gulf oil spill: chandeleur islands are first oil victim - oil spill absorbent

by:Demi     2019-08-30
gulf oil spill: chandeleur islands are first oil victim  -  oil spill absorbent
Oil has attacked the Chandel islands near the state of Luis Anna, said Kelby ochley, interim manager of the Ministry of Interior's wildlife department --
Located in Venice, Los Angeles.
BP spokesman John Curry is based at Robert's joint command center in Los Angeles.
It is confirmed that oil has affected the Masonic Island in the south of the chanderro islands.
He said: "We have sent three coastline cleanup operation teams to deploy boom covers the absorption boom.
"Our response team is evaluating the situation and I hope to hear back from them later today," Curry said . ".
"The consistency of oil is unknown at this time. ”St.
Craig P, president of Bernard Parish
Taffaro said his parish did not have enough protection fences to prevent oil from being lost on shore.
From an ecological and historical point of view, these islands are considered treasures.
They include the Bretton Woods national wildlife refuge, the second refugee set up in the United States. S.
In the early environmental movement, there was a rare picture of President Theodore Roosevelt sitting on the beach.
Roosevelt's motivation was to protect the area because aquatic birds were slaughtered in order to make a female cap.
Grass was everywhere on the island, almost completely uninhabited.
They are barren landscapes of brown sand and dirt, mixed with oyster shells, surrounded by green seas.
Fishing enthusiasts flock together. --
Jill LeovyPhoto: boat people along the edge of the slick on Wednesday, about a quarter
It's a mile east of the cadero islands.
Carolyn Cole/Los Angeles Times.
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