how to dry roses and other flowers - speedy dry oil absorbent

by:Demi     2019-08-30
how to dry roses and other flowers  -  speedy dry oil absorbent
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Tips for dry roses if you have a rose garden, you may want to enjoy the roses long after they bring joy to your garden and the cutting arrangements at home.
These are the best to dehydrate in the flower drying crystal of the flower silica gel, which is a sugar with fine powder
It's like a substance, though it's called a gel, which is a misleading reality.
To start drying roses, fill a container first (
Like a plastic shoe box)
Use a uniform layer of silica gel, 1 inch deep.
With the exception of 1 inch of the flower stems, cut all of them. Put a double-or many-
Show a flower face in the gel. Place single-
Petal-shaped flower, like a daisy on a gel base.
Flowers of long stems must be placed vertically in the container.
Always place buds of roses and peony in your dry series.
Place these horizontally in the gel.
Cover the flowers with a small spoon and gel;
Start from the outer edge and move towards the center.
Dust the crystals between the petals so that the flowers remain in shape throughout the drying process.
Cover the container with aluminum foil fixed with cover or tape.
Do not leave the flowers in the gel for more than seven days, otherwise the petals will become too brittle.
If they feel crisp, they are "finished.
If they are still lame, cover them up and let them stay for another day or two.
Lift the flowers and shake the gel gently.
To save dry roses or peonies, insert them using the foam of the flower shop.
You can also fill an egg box with sand and insert a flower into each cup.
To save your dried flowers to the winter, just keep them in a storage box with a couple of camphor balls and a couple of spoons of silicone to keep the humidity and bugs.
Precautions for dry flowers 1.
Flowers picked into air
Drying must be as perfect as possible, moisture-free. 2.
Dry flowers should not be picked too early in the day.
Let the warmth of the sun first evaporate the dew and remove the leaves from the stem to help dry quickly. 3.
The faster the flowers dry, the brighter the color will be. 4.
Collect a bunch of flowers with rubber bands and fix the stems.
Hang upside down on the hook in a dry dark place. 5.
Flowers in the air
It is best to dry when hanging upside down. 6.
As long as the dry materials are not hung in a damp place, they can be hung indefinitely. 7.
To store the flowers after they dry, place them between the tissue layers in the carton.
If you want to arrange flowers for a special person or occasion, you must know that the name of the flower has meaning.
For example, if you are going to take a bridal shower, you may want to decorate it with the breath of a baby, which represents the purity of the heart.
For baby showers, fill the small pitchers and teacups with a Mao butter cup as they imply childish joy.
When your party is meant to introduce two people who can't get together without you, fill the room with peonies and roses.
The first one is shy and the second one is love.
The use of sunflowers and verbena, the first to evoke loyalty, the second loyalty, can raise the anniversary.
If you want to eliminate sadness, do it with a vase made with yarrow.
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