartisan committee to study how to reduce America's bloated military budget.
Frank attacked what he called "this intangible concept"America]
"There is a need to be some sort of world superhero," he said, and Wyden, who is ready for re-election, is already defending himself: "Look, not all defense spending is helping national security . ".
"Wasting defense spending is a waste!
Obama meets with media to freeze drilling
The president announced that the government would suspend new offshore drilling projects for six months and suspend ongoing exploration near 33 locations in Alaska, Virginia and the Gulf.
Obama in a broad announcement
This afternoon's press conference covered everything from the war in Afghanistan to green energy to Arizona's tough immigration laws, but as a necessary part of America's energy policy, he continued to support expanded offshore drilling.
About his leadership of the crisis: "I take responsibility.
It's my job to make sure this thing is closed. . .
BP is working in our direction.
Every key decision and action they make must be approved by us in advance.
The federal government is in a wait-and-see state to some extent. . .
Not really at all.
Obama's private moment: "I was shaving when I woke up this morning, Maria knocked on my bathroom door and she glanced at my head and she said, 'Your dad?
Because I think everyone understands that when we pollute the earth like this, it has a specific impact not only on this generation, but also on future generations.
I grew up in Hawaii, where the ocean is sacred.
When you see oil-filled birds flying around and turtles dying, it not only illustrates the direct economic consequences of this phenomenon;
It shows how we care about the incredible bounty we have.
The work on Sestak provides controversy: "I can assure the public that nothing improper happens. . .
Regarding the Sestak issue, there will be an official response soon.
Prepare for the news on Friday night. . .
Arizona law and the resulting resistance: "[It's]
Wrong method. .
I am president of the United States.
I do not support boycott or boycott.
"Prompt Helen Thomas to leave: Exclusive: government investigation into Goldman's bad deal --
Marcus Barram of Huffington Post: "Federal prosecutors investigating Goldman Sachs are following the Timberwolves, the infamous" bad deal "that was repeatedly mentioned at the Senate tense hearing last month ", according to someone who contacted Manhattan UniversityS.
Law firm
The investigation raised the possibility of criminal charges against the famous Wall Street company, which was charged by the United States in April. S.
The Securities and Exchange Commission is suspected of engaging in civil fraud over another subprime mortgage misleading investors.
A security guard called Abacus.
"House Republicans today proposed legislation to repeal health care reform and replace it with a bill they have already proposed.
Bush says war is an economic asset.
President George W.
According to former Argentine Prime minister Nestor Kirchner, Bush proposed in early 2004 that the best way to develop the economy is to wage war.
He got angry from his chair.
He told me about the Marshall Plan! No!
This is the crazy idea of Democrats.
What needs to be done here is that the best way to revitalize the economy is ---
He told me that the United States developed on the basis of war.
That's what he told me.
"Well," I said to him, "it's growth.
"The wife of the former Argentine leader who now leads the country, made this comment in an interview with Oliver Stone, who filmed the upcoming documentary, south of the border ,"
"Video: Senate 2010 Watch: halter up, paul down-
In the latest poll of runoff polls in the year 00 s, the Arkansas Senate hopes Bill Holt will remain ahead of blanch Lincoln.
Lincoln 44, Halter 47
Maybe it's also important that in the gameups vs.
Republican nomination representative
John Boozman, Lincoln is 20 points behind, and Halter is only 11 points behind.
"If Lincoln wins, this seat is absolute.
It is impossible for her to make up for this as an incumbent in an anti-racist Red country. incumbent year.
She's dead, dead, dead.
If Halter wins, he should get his own boost, but he will definitely start the game as a loser.
Fortunately for him, he will be one with 10-
A deeply rooted incumbent in DC.
This is not a bad place in 2010.
"More: Halter is also working on a larger battle box, raising $777,000 between April. 29 and May 19 --
$225,000 more than Lincoln brought. KY-
Sen: Rand Paul is only 4 points ahead of Jack Conway in study 2000, 44-40.
Here is a real battle in a crimson state.
On the Hill tonight: Alexander Bolton interviewed Sen.
Lindsey Graham (R-S. C. )
His views on climate change legislation and immigration reform.
A fence was built around Sarah Palin's house to block her new neighbor, the famous writer Joe McKinney. . .
Maybe Mexican.
Look, obviously: Michael Crawley thought in his Swampland premiere that McKinney should pack up: "Of course, the legendary writer has the right to rent a house overlooking her backyard, to cover the biography of the former governor of Alaska.
But there is a difference between what is legal, what is right, or wise.
Rice will publish her memoirs at the White HouseCNN: "Former U. S.
S. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice said Thursday she will write a memoir at the White House about her eight years at the White House, but only after the publication of her family memoir, extraordinary ordinary people.
The first book reviews most of the time that the Rice family in Birmingham's civil rights era will be published by the royal family and is scheduled to go to the city in October 12.
"Huffington Post Mountain subtitle competition"
Here are some pink protesters marching naked, "revealing" BP: Send your best zingers to Huffington Post.
