how to make a fake snow - polyacrylate

by:Demi     2019-09-01
how to make a fake snow  -  polyacrylate
In this note I will show you how to make artificial snow.
It's fun, easy to make, looks real, feels cool, lasts for a few days and doesn'ttoxic(
Does not mean you can eat).
For people living in a country without snow, try to do some! !
First of all, you need to collect something to make fake snow.
You can find these things in your house.
You can find it in disposable diapers)
* Then, carefully cut the outer layer of the diaper by using scissors, some water scissors/knife.
You might find something that looks like cotton, that's sodium! !
Read the next step now.
It's easy to go to snow now.
Put sodium into the container, add a little water first, and stir evenly.
If it's still dry, put a little water again and stir it until it looks like snow.
A lot of water won't dissolve it, but it won't be as white as snow.
If you get cold like real snow, just put it in the fridge (
Temperature not below freezing point
It will make snow as hard as ice)
If you succeed, you can have a snow party or a snowball fight, but keep in mind that safety is first.
One more thing you can make the snow black or blue or what color you want.
Mix the water with the edible pigment first, then mix the colored water with the sodium.
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