how bruce lee made an everyday undershirt a fashion trend - super absorbent powder

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how bruce lee made an everyday undershirt a fashion trend  -  super absorbent powder
Bruce Lee in round whitenecked T-
A shirt with three buttons in front.
This is an iconic image from the 1970 s, thanks to which this humble, lightweight underwear is known all over the world.
Few international fans know this,
This is still the case after the production of cotton garments in Hong Kong.
Working people, media,
Shy company behind the shirt, founded in Guangdong-Hyundai-
Guangzhou day, 1923.
In Hong Kong, the company has been producing this simple but iconic product at its litchi corner factory for decades, for sale in the same packaging and in the same stores from Sheung Wan, Wan Chai, deep water po and Mong Kok.
Walk into a Li Gong store, just like going back to the past, the products are placed in cartons and stacked behind the counter.
The customer must ask to see the item and cannot try on anything.
When it comes to summer underwear worn by Lee, the choice is white, white or white with short, long or no sleeves.
Starting at HK $45 (RM23. 90)
Rose to HK $270 (RM143).
Not cheap, but roll the fabric between your fingers and you will find it very thin and durable.
This quality-plus Lee Kung Fu has been doing things the same way for nearly a century-is what Douglas Young has in common
Founder of Hong Kong lifestyle brand GO. D. (Goods of Desire)
Like this brand. "I wear their T-shirt.
Wear a shirt all the time.
"They are too thin," he said, describing the fabric used in the garment as "silk cotton," which is made of raw cotton treated with caustic soda, making it shrink and making it harder
Wear a piece of silklike texture.
"This material has a super absorption capacity, so it evaporates like this when you sweat.
Hi than those-
Technology fabric from Nike.
This synthetic fabric is not as good as this cotton.
In a television commercial in 1974, an older man was tied together to fight the cold, but he was shaking, while a young man in Lee Kuan Yew's underwear appeared
"They are called underwear;
"No one wears them 'out'-you don't see anyone wearing them," Young said . ".
"But Bruce Lee can put it on as a coat. ”G. O. D.
Hong Kong's past designs on clothing and household items were vibrant, so it's not surprising that young people appreciate the vintage packaging of Lee's Jian Hee shirt.
The yellow box has an illustration of the golden deer jump, the brand logo of the costume, and all
Here are the important statements made in Hong Kong.
"Normally, you have to buy three items before you can put them in the box," Young said . " "But I liked the boxes so much that I bought three shirts and asked to put them in three separate boxes.
A few years ago, G. O. D.
Try to cooperate with Li Gong.
"We have to implore them to cooperate," Yang said. "Li Gong's people are very stubborn . ".
"We wanted to take advantage of the existing material they used to make it look more modern, but they refused to make the clothing according to our design.
At the end of the day, we had to take out their finished product and then have someone else do the modification. ”Alan See, co-
The founder of the Armory, a Hong Kong apparel and accessories retailer, has also tried to work with Lee man.
"I tried to work with them and they didn't have an email so I had to fax everything to their friend's place," Malaysians said . "
Born to see, who occasionally wears Lee Kung Fu cotton T-
Considering that the shirt is suitable for layering,
"Then they received the fax and we communicated back and forth.
It took so long to do things.
"It was their subway that made Lee Kung Fu underwear so comfortable to see --
Knitted design with no side seams. “The machines [
They did it on it]
"It's almost out of date, so they have to devour other machines to fix them," he added.
Feng Xiu, founder of Limin
Born in Shunde on 1889 (
Today in Shunde district, Foshan city, Guangdong province)
As a young man, he sells Western goods in Guangzhou.
He bought six hands in 1923.
Operating socks
Making machines gives his new company a name that literally means "benefiting workers and farmers.
Using wool imported from the UK, Lee Kung Man quickly gained a reputation for quality and by 1925 the company had 20 machines.
A few years later, Fung joined the single in the product line and opened a factory at the Defu Road center in Hong Kong.
When the Japanese invaded Guangzhou in 1938, Li was destroyed at the factory in Guangzhou, so Feng transferred his business to Shunde and then left Hong Kong in 1940.