Don't be shy at ComDon: Send tips/stories/photos/Events/fundraisers/work sports/Juicy magazines to Huffington Post @ huffingtonpost.
Big oil spill day-
The effort to "top kill" seems to have temporarily blocked the cracks.
Newsweek: "nearly 19 hours after the" top killer "process of injecting mud and viscous liquids into the bay's broken wells, officials claimed that the process had been successful.
The main challenge is to overcome the pressure of oil from the submarine. sea reservoir.
The first ship carrying a mixture of 50,000 barrels of mud was reported to have run out earlier Thursday, although the second ship was en route.
The second ship is on the road? !
Look, we're not experts, but there's an idea: how about getting a third ship out now, for example?
Director MMS was fired
The White House bowed to the pressure of critics and demanded high
The level adjustment of the government's drilling supervision agency fired Elizabeth "Leeds" Burnbaum, head of mineral management services.
When Birnbaum officially resigned, Democratic officials told The Associated Press that she was driven out.
At Obama's press conference, he said he did not know whether she was fired or resigned. . . .
But Birnbaum is still on the MMS homepage: Scientists say the leak was the worst in American history.
AP: "Even with the most conservative estimates, the new numbers mean that the leak has increased to nearly 19 million gallons in the past five weeks.
If the gallon milk jug filled with oil is arranged side by side, it is enough to come back from New York to Chicago.
In the worst case, if 39 million gallons leak, the oil will be filled with enough pots to extend from the LoAnna swamp to the Prince William Bay in Alaska.
The Exxon Valdez ran aground here in 1989, leaking nearly 11 million gallons.
"BP uses inferior, cost-
Cutting parts on the rig
According to a report by a government investigator, a damn article today talks about how BP deliberately uses more risky casing materials to save money: "The approach chosen by BP is worrying, the document says, if the cement around the casing is not sealed well, the gas may leak all the way to the wellhead, where there is only one sealing device as a barrier.
Two barriers are provided using different types of housing. . .
"Five, today held five hearings on the leak.
Guam watch-Hank Johnson
It has been 63 days since the representative of Georgia.
Hank Johnson asked if the United StatesS.
The territory will be swallowed up by the Pacific Ocean.
He took a vacation from Guam today.
A us official in charge of claims processing at BP, who testified before the House Judiciary Committee, told the panel that his mother had died after Hurricane Katrina and that her claim cheque had not yet arrived.
"I think you're blocking it," Johnson interrupted . ".
There was another oil spill in Alaska.
Wow: Cross
The Alaska pipeline was shut down this week by breaking and leaking thousands of barrels of crude oil into spare containers.
Reuters: "Before the closure, a series of accidents occurred due to a scheduled fire --
Test the command system at Pump Station 9, about 100 miles (161 km)
South of Fairbanks, 800-operator Alyeska pipeline services saidmile oil line.
The power failure triggered the opening of the safety valve, causing the crude oil overflow tank with unspecified volume to enter the secondary containment.
Alyeska spokesman Michel Igan said there were no injuries but about 40 people were evacuated from the construction site.
"Newsweek re-invented the print journalism, part 237: If you haven't already, check out the redesign of Newsweek, which was released a week before the start of the tender.
Mark Miller of Newsweek Digital announced that DEMS launched the GOP spoof website-
The Americans in RNC said it.
Far more than the absurdity of the new Republican Party.
Com, DNC began to have fun and signed a simulation contract with the United States.
"Our favorite" shout out "suggestion:" itchy toilet paper is not constitutional.
"Stop the 'teaching' of atheists our children say about the heart of the day.
It contradicts the Bible.
"I think every food that is not recognized by Sarah Palin should be labeled with a warning that we are moving towards socialism.
Anne Schroeder Mullins, gossip columnist at Politico, was there from the beginning and she will leave the publication to start a media strategy company.
Bezos Rothstein of the glass tank DC pointed out that today's TPM cover looks familiar. . .
Nam FIB of BLUMENTHAL-can be connected
According to a poll released today by Quinnipiac, Richard Blumenthal of Connecticut is still 25 points ahead of Republican challenger Linda McMahon.
Just as Blumenthal seems to be clearing the "South Column", Joe Lieberman says he is willing to support McMahon.
In an interview with the politician, Lieberman said: "I said I am open . "
Is it possible in theory? Yes.
I may know more about Blumenthal, but I know Linda McMahon
She is a member of the State Higher Education Commission and I have met with her several times in this capacity.
This is the great privilege that Connecticut voters gave me in 2006 as an independent. Wait and see.
"Olin Hatch has proposed a bill that would make it illegal to lie about his military service.
Because you have read so much.
Dan Ike Lloyd sells a glass skull here full of vodka: Salon corner: "I'm the tea party "--
Michael Blood of the Associated Press: "With the early vote of the June 8 primary, the angle almost erased the double influence of Loden
In a recent poll, this has partly benefited from the support of Tea Party Express and other conservative groups, including-
Tax clubs that promote growth.
