how to sew burp cloths - absorbent mat

by:Demi     2019-08-24
how to sew burp cloths  -  absorbent mat
These are very easy to sew and are a very cute baby shower gift.
Decorative fabric 1/3 yards.
1/3 yards of woolen cloth, chenille or other absorbent material of your choice. Thread. Sewing machine.
Rotary knife, mat and ruler. Pins. Iron.
Wash and dry your fabric and towels or chenille.
Iron your decorative fabric.
Cut your fabric into two pieces 11x21.
Cut your towel a little bigger than your cloth. (
Use 1/2 "hems when I sew Ilike, so your finished product will be 10x20 ". )
The needle cloth and the right side of the towel cloth.
Sew the cloth together with the towel.
Be sure to leave a 4 "opening so you can turn your work out from the right.
Trim any excess towels so that even with your decorative fabric.
Angle at 45 degrees.
Turn right and push out the corner with your finger.
Put the whole piece of iron.
Then fold the edge of your 4 "opening, press and secure.
Sew around the top of your burp.
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