hit reply: you asked, we answered, you shrugged - feet pads

by:Demi     2019-09-14
hit reply: you asked, we answered, you shrugged  -  feet pads
Gadzooks has a lot of problems this week.
We are sorry if your question has not been answered.
Please rephrase and try again later.
Let us not waste our time in the wilderness at the beginning of this paragraph, but absolutely necessary and make progress in the heart of the beast.
Do we have enough metaphors mixed in to meet our quota.
Ha ha ha asked: When the soup is filmingYes, is there really anyone in the studio? There's Joel McHale, obviously.
In addition, writer and staff of soup, photographer, stage manager Tom, lawyer Tom, Jose and Matthias who are in charge of Joel's wardrobe, make-up and hair, and some E!
Staff, their friends, let's have a look. . .
That's it.
Oh, of course, everyone who sends us an email wants to be an audience.
Whyamievening asked: At first I thought you just made up these weird ads, but then I saw those commercial ads with disgusting foot pads. . . . .
Seriously, how can you find those business people so quickly? We have a very dedicated staff who will think for hours
TV is dissolved every day, including all advertisements.
Surprisingly, although this is open knowledge, we still receive the following request: shannon _ siders asked: Is Tang officially offering an internship position.
But if you want to fill out our coffee order twice a day, we will certainly not stop or compensate you.
Darcyperdu asked: Dear Joel, on-again off-
I personally like you to shave your head too, but you have to stick to doing something for men!
Not just facial hair,
Joel sent the message home without his kidnappers knowing it.
Shaved beard = well treated while hairy = don't tell me how Iron Man ended, I haven't seen it yet.
Condensedsoup12 Q: I want Joel McHale to show up about 10 in underwear on the show ! !
Will he really do that? he is hottt!
You don't know how much work it takes to just put Joel's clothes on him.
He's three-year old.
If he had a way, he would sit in a sandbox in his underwear, lick an ice cream cone and play with his truck.
Briannas asked: Could you please give joel mchales emailOf course.
Joellovesbriannas @ foreverandever. com.
Joelansweranyofequ asked: the upper limit for Joel to answer these questions themselves-
The lock button is located between shift and tab on the left side of the keyboard. (
Hey, remember the one a few weeks ago, it's still funny! )Answer No. Read Sometimes.
Admit the existence of reluctance.
Bulldog96601 asked: I have no problem, I just think Joel is the best!
Today is my birthday. my mother bought me soup.
I love this shirt!
Please write back, Joel! !
We are not Joel if you can't apologize, but we will give you a happy birthday if you can use it.
If not, send T-
We will refund the purchase price.
Mzamab1206 Q: I would like to know if Joel can become a Chelsea guest recently. .
The two of you are the best and most interesting hosts on E! . . seacrest sucks!
The Mzamab1206 does seem like a good idea, except for one thing: Joel and Chui don't really agree! Get it (
Chui is the main partner of the Chelsea team. he is very short and Joel is very tall.
So it's hard for them to put their eyes in a flat place.
This is also a game of idioms, meaning "can't get along ".
"If you need further clarification on this or any other soup blog material, feel free to write. )
Machoby asked: on David Letterman's show in June 2, he often played "great moments in the president's speech", laughing at President Bush's false announcement of "drought ".
He pronounced "drouth", which is actually a word that means the same as drought.
From the dictionary
Com: "Drought and drouth, derived from the noun of the adjective dry plus suffix, is the spelling of two phonetic developments representing the same old English word, pronounced [drout]and [drouth]respectively.
"Therefore, the pronunciation of the latter is not an error in the pronunciation of drought.
Due to specific weather patterns, we get some runoff emails from David Letterman every once in a while.
Dogfigg_fan22 keep it secret: Yes, he received your picture and he was interested.
Very interested.
Cmaz8 Q: This is not a question, this is what must be seen. . .
Do you think you can dance, no but my name is kourtni lind and I feel like everything is like mom suggested and ergo hit my head on the ground. .
On my right. . . .
Our Ass laughed. . .
You're right, cmaz8.
This is not a problem.
