homegrown beauty products you need to have this summer - water absorbing powder

by:Demi     2019-08-23
homegrown beauty products you need to have this summer  -  water absorbing powder
This summer, the local beauty products you need are genetically liked, because there are a lot of things to love in summer.
Unfortunately, hot summer is not good for your beautiful goals.
Before you plan all summer trips and daydreams to relax by the pool, make sure you are equipped with the beauty essentials of the season.
If you don't know where to start (
Because there will be a lot of new products hit the shelves! )
How about loving yourself and seeing the local beauty brands?
Did you know that, especially in the summer, you need to use the hair film at least once a week?
After having fun in the sun, be sure to give your hair some nutritional treatment to protect your hair from harm.
Everyone is raving about the delicious indulgence smell of this product, so it not only makes your hair look good, but it smells better. (
Chocolate Mint nourishing hair mask from beauty bakery, P410)
Through Beauty MNL in addition to drinking cold drinks in the middle
In the summer afternoon, nothing can give you a fresh feeling immediately except the fog on the face.
Remember, your skin will also be thirsty!
This is the best way to cool down, which is convenient for those who are always on the go.
This product has citrus aromas of witch hazel water and tea tree extract
Completely addictive! (
Clarification of facial mist from beauty bakery P265)
Via Beauty MNL say hello to your dream summer hair!
Have the mermaid hair you dream of at once --
Natural texture spray.
Made from essential oils, Himalayan salt and distilled water.
It keeps your beach waves in a controlled state, and you can also use it as a set spray before and after curly hair. (
Sea salt hairspray from the beach Skin Lab Naturals, P190)
This one is perfect for those hot summers through beauty MNL, when you are late and can't even think of using this blow
Dryer, or when you feel sweaty too much, but you want an instant solution that is fresh "done. The oil-
Absorb the powder to remove the excess oil immediately and make your hair look fresh. The sweet-
The scent combination of vanilla and citrus will also give you a backshower feeling. (
Orange and vanilla dry shampoo made by David Organics, P250)
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