However, in the second year, with the Japanese occupation, Feng suspended operations, and he spent his time on the service of Guan Feng Ying, who is located in Fanling.
With the end of the war in 1945, Feng Xiaogang returned to Guangzhou and started manufacturing again. before the Communist Party took power 1949 times, his sales were high.
As his mainland business was nationalized, Feng fled to Hong Kong again, spending the rest of his time on Fanling, giving power to his son and nephew.
He passed away on 1952.
When the Post magazine called Li man's headquarters in Wan Chai to ask for an interview with the owner, the person answering was rude and negative and put the phone down, it implies that the company has no need and desire for media attention.
Business must be good, people think.
However, on 1985, a reporter from the South China Morning Post did interview Feng Ka
Son of Feng Suo-
Mr. Yu, when the price of the golden deer underwear is HK $54 (RM28. 60).
At that time, the company produced thousands of goods every year (
"Mr Feng hopes they will do it all the time ")
The general manager said that quality is still the top priority, these shirts are made of 100% natural cotton from Switzerland and the UK, with 100 threads per square inch compared to the coarse 24
Count fabric used in many competing products.
"My father saw some expensive French clothes in his 1920 s and he decided we could do the same here," Feng, who has died, told reporters.
"The style and cut of the clothes are basically the same as at the time.
But the underwear with lots of buttons is not so popular now because they are inconvenient.
We still sell some, though.
If you change to a more modern style, the change must come too fast.
People may not like it the next day, so you change every year.
Although the company has received many requests to send underwear to the United States and Europe, mail order sales and foreign sales tax regulations are "too complicated", Feng added ".
"We are producing products for the local market," Fung told the Post . " He added that 80% of the company's products are sold to Hong Kong customers, and 20% of the products are found overseas through agents.
"Our business is limited in size," added Fung . ".
"Our Hong Kong factory cannot cope with export business.
We will have to hire more people to expand our facilities.
"Like at the time, so it seems that there is no interest in changing the time today --Method of testing.
However, the customer base may change in subtle ways.
At the Lee Gong men Wan Chai store on Johnston Road, a sales assistant said that many young people are now buying company clothes, but she doesn't know why.
Thanks to fashion influencers like Young and See and fans of Bruce Lee, consumers outside Hong Kong have discovered Lee Kung Fu.
During a City trip last year, Tokyo's "Poggy" Kogi-
Headquartered in United arrow and son Company (the in-
House label for cult Japanese retailer United arrow)
He talked about how young people from mainland China and Hong Kong came out of global fashion brands and embraced local brands such as Li gongnan.
Levi's, Harley. -young man next to him.
Davidson, Adidas and other international brands with strong heritage value.
"The Japanese like retro things very much," he said . "
"Evisu bought the old Levi's machine and they did a very good job of making vintage jeans, and now Levi regrets selling the old machine.
He recalled that a Japanese consortium had tried to acquire Lee, but was rejected.
See agree with Japan's appreciation of all the old thingsschool.
"It's like seeing someone working on pottery or making knives.
There has always been a culture of admiring artisans, "See said.
"The new tailors these days are all Japanese because they know how to appreciate it.
He added that for those who are obsessed with it, in Japanese, "It's the mentality of the otaku.
One thing is certain: even in the 21 st century, Li Gong's shirt refused to be out of date.
Looking for leekungman on Instagram, you'll find fans posting nearly 200 posts-photos packed in stores, photos of enthusiasts wearing iconic underwear, and perhaps a sharp Italian
Many reference Bruce Lee.
When the Armory tried to cooperate with Li Gong, See was lucky to meet the current owner (
He declined to be named).
"He is a factory man, very boisterous," See said . ".
"He has his own store, which makes him very comfortable.
He has no motivation to change.
This makes Li Kung Fu more attractive in this fast fashion era.
"We have been in Hong Kong since 1930 and we have built a very good reputation here," Feng Ka-
Zhang told the Post on 1985.
"Some other companies have closed down over the years.
It may be that their quality is not very good or that their management is very poor.
Our success depends on the trust of the public.
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