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by:Demi     2019-08-29
hariri: netanyahu doesn\'t believe in peace  -  absorbent
Lebanese Prime Minister Saad Hariri has attacked Israel's policies, claiming that the Israeli prime minister is "unwilling to talk about real peace ".
In an interview with The Washington Post on Thursday, Hariri accused Israel of destroying peace and did not really believe in it.
"Israel has no leadership," the Lebanese prime minister told reporters Janine Zacharia . ".
"You once had (
Prime Minister Yitzhak)
People who want peace
He is a man who believes in peace in the region, but Netanyahu does not believe in peace.
He broke the Oslo agreement.
He was reluctant to talk about real peace in the region.
"He uses security issues as the basis for his entire political platform, but you will only be safe if you have and are at ordinary times.
If you have peace based on comprehensive peace between Palestinians and Israelis, between Syrians and Israelis, and between the Arab world, and part of it is, yes, then you will have peace.
"The main problem we face in Lebanon and in the region is that we do not have a real peace process and I think that is the main focus problem we face in the region.
Many people talk about weapons smuggling and Hezbollah.
But will we discuss this issue if we achieve a comprehensive peace?
Will we talk about all the problems we face today?
If we solve this problem when we went to Madrid in 1991, and we don't have all these problems today, if we achieve peace after 90, will we be here today?
Hariri believes that terrorism has intensified as peace has not been achieved at the Madrid conference.
"There is no, no, and no, all of these extremist organizations after the 90 s.
But look today, 19 years later.
"My question is that if we do not move forward with the peace process, we will achieve comprehensive peace in the Middle East on the basis of the Madrid conference. 2002)
Arab initiative, where will the next 10 years be?
Does anyone understand how extremism has developed in this region?
The Lebanese prime minister was also asked about the recent visit of Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad to Beirut.
"He said what he wanted to say, and I said what I wanted to say, what I believed.
I told him the axis you said ('axis of evil')
We disagree.
I said to him very frankly, we don't agree to be an axis . . . . . . I said to him, we believe that we are part of the Arab League.
The Arab Peace Initiative was launched in Beirut.
We believe that.
"He continues to deal with tensions with the group, the result of his refusal to investigate the murder of his father, former Lebanese Prime Minister Rafik Hariri, by the international tribunal.
"This international tribunal was established by the United Nations in accordance with Resolution 1757th.
Nothing I say or do will change . . . . . . I wouldn't say anything if someone pointed a gun at my head.
This is not the case with me.
I don't do that.
I was not threatened. Full stop. I don't.
I don't give in to the pressure.
"According to a recent report, the evidence gathered by the United Nations investigation team links Hezbollah with the Hariri assassination.
"I think this is a challenging period," the Lebanese prime minister admitted in an interview . ".
"This is a difficult time.
What I am trying to focus on is how to maintain the tact of the country and how to maintain the unity of Lebanon, which will be very difficult and very difficult.
But you have to be very absorbed.
You have to be like a sponge.
Everything that happens today, you have to absorb.
You have to see outside the smoke around you.
Saad Hariri said he would not give up despite reports.
"There is nothing to give my father back to me.
I am seeking impunity to prevent people from committing crimes they have committed without being responsible for the crimes they have committed.
He clarified that he considered the court a legitimate tool for the trial of his father's murder, but refused to accuse Syria and Hezbollah.
"All these indictments will be published," he explained in diplomacy . ".
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