harrods recalls toxic teddy bears - foot pads

by:Demi     2019-09-10
harrods recalls toxic teddy bears  -  foot pads
Tests on 2008 Christmas toys show that there are too many cancer-related chemicals in the bear's foot pads.
The Knightsbridge department store admitted that the formaldehyde content of these teddy bears is indeed higher than the normal level, which may cause skin problems.
Children with sensitive skin or asthma are particularly at risk.
Formaldehyde is used as an anti-corrosion solution, which can cause headaches, burning sensation in the throat, and difficulty breathing if inhaled at high concentrations.
It is also identified as a possible cause of throat and nasal cancer.
Harrods sent a letter to customers who bought bears last month and recalled Michael Bear's 8 and Elliot Bear's 13 for between 15 and 25.
A spokesman for Harrods said: "Since the product does not meet strict quality and safety standards, Harrods has withdrawn 2008 Christmas teddy bears from sales.
Only 800 bears were sold to customers before they were recalled.
"Harrods was told that the risk associated with formaldehyde levels was very low.
However, in some cases, prolonged contact with the foot pads of these bears may cause irritation to sensitive skin.
The affected teddy bears were sold between July 2 and July 26.
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