how to eat deer corn - oxygen absorber

by:Demi     2019-09-08
how to eat deer corn  -  oxygen absorber
Because of its high carbohydrate content, high nutritional value and easy storage, corn is an essential food for people to survive.
It is considered a vegetable when freshly harvested;
You, me and most people eat.
When it is allowed to dry in the ground, it is considered a grain (
Usually called dents or field corn)
For animal consumption.
If you 've ever seen a brown and yellow cornfield, your first thought might be, "they must have been dry.
"It is likely that corn is allowed to be sold as livestock grains.
Deer corn, broken corn and whole corn are usually present in feed stores like North 40, hunting stores like Cabellas, and of course supermarkets like Walmart.
Deer corn is the cheapest of these feeds and is the cheapest at Walmart due to their purchasing power.
In northern Idaho, it is currently $5.
A bag of 40-pound deer corn costs 97.
Very cheap. In fact, Wal-Mart's purchase cost is higher than the retail price (
Their loss is your "food "! ).
So, what is the difference between the vegetable corn you and I eat and the field corn thrown to the chicken?
Not much, in fact, you can eat corn directly from the bag;
However, this is a bit difficult (
Corn Nuts.
When you calculate the price of a bag of six dollars, it is cost-effective compared to the agricultural products of your grocery store and the corn in the freezing department.
I made a small comparison to show the value of a bag of deer corn at Wal-Mart compared to a normal corn product, and none of them were close to the price of deer corn per pound.
If you are in food storage, emergency preparation, or survival preparation, you may consider adding deer corn to the required foodhave-storage list.
When all the lights are off, the well has dried up and your money is worthless, a little bit of preparation and ingenuity can go a long way.
Let's dive and I'll tell you what you can do with all the corn!
Of course, you can open the bag and go straight into town.
I don't think your teeth will thank you for that, so we have to do a little bit of preparation.
You need to grind or soften corn for effective human consumption.
You can grind the corn in the field into corn flour (masa)
Making tortillas, tortillas, and tortillas (yum)There's more.
You can also grind it into corn flour to make corn bread and other delicacies!
There are many grinding machines and Mills outside that can turn your corn kernels into corn kernels or meals.
When you choose a grinder for the living environment, you will want to find a grinder that can be used without electricity.
The grinder that I own and recommend is a manual grain grinder with luxury from asiio VKP1024.
It grinds corn into rice well, it is quite cheap, and it is easy to take apart and clean.
I honestly don't think you need to spend hundreds of dollars on a manual grinder, but they certainly exist.
Country Life hand grain mill has some of the best reviews that will last your whole life;
However, its price is very high.
If you can afford it, it's probably what you're going to get.
Look at them and choose the one that best suits your personal needs.
It's simple to turn grain into flour.
If you are using the manual crank version, all you need to do is load the top of the mill with your grain, put a bowl to grab the squeeze, and the crank leaves.
It's really so easy.
You can reload the plate with ground grain depending on how good the flour you want.
FYI, if you are not in survival mode or you have power supply, Vitamix will turn deer corn into powder in a few seconds.
Eating field corn is not just about survival patterns.
I just made some jalapeno and Cheddar corn bread with my corn flour and I'm still alive (
No diarrhea)! .
Really delicious!
So far I have made corn bread, tortillas, cornflakes and empadas with deer corn.
If you ask me, it's not bad for survival food.
While this Instructure is designed to show you how to use deer corn as a staple for survival, it can indeed be used in daily life.
Once the corn is turned into flour or meal, it can be a bit difficult to store, but this can be done.
I would recommend sealing the flour in the pull bag with an oxygen absorber, then putting the bag in a 5 gallon barrel and sealing it with a gamma lid.
This will be ideal for the long-term storage of flour;
However, if you have a cool storage area, you will store the grain before grinding the grain, thus extending the life of the corn.
Make sure they stay calm (60F or less)and dry.
This can double the shelf life.
How you choose to store grain/flour depends on the conditions and what you can buy.
If you like this guide and feel it is worth it, please submit your vote in the survival contest.
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