It is not something else: coherent, rational, sober, or rational.
Asked Spicysami: Man, you should make fun of Hillary Clinton!
So I won't!
We are trying to stay away from political material because it is more under the auspices of The Daily Show, but the next time this distinguished senator from New York appears on celebracbra, we must nail her to the wall.
Bettykate asked: I like Mankini very much and I miss seeing him very much.
If not, is he still there? Where can I find him more (
Not so much as he wears less than a bikini, he wears more than anything else. )
You can read the previous post and try to find out his secret location from any national treasure
Like a clue hidden in the depths of accompanying text and images, or any night of the week, wake him up on the sidewalk outside the R bar. cyrus-
Cucks asked: where is mankini? Where is bipolar berry? Where are running prostitutes? Where are everyone! ! !
Keep staring at all the question marks. . . getting sleepy. . . Very heavy eyes. . flix.
Chick asked: I need my Joel Fix!
When will you have the full soup online episode and I die here without any cable connections, the clips make me feel more fun than the hair and makeup stand in the background of the CMT Awards ceremony!
Be ready to meet because, guess you can already watch the whole episode online via iTunes.
Yes, it will cost you a dollar or something every time, but will you still spend these frog skins on charity?
Jojothemerman asked: When will the soup on the DVD be put?
I can see it whenever I want.
The soup on the DVD may never happen because not only do we have to argue all new legal rights for each particular clip, but we also have to address the payment issue, it will be a huge hassle, not to mention continuing to talk about very expensive and boring things here.
The best thing to do is to close your eyes and quietly say to yourself, "Joel. . . Joel. . . Joel. . .
Until 10: 00 on Friday.
Richz Q: if you changed the weekly intro clip with Lou in order to appease some PETA trash or some d * hole without a sense of humor, why would it change it, I will lose a lot of respect for one of my favorite shows. Put it back.
I'm not the only one who thinks this is a very weak modification.
You know, when we changed that Lou clip, we were a little skeptical that we might upset some of the castrated fans, but that's not our decision.
This may seem odd for non-entertainment insiders, but the cut for this week's opening ceremony has always been decided by the person who is currently hosting the right price.
As soon as Bob Buck left, the reins were passed on to Drew Carey, who clearly liked the nail salon and mission: it was impossible to imitate.
Similarly, the chat stew was created to pay tribute to Alan Sike, the former star of growing pains.
Asked Slurpie_pie. I met Kim Kardashian once and I told her I only know who she is because she has a big ass and a sex tape and she looks at me as if she was shocked, I said, "Don't you look at the soup? " She said. Joel McHale is a delusion with a sick comedy.
Sex video is my decision.
Let me stay alone, "What do you say, we will say that it is an inappropriate question to ask someone through Arby's drive --thru speaker.
By the way, how did she like her bacon beef? Cheddar Caldoso 02 ask: Hi Joel, I am, though you may never read this
I lived in California two years ago until my husband was transferred to Tulsa in Okahoma.
I hate here because no one is good in this bad state.
I hope you can think about Tulsa in the state of oclarah.
Jcardoso02, your sales skills may be improved a little.
The fact is that Joel will perform anywhere with salary, audience and tornadic conditions. (
This is the source of his strength. Shhh. . . )
Joel zy_john asked: Is Joel married? . . yes.
Yes, lizzy_john, Joel has been married for several years.
Look at his resume.
Hey, do you know who's not married?
However, no one ever asked us to show up on TV in our underwear.
No one wants a photo of our autograph.
No one tells us they love us. Ever.
How do you think it makes us feel, uh, very low.
Very low indeed.
Hey, we're not that bad. looking. . .
To some extent
Well, of course, we will never be mistaken for the Greek god, but we will never be mistaken for the convection oven, you know, what we are trying to get here is, we just want to be objective. Not a lot.
But one thing.
Will this really kill you, just say, "Hey, Clog Narter, I like the way you move these things. ” Try it.
It feels OK, isn't it?
Someone made me feel like I was alone.
The comment section is there. Just saying.
Tilatequilaisable asked: Is there an official website for soup?
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