how to clean verdigris stains on leather from brass - green stuff absorbent

by:Demi     2019-09-03
how to clean verdigris stains on leather from brass  -  green stuff absorbent
Leather Products decorated with brass hardware look classic.
If you inherit or purchase an old leather item, you may find something green in the place where the brass is in contact with the leather.
This green thing is a chemical called verdigris, which is produced by moisture on the metal in contact with the leather.
Verdigris stains can be stubborn, but can be removed with a little gentle persistence.
Using the supplies at home, you can remove verdigris stains on the leather without damaging the material.
Mix baking soda with white vinegar in a small bowl to form the consistency of the tomato sauce.
The mixture will be soaked for a while.
The combination of this composition produces a mild acetic acid that helps to remove verdigris safely from the leather.
Apply paste with old toothbrush.
Scrub gently and place the paste into the pores of the leather.
Let the baking soda and vinegar paste be placed on the verdigris stain for about five minutes.
Wipe the cleaning cream and Vermilion stains with a clean towel soaked with clear water.
If there is still any verdigris, please repeat step 2.
Dry the leather with a clean cotton cloth and remove all traces of liquid on the surface.
Apply the leather balm to the leather, where you have treated verdigris stains to help clean the area.
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