gorge oil spill cleared, source still a mystery - absorbent

by:Demi     2019-08-29
gorge oil spill cleared, source still a mystery  -  absorbent
An official in the town of Esquimalt said the light oil leak that was found last Thursday to pollute the Canyon waterways through the Canyon Creek reminded people to properly dispose of harmful liquids.
Jeff Miller, director of engineering and public works at Esquimalt, said that while no one has yet determined what the substance is or how it enters the waterway, the worst thing seems to be over
"We are still trying to identify sources," Miller said on Monday . ".
Miller says the Canyon Park Creek is a little shiny from underneath Craigflower Road opposite the Canyon Valley Golf Club.
"I thought it was coming into the storm system by someone introducing it or a leaking tank," he said . ".
The staff of Esquimalt public works department used the boom to hold the floating oil and wipe the floating oil clean with a suction pad.
Miller said that the problem with oil products is that it takes only a little bit to do a lot of damage to marine life.
The good news, he said, is that oily substances are light and do not seem to affect anything below the surface.
"It doesn't seem to settle down in the bed of the creek," he said . ".
One message he wants people to understand is the effect of dumping contaminated substances in rain drain or catch pools.
"I know a lot of people seem to think that if they dump it in the health collection system, the problem will go away, but that's not the case," Miller said . ".
He "absolutely urges" people to dispose of hazardous substances in an appropriate manner.
Recently, anyone who has witnessed the dumping of materials into the storm collection system has been asked to call 250-414-7108.
Six wild ducks have been covered with oil slick and authorities are monitoring.
Deputy Colleen Doucette
President of the petroleum-contaminated Wildlife AssociationC.
The birds can still fly, he said, but may get sick in the next few days due to toxins intake.
Doucette said Monday: "What happens when animals are contaminated? It affects both inside and outside of them . ".
"They can still fly but are not waterproof.
They have toxic effects of chemicals, so they wear out over time.
They will start to suffer skin burns and internal burns.
"Once the birds start to get sick, they are easier to catch and treat," says Doucette.
When birds are wrapped in heavy crude oil, it's better to treat them earlier because they can't fly and get help faster, she said.
"Using lighter fuel oil, they will be affected by this oil for a longer period of time," she said . ".
The association is represented on Vancouver Island.
It provides first aid training for people across the province, with a focus on helping wildlife affected by oil slick.
Time colonists.
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