Former State Senator Lowden had hinted that people might trade chickens for health care, but she had financial problems using the rental bus.
The growth club began posting an advertisement across the state on Wednesday, saying that the "angle" is financially conservative and common --
Lorden supported a substantial increase in spending, and she supported Reid.
"Sam Stein on the practice of Sestak standards --
"The History of the president of the United States is full of exchange conditions, implicit and clear secret job opportunities and behind-the-scenes deals, so much so that the Sestak offer may be more normal than its exception.
This is no exception, he said.
Russell Riley is an associate professor and chairman of the Presidential Oral History Program at the Miller Center at the University of Virginia.
"I read in some places today that this is obviously illegal and it is a shocking news for me.
I don't know what regulations will affect this. . .
In my opinion, this did not particularly rise to the point where there was news value in the first place, and the fact that it was spun off into a scandal was surprising.
An aide to Darrell Isa said the New Hampshire lawmaker should also not reach an agreement with the White House.
The Republican House? -
Huffington Post: Isaac Wood, racial editor, Larry J. House, a famous political prophet
Sabato's "crystal ball" blog wrote on Thursday: "Unlike some analysts, we have never predicted that Republicans will win enough House seats to control the House.
Due to factors that we are all familiar with, they are likely to do so in November (
Economic downturn, declining presidential support, public concerns about spending and debt, etc).
But in our view, there is and still not enough data to indicate the upcoming turnover.
Nikki Haley's scandal continues.
South Carolina blogger Will Folks claims to have an affair with governor candidate Nikki Hayley, who claims to have photographic evidence of a romantic relationship in today's FITSNews blog post.
"Also, in early 2009, it was now acknowledged that in what he called a" compromise position "they faced a picture of themselves and Hayley.
The photo was allegedly taken by a private investigator who was hired to uncover the dirt on his body, not Haley.
Alan Grayson's architectural feud
Florida congressman, who was twice rejected by a building in Orlando, said he could not promote his office outside the building.
So he's going to put this sign in, from I-4.
Bill Clinton's weight is close.
Miss Chelsea wedding, FYI
Comfort food-Karen TraverseM. I. A.
Frightened by the Times reporter, she posted her number on Twitter :-
Thomas Jefferson never left. . .
He's just facing a light rock band. -
After airing a story about 103year-old African-
The American woman who still drives, CNN plays the "wonderful journey" of Coolio, including with N-word.
"I am glorious" by Kayla Phillipps. -
Shaggy's human doppelganger was arrested for having sex with a dog. -
"Keston, women and self
According to the New York Post, relatives of Whitney Houston held a press conference with her lawyer Gloria Olette, denying having an affair with Matt Raul and being born into a man. " -
A reporter from the Bay Area dealt with the most annoying attack ever, and somehow he limited himself not to knock that guy down (
@ Mikemadden: watch this guy get hired on the Hill soon). -
Roman Polanski had a good time at his Swiss Cottage. -
John Mayer's man.
The chart shows that the parts cast a shadow over the entire entertainment industry. -
A former abandoned
The husband can use the wedding dress of his estranged wife very well.
TWITTERAMA @ dceiver: I hope the name of the next Ke $ ha album is "100,000 feat of prosperity ".
Helen Thomas certainly brought her own prosperity to the press machine.
@ JoyVBehar: my @ hlntv show has 2 nights--
2-incredible videoyr old w/ 2-pack-a-
Smoking habits of the day
All I can say is, baby, you 've gone a long way.
@ COMMON_OIL_SPILL Common_Oil_Spill update: come on. @ Common_Oil_Spill: gluggggachhh aaach @ Common_Oil_Spill: let all @ Common_Oil_Spill: wheezing of tubeadmiral THAAD Allen is tough.
Nick larhall, Staney Hoyer, Xavier Besera, and our own Roy secoff are all on Ed Schulz.
George Lemy and R tomorrow. I. Gov.
Donald cassily visited Joe in the morning. ON TAP6:00 pm -
8: 00 in the afternoon: Hoyer (D-Md. )
Jim ClaphamD-S. C. )
Hold a party for John PrattD-S. C. )
At a government relations company, it's kind of mean if you think about it.
Given the floor schedule for tonight, if so, donors will be lucky to get more than a second or two with House leaders. [
300 Northwest Suite, New Jersey Avenue, grilovler Co. , Ltd. , 650]. 6:00 pm -
9: 00 in the afternoon: Hilton Washington has held a happy hour of the "gay hotel" in the recently renovated courtyard"
Courtyard by Marriott Connecticut Avenue northwest 1919 Washington. 6:00 pm -
12: 00 in the morning: Corn Hole Championship in the bullpen.
The hottest activity since the magic wand came to the outdoor naval base [
Bullpen, SE 1229 Half Street. 8:00 pm -
Morning 1: 30: If you feel like you need to make up for something, why not take a crush on interns and video games in one of Georgetown's bars?
Garrett hosts intern Wii shindig on M Street [
3003 Northwest Street Garnett store].
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