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having a funeral at home, not at a funeral home  -  techni ice dry ice packs
Sharon Bailey died on a bed in her daughter's house with a dark wood headboard on it, and she bought it for more than 50 years about when she got married.
Her daughter Laura and Beth gently washed her body with soapy water.
They rub roses.
She has a scent on her skin, wearing brown trousers, a brown high-collar shirt and beautiful pink wool.
Under her hips and shoulders, on fresh sheets, they put a small bag of dry ice.
Bailey stayed there for three days.
About 24 tourists said they were good. byes to the 72-year-
In a quiet room, there was a bunch of roses and a few candles.
"I'm really proud of her death.
"I feel like my mom is a luxury to die," said Beth Bailey Balbo, daughter of 51-year-old Ann Arbor.
"She died safely in a home where someone looked after her and loved her.
"There are not many people, but more and more people are looking for something more natural --
Usually lessexpensive —
When it comes to the final arrangement of the person they love, it is optional.
Balbo chose a family funeral instead of doing anti-corrosion treatment and funeral home visits for her mother.
Pele was cremated, an option for a surge in American popularity. S.
Green funerals are becoming more and more common.
Most states do not require people to use the services of the funeral home.
Michigan allowedit-
But both the funeral director and the doctor or the forensic doctor must prove the death certificate.
When the body is transferred to a cemetery or crematorium, the funeral director or county registrar must sign the required permit.
Three Cemeteries and 19 funeral homes in Michigan are certified by the Green Funeral Commission, an organization that advocates natural funeral and funeral practices.
There is no statistics on the number of family funerals.
But Lee Webster, president of the National Family funeral union, said interest is growing.
The advocacy organization has nearly 600 members, up from 350 a year ago.
"People are looking for a more affordable planet --
"Friendly and meaningful," Webster said . ".
"It all boils down to authenticity: they want their end --of-
Life processes and rituals reflect their lives in ways we have never seen before.
"The baby boomers are leading the campaign," she said.
Greener, greener funerals and funerals generally do not include embalming or embalming with liquids that are considered less demanding than formaldehyde.
The bodies are placed in biodegradable containers without metal, such as wicker coffins, regular wooden cases, and even just wrapped in a cloth-wrapped body cloth.
The green cemetery allows the body to be placed on the ground without a concrete vault.
The reserve is a green cemetery opened next to All Saints Cemetery in Watford in 2010 and has sold 156 cemeteries. Twenty-
Seven bodies.
The smaller disc marks the lot of six tombs for each piece.
"We have no marble statues, no one --made carvings.
"When you go out, you feel like you're on the Prairie," said cemetery director Lars burns . ".
Bailey's family took the family funeral route because it reflected her natural way of life and they wanted to spend as much time with her as possible after death.
Cost is a secondary factor.
Barbeau said her mother's funeral was less than $1,000.
Most of them were cremated.
She spent 60 dollars on dry ice.
By contrast, the median funeral expenses for 2012
Funeral with embalmed, metal coffin and basement
According to the National Association of Funeral Directors, the figure is $8,343.
Wm's funeral director, Chuck Oliver, says the cost of a green funeral can be compared to a traditional one, depending on the needs of customers.
Sullivan and Son funeral director at Utica and Royal Oak.
"Nowadays, funerals are very non-traditional," Oliver said . "
"Everyone has a different vision of how to honor the people they love.
The number of cremation at funeral homes has surged, usually cheaper than traditional funerals.
By the end of 2015, the cremation rate in the United StatesS.
This is expected to be the first time in history to exceed the burial rate. The cost-
There are other choices consciously.
Retailers like Costco and Walmart sell coffins.
Starting at less than $1,000.
People who can't afford a terminalof-
Life arrangements can be asked for help from the Michigan Department of Human Services.
The country spent $3.
83 million of 6,723 bodies buried
Some of them are unclaimed.
Fiscal year 2014. More hands-
Family funerals were the norm until the Civil War.
