how do i fry bay scallops? - absorbent material

by:Demi     2019-08-23
how do i fry bay scallops?  -  absorbent material
Bay scallops are small and usually less than "in diameter.
They are sweeter and richer than other types of scallops and are usually more expensive.
They can be baked, roasted or fried, but the key to cooking is time.
They are hard to eat when overcooked, and the taste is not good.
This makes it more difficult to fry them because it is necessary to turn the outside into brown without cooking the interior too much.
Here are some tips for preparing perfect fried bay scallops.
According to the site mother of nature, start with the right purchase.
Fresh bay scallops don't smell like fish.
They should have a faint, airy scent of the sea.
The color should be white or pink.
The color of the old scallops is either tan or brown.
Mom's Kitchen recommends looking for dry packaged scallops, such as sodium triphosphate, that are not treated with artificial preservatives.
The taste is better.
Freeze the frozen bay scallops in the refrigerator for thawing, or in a closed container for soaking in hot water.
Although scallops can be thawed in the microwave during the thaw cycle, there is a risk of over-cooking.
Place the wet scallops on a clean absorbent material such as a paper towel to remove excess moisture.
Shoot them completely.
With an oil painting brush or a small and clean brush, apply a layer of coated liquid like eggs, olive oil or mayonnaise to scallops.
Another option is to use the spray
Butter or oil.
Zaar's recipe suggests stirring scallops with plain flour.
Better Homes and Gardens suggest deep-fried batter made with a mixture of eggs, milk, oil, sugar and flour. You can;
However, you can also choose to use breadcrumbs, cornflakes or chips.
Gently stir or roll the scallops in the mixture until they are evenly coated.
Fry bay scallops with butter and heat them for two to five minutes on medium heat depending on size.
1/2 in diameter should not exceed two or three minutes, while an inch or slightly larger 3/4 may take more time.
Place the fried bay scallops in a soaking container between 375 and 400 degrees F and put them in hot oil. Make sure;
However, the oil is hot enough before soaking. Deep-
Fried in less than two minutes.
Oven Bake bay scallops in an oven at 425 degrees F for about five minutes.
Before serving, squeeze the lemon juice to the top of the scallops, or better yet, put the juice or lemon slices aside so everyone can use it as they like.
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