honey i shrunk the kids! real life ‘shrink ray’ reduces 3d structures to 1/1000th their original size - polymer gel

by:Demi     2019-09-01
honey i shrunk the kids! real life ‘shrink ray’ reduces 3d structures to 1/1000th their original size  -  polymer gel
Scientists have created a "contraction Ray" that can reduce objects to one
A few parts of their original size. The mind-
One day, small inventions can be used to make nanometers.
Smaller robots we can produce today.
This brings us one step closer to 1989 sci.
I narrowed the children down.
In the film, an inventor accidentally scaled down his children with an induction machine and then threw them out with garbage. The real-
The Life version created by MIT researchers is not yet fully ready to scale down humans, but has managed to scale down the 3D structure.
It uses a laser to produce a phenomenon called "explosive manufacturing.
This method can quickly reduce the size of the object, making it 1,000 times smaller than the original size.
According to a paper published in the Journal of Science, this allows scientists to turn objects into whatever shape or structure they want.
Its working principle is to make a gel polymer "bracket" first ".
Scientists can then add useful materials, such as DNA or metals, to the polymer to make them shrink.
Next, the researchers used an improved version called the expansion microscope.
The expansion microscope involves embedding the tissue into the gel and then expanding.
But by reversing the process, scientists can put objects into the expanded gel and shrink them to "nanometers ".
The gel polymer is bathed in the solution together with the fluorescent molecules.
When activated by a laser, these moles are attached to the holder.
Thus, by using a highly targeted laser, molecules can be attached to very specific locations within the gel.
They are like a miniature anchor that can be combined with other types of molecules in the structure.
Dr. Edward Boden of MIT said: "You fix the anchor where you want it with the light, and then you can fix any anchor you want on the anchor.
"It could be a quantum dot, it could be a piece of DNA, it could be a gold nanoparticles.
"Once all the anchors are in the right place, scientists add an acid to shrink the structure.
Acid blocks negative electricity in the gel: this means that they do not reject each other and the gel shrinks.
The anchor allows the structure to remain in the correct state (Even wanted)
Shape or size after shrinkage.
In the future, this technology can be used to make tiny electronic devices, even micro robots.
However, due to the complexity and intrusive nature of the process, it is unlikely that we will reduce the scale of humanity at any time.
If you had a shrink ray, what would you shrink first?
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