Gary Radman said that the desire to preserve the body of soldiers in order to transport from the south to the north has led to the growing prevalence of embalization, as has Abraham Lincoln's multifaceted travel of embalization, professor at Emory University, "Rest in peace: the cultural history and funeral home of American death in the 20 th century.
"This era has spawned the use of" mediators "between the living and the dead, such as funeral homes and hospitals," he said.
"At that time, you were usually surrounded by your family at home and died," he said . "
"I think there is an intimate relationship with the deceased, which is not common today. "Being hands-
After the death of a relative, melelin Rush said he was a guide to the funeral of a family that founded Ann Arbor --
Based on home care after his death in 2010.
She was involved in more than 20 family funerals, including Bailey.
Many people don't realize they can have a funeral at home.
"We are led to think that it is sick or dangerous to be with a dead person," Rush said . ".
"It's not surprising.
It is very beneficial for families to get involved. "The do-it-yourself-
The route is not for all.
Family funerals are emotionally or physically difficult.
"The reality is that this is not a matter for most people," said Pat Lynch, funeral director for Clausen Lynch & Sons and former chairman of the Association of Funeral Directors in Michigan and across the country.
"Few people want to take care of their loved ones completely alone.
"Most people do not have a knowledge base or the necessary equipment to deal with bodies in a way that is acceptable to the vast majority of the community.
That's what funeral ceremonies do.
For example, the funeral director can identify and deal with unexpected problems related to decomposition, he said.
Mark effley, director of the science program at the morgue at Wayne State University, said people considering family funerals should know that there may be health risks.
He said pathogens such as HIV, Ebola and tuberculosis may remain in the body after death and pose a risk to others.
Funeral homes such as Lynch & Sons will help people plan and carry out family funerals.
Lynch & Sons also offers families the option to use dry ice instead of anti-corrosion.
Not all funeral homes adopt green practices.
This is usually because they are not familiar with them.
Boss of the staff-
Mitchell funeral home for Chelsea and Karski
Mitchell funeral home in Stockbridge
Mitchell, a leading advocate for family funerals and green funerals, created dozens of Earth's
Very friendly arrangement.
"It's something that is considered new, but it's actually the oldest and most recent trend in funeral services," Mitchell said . ".
That's what my predecessors did.
"A caring staff member has had bone cancer for two years;
Doctors believe this is due to early breast cancer.
When she died in November 2009, she had been in hospice care for eight months.
Pele's daughter, Gbagbo, said it was more intimate and less aggressive to have her mother at home than to remove the body and perfume her body at the funeral home.
This made her family gradually sad in their own time.
The tourists brought food.
"I think it's great there.
We can have coffee, sit in the room and be with her in a bathrobe . "
The family chose a simple cardboard coffin.
Bailey's descendants decorated it with crayons and Glitter marks.
Funeral and Cremation Services for generations have cremated Bailey.
When she left the house, a small container of her favorite butter pecan ice cream was hidden under her arm.
Her hands held the bouquet of roses sitting by the bed.
"This ending," said Balbo, "is elegant and calm.
"Consider having a family funeral?
Here are some basic tips: determine if a family funeral is for you.
The condition of the body, the ultimate desire of your loved one, and the level of comfort you yourself are taking care of and keeping your body at home are important factors to consider.
A family funeral guide or funeral home suitable for a family funeral can provide guidance.
Pre-planning can make the process easier.
Understand the local regulations.
Michigan allowedit-
Your own funeral, but this is one of the states that ask the funeral director to be at least involved in some aspects that occur after death.
For example, the funeral director must prove the death certificate.
Learn about body care.
A family funeral is usually a very intense one.
Although you can hire someone to help, you are in love.
The National Family funeral Union and other groups recommended that bodies be prepared in accordance with certain guidelines.
The body needs to be cleaned and kept cool in order to slow down the decomposition.
If the body is less than 24 hours at home, it is enough to turn on the air conditioner.
For long family funerals, dry ice, technology
Ice or cooling gel packs should be placed under the body in certain areas.
Source: National Family funeral Union
Family entertainment alliance.
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