how to keep safe and well this yuletide; avoid a trip to a&e by watching out for these 10 common christmas threats. - meat wrapping paper

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how to keep safe and well this yuletide; avoid a trip to a&e by watching out for these 10 common christmas threats.  -  meat wrapping paper
The kitchen nightmare of the Christmas meal usually includes several simultaneously bubbling pans, sultry packedoven and marathon of chopping, slicing and carving, which is not surprising that most holiday injuries have occurred in the kitchen.
By making sure that anyone is not involved, avoid a cooking disaster and wipe the spill as soon as it happens.
Take time and take care!
When cutting vegetables, the hand holding the vegetables should be jingling to protect your fingertips and fix the meat with a fork so it doesn't slip.
If you suffer a slight burn, immediately place it in cold water for at least 10 minutes and wrap it up with plastic wrap, if the family falls down due to food poisoning, then the less glorious food festival will not only lead to serious discomfort, but can also be fatal.
Nowadays, most people realize the importance of hand washing after dealing with raw meat.
The key is to make sure the turkey or chicken is cooked.
Follow the instructions, always bypass the bird where the thigh meets the breast to check if it's ready
The thickest area.
The juice used should be transparent, not pink.
Oh, for many people, Christmas is incomplete without a real Christmas tree.
But be aware that any allergies or asthma in your loved one will not be exacerbated by the fungal spores carried by the needle cells.
In addition, about 1,000 people are injured in trees every year.
Watch out for the branches when decorating it, or reaching out to take the gift --
The needle can cause serious eye injuries.
When reaching the top of a big tree, stand on a chair or ladder and ask someone to stay steady.
Lighting candles and fairy lights safely may look dazzling, but they may also be a fire hazard --
Especially the flammable and wrapping paper.
If you choose a artificial tree make sure it's on fire
Resistant and make sure your tree is at a safe distance from the fireplace.
Faulty or in poor condition fairy lights may be the main cause of injury including electric shock.
Make sure your product meets safety regulations.
Be sure to turn off the lights and put out the candles before going to bed.
After Christmas, a stomachache is mostly around food, with so much food to offer that it's easy to make yourself stupid.
In fact, many of us consumed three times as much calories a day in December 25 as usual.
While mild stomach pain seems to be a small price, severe indigestion can be painful and worrying.
In the long run, your waist has increased by a few inches, and additional fat and cholesterol need to be considered as well.
Have a healthier lunch, eat more green vegetables and reduce baking.
What are all the work parties and the wine they get-
Party with friends and drink more easily during the festival than usual.
Alcohol will not only cause serious harm to our body, but also cause more accidents.
Have fun, but be careful and arrange a safe shipping home in advance.
Don't get too drunk at Christmas if you're making dinner-
Dangerous combination of hot stove, knife and wine area.
Seasonal Stress, Christmas is stressful-
Have fun hanging out, make difficult relatives happy and run out of bank accounts to buy gifts.
No wonder it becomes unstoppable.
Help yourself by focusing on what you have, not what you don't have, or what you can't afford.
Reduce the money dilemma by agreeing on the budget for each person's gift and sharing the cost of food.
Blue Christmas may be a very lonely or isolated moment for many people, especially the elderly who live alone.
This may also be the time to feel more painful to lose a loved one.
If you're worried about someone being alone, think about the way you can help --
If it's a good choice to invite them here for dinner, maybe a drink, a walk?
Exercising and breathing fresh air is very helpful to boost your spirits.
If you feel lonely, try to take part in more activities.
If you can, you can go out and talk to friends or even read a book or watch a movie.
The little things that children and animals shake, the flashing fairy lights, the sparkling metal foil. . .
It's just something that Christmas is very tempting for little claws and hands --
It's also dangerous.
Many tree ornaments are fragile and easily smashed.
In addition, pets and toddlers like to cram dangerous things into their mouths, which can cause damage to the intestines of cats and dogs, as well as choking fortots.
Watch out for small parts in gifts and toys, and don't leave candles or bubbling pots unattended when there are children and pets around.
Outdoor activities are important to your body and mind.
But there's nothing faster than traveling to a & E to curb holiday fun
Even if there is no snow, the ground may be covered with frost and ice skating, which may result in an ankle twist or fracture.
Before your Christmas Walk, check the weather report, put on the right ingrippy shoes and warm clothes.
Step carefully.
For a safe sled, choose the hills that end in a large open space.
Frozen ponds and rivers may look beautiful, but the ice may be thinner than you think and falling in can lead to deadly heat.
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