how to ice swollen legs & feet - flexible gel ice pack

by:Demi     2020-01-13
how to ice swollen legs & feet  -  flexible gel ice pack
Due to fluid retention, also known as edema, or swelling of legs and feet after sustained injury or surgery.
Swelling is a natural response to trauma, but excessive swelling can increase your pain and interfere with the healing process.
When you sit down or lie down and add ice, lift your feet and change your position frequently, which can help control swelling and restore speed quickly.
Ice towels wet small towels in cold water.
Unscrew if necessary to make sure both sides are wet but not dripping.
Fold the wet towel and place it in a large plastic bag that can be re-sealed.
Seal the bag so there is no air in it.
Put the bag in the fridge and wait 15 minutes.
Wrap in a thin cloth or towel in the area to freeze to prevent damage to your skin, then remove the bag from the refrigerator and place it in the affected area.
The ice bag method puts a small bag full of crushed ice, cold compress or gel into a larger, re-sealed bag.
Fill the large bag part with cold water, then seal and squeeze out any air.
Wrap the ice bag with a wet towel and apply it to the affected area.
Press the packaging on the curve of the body to allow the cold to penetrate deeper.
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