how home dry cleaning works - water absorbent pads

by:Demi     2019-08-26
how home dry cleaning works  -  water absorbent pads
Kit for the treatment of StainAll suggest you advance
Treat or remove stains using the included stain remover.
There is nothing special about the detergent in these kits.
This is the same kind you used to pre-
Handle stains before regular washing machine washing and pre-treat stains before washing
The same is true of the processing process.
Most of the detergent is just a cleaner in the water-based solution.
The general rule for stain removal is "as dissolved ".
The water in the solution will dissolve the water
Stains like soup.
The detergent used can be detergent or oil --based solvent (
Depending on the brand you choose).
Although oil
Both the cleaner and the solvent help to remove greasy stains, and the solvent-based effect is much better.
The information manual that comes with the home dry cleaning kit does not specify which of these reagents are used
Handling the solution, it turns out that the identity of the cleaner in the kit is proprietary information.
However, given the poor reputation of these kittens for completely removing greasy stains such as butter, it may be safe to assume that they use detergent instead of oilbased solvents.
The cleaner also has many other important functions, including: clothes dryer and fresh care kit to provide stain removal solution in the bottle, in addition to the absorption pad, you can also use it to absorb dirt after applying the solution.
The process is like this: Maybe water-
Stain removal agent can be used for drying based on stainsclean-
Wear only clothes that are not damaged
But because you only apply a small amount of solution to a discrete area, you don't add enough water to destroy the overall structure of the fiber or weaken the fabric, and then, when you dry the fabric with a suction pad, you remove most of the water.
Some product reviews point out that even with a similar cleaner, the custom cleaner kit does not remove stains like other kits.
This may be due to not mentioning water supply in detergentbased solution.
Dryer with custom cleaner
The active cloth itself comes with a stain remover, and you can provide your own suction pad with a clean paper towel. These dryer-
The activated cloth contains only a small amount of water.
Though too much water will damage the dryclean-
Only too little fabric, it's hard to remove all the water completelybased stain.
No big stains can be removed from all home dry cleaning kits. Whether water-based or oil-
Based on this, large stains must be completely saturated with appropriate solvents to attract and remove all molecules of dirt, especially those embedded deep in the fabric. Even machine-
Sometimes, in addition to what you can reasonably do at home, washing-resistant clothes require special efforts.
For example, oil stains on synthetic fibers such as acrylic, nylon, olefin, polyester and a mixture of these fibers are particularly difficult to remove.
Many of these fibers are made specifically to resist the penetration of water.
Because they reject water, they attract other molecules, such as fat, that also reject water.
This makes the greasy stains on these fabrics virtually impossible to remove with water and/or water
Based only on detergent.
Precautions for Pre-
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