good housekeeping magazine's 'golden rules for stain removal' - which paper towel is the most absorbent

by:Demi     2019-09-04
good housekeeping magazine\'s \'golden rules for stain removal\'  -  which paper towel is the most absorbent
The waiter sprinkled the red wine on the white shirt, the child sprinkled the paint on the sofa and the coffee on the carpet.
These minor accidents happened to everyone and then frantically tried to scrub the stains.
The cleaning lab in Good Housekeeping tested stain removal methods to find out which methods are most effective and which can be skipped.
Lori Bergamotto, director of Good Housekeeping style, Today in Good Morning America with must-
Try the stain removal technique.
Suck dry, do not rub: Apply will pull the stain out of the fabric and will not damage the stain like friction.
Use a suction cloth: When the stain fades and prevents it from spreading, place underneath the fabric to "capture" the residue.
Cleaning the lab found that paper towels or small cotton towels worked best.
Try our carpet trick: cover with a stack of paper towels and cover with a heavy jar once the stain is gone. Leave 24 hours.
The towels absorb stains residue, which spreads upwards along the TAFs when they dry.
Oil spill on a silk tie or silk shirt: immediately: you always want to make sure you get dirty instead of rubbing.
Smearing removes stains from the fabric and does not damage the fabric like friction.
Sprinkle on a packet of sweeteners (
Salt can also be used)
Absorb grease;
Let's set 30 to 60 seconds or go ahead at lunch and brush it off.
Later: silk ties and most silk shirts need to be cleaned.
Tomato sauce spills on the carpet: immediately: scrape off the excess tomato sauce with a spoon.
Apply spilled tomato sauce with dry paper towels.
Later: A sponge mixed with a tablespoon of ordinary dish liquid, a tablespoon of white vinegar and two cups of warm water. Blot.
Rinse with a cold water sponge. Blot dry.
Additional tip: once the stain disappears, cover it with a stack of paper towels and layer it with a heavy jar or vase. Leave 24 hours.
The towels absorb any residual stains residue and when they dry, the stains spread up along the TAFs.
Red wine spills on white jeans: immediately: spray or sponge with cold water, or apply the wine (
$9 products like Cleaning Lab)per directions. Dry.
Place the paper towel under the fabric and "catch" the residue when the stain fades and prevent it from spreading.
After: soak in cold water for 15 minutes;
Use laundry detergent and wash in warm water with fabricsafe bleach.
Bonus tip: red wine stains can actually be removed with white wine.
Good Housekeeping's cleaning lab recommends your "Stain-
"A bottle of cold water, baby (
Or remove makeup)
Wipes, spoons, clean white cloth, dustpan and brushes.
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