going green- at work - hazmat spill kit

by:Demi     2019-09-14
going green- at work  -  hazmat spill kit
Is home green? If done well! !
Spreading green now-
Love your workplace. . .
This manual will show you some practical extracts that may help you reduce your signature at your global workplace. . .
I work from home-
Warehouse style shop.
When we try to reduce the damage to the Earth, we take many ways. .
Fortunately, the business I work for is very community conscious and willing to invest in income for these projects.
You may not be willing to, but the gentle persuasion of the staff may help. .
Numbers seem to have done wonders.
Although some of these involve the cost of setting up, they will recover the cost in the future. . . Enjoy. . .
While this is not the most exciting step, it is necessary and needs to be done first in order to achieve maximum results with the lowest expenditure.
You should start by recruiting as many colleagues as possible.
Workers and management.
Many hands make light work.
Try to have at least two other enthusiastic people discuss the issue with you.
We often find that things that seem like small problems can be upgraded quickly and accumulated into a bigger problem.
This is often canceled.
Until the critical level is reached.
Check out your workplace.
Please note that if something is to be done, all obvious things will have a sudden/big impact.
It is divided into two groups. Low cost 2. High cost .
Low-cost solutions should be considered first, because they are more acceptable to businesses.
You should also look for things that will not interrupt the flow of the workplace, especially the working hours at the time of conversion \ implementation.
Parallel conversion (
Run both before the new system works)
Always a good choice.
In the next steps I will show you what we can accomplish and how you can do it. .
No one wants to waste.
We do our best to recycle and do the right thing.
Unfortunately, everyone on this planet has a slightly different version of their "best" and "hard work" to achieve this.
However, this is the main problem of recycling.
"Try" just don't cut it.
If we all just "do our best", we will achieve something, but if we not only "do our best", it is not the ultimate goal.
The more facilities available for recycling at hand, the more likely we are to use them.
We are all very aware of the environmental damage caused by these small problems.
They exist not only on the Earth for thousands of years, but also flow with the current of the Earth.
Both air and water take them to the far end of our planet.
Sometimes beyond.
Several astronauts were found.
So we are not only polluting the earth, but we are now entering space.
If your products are in the carton outside of the delivery fashion, please keep them!
Cut them in half and re-
Turn off the tape at the top.
Now you have two boxes to load.
We still offer packages (
Because the customer or the customer)
However, the cost of donating to the tree regeneration project is 15c AU.
Few of our customers complain now that there are no bags and many prefer boxes.
In most cases, you should find that your incoming supply should almost keep up with the demand.
Obviously, this may not be an option, but there are ready-made boxes on hand to save some bags to reach the space. (
Yes, they are mini red wheels.
Trolley for kids)
When your box storage area is packed with people.
You might find yourself wanting to throw
Take out these valuable boxes.
You said it was valuable?
In the monetary sense, yes.
Cardboard recycling is a profitable business today.
Many companies are willing not only to buy for free, but also to pay reasonable fees for them.
Especially when we get squeezed into the stars.
These "les" are 1. 2m by 1.
2 or 4ft of 4ft.
We're $15 on bail, $5-10 per week.
The initial cost in this area is quite high, so it may be out of reach for smaller businesses.
Bailer is a hydraulic-driven compression device.
It crushed the whole box and wrapped and tied the bagels.
They have about 60 crushed boxes.
They increased the comp machine and also greatly reduced the amount of garbage we collected.
This is the main benefit because we have to pay a lot of money to get them to fill in the fields etc.
Like at home, rain storage boats can provide an effective and cheap source of clean water.
Depending on the size and nature of the business, the rainwater harvested can be used for a variety of different things.
We have three 15000 liter tanks in our workplace.
They collect from a 250sqm shopugated tin roof in our warehouse.
Pay attention to signs that help the public image.
Three cans for convenience-1.
All WC, three male employees, three female employees, three for customers.
Nine toilets came out of the tank.
I estimate using 4 liters of water per day, about 100 times.
A lot of water is saved. 2.
Our outdoor nursery is watered with harvested water.
We do have an exemption license for the use of tap water for the factory, but we have installed the water tank so that we can stop using it.
At any time, we have more than 2000 plants that consume a lot of water. 3.
The hard surface can also be cleaned with this water.
Turn off the milk bottle after drinking coffee? ?
Where's the plastic milk container? In the trash?
Of course I don't.
The separation of classified garbage disposal and use points worldwide is becoming more and more popular.
Many local governments implement recycling plans for plastic/glass/aluminum containers.
This can also be extended to business addresses.
In our case, our containers are separated and collected in these blue plastic recycling bins.
They were picked up. weekly.
They provide an easy and convenient way to stop these precious resources from entering our hard drives.
Bins are provided free of charge and collected free of charge.
If there is no recycling box, it is worth studying.
Especially in the office environment, paper waste has become a concern.
This is because we are consuming a lot of paper, some of which can be avoided and all the paper can be recycled.
If your waste paper is not in a separate recycle bin then it should be.
There should be a recycling box in the vacuum of all copiers, and there should be a recycling box next to each recycling box in the workplace.
If you just move your hand a little to the left then the worker is more likely to put it in the correct trash can.
Because of human nature, if the recycle bin is more convenient than the trash can, it will enter the trash can.
Crushing equipment can now be in-
Built into your bin to make sure all the crushed files are recycled.
The last thing we want is any leak to a place near the outside environment.
Any leaks that are toxic or not should be dealt with immediately.
This can be ensured by preparing the overflow package at any time.
These bins are located in several locations around our store.
They contain several items, including :-
* Mop * barrel * gloves * respirator * mask/goggles * barrier/absorbing media * be careful with dust proof pan * broom if there is rain discharge nearby.
Barrier media must be laid in order to prevent flow into the drain pipe.
Heavy fines may be imposed due to pollution from rainwater emissions.
These kits are relatively cheap to make
Increasing/buying can save a lot of fines and environmental pollution.
You think you got away, hey. . ?
No mention of the urinal.
Unfortunately, no.
In order to wash away the liquid, the male urinal wasted a lot of water.
In order to stay in good condition, only some counter is needed to turn off the water
Kill the bacteria cube at the level of bacteria, etc.
It uses natural microbial technology to control the formation of odor and urine scale.
The urine is 98% of water, and the smell and taste are very mild.
This smell is due to the combination of bacteria with solids in urine. The micro-
Biological cubes prevent bacteria from eating solid substances.
Even if not all the scents, this eliminates most of them.
The water running in the standard urinal helps to provide bacteria with the environment they desire, the wet or humid environment, the source of food and the protection from direct light.
So there is no water in our urinal except for occasional flushing. Just to be sure).
No smell at all.
Although it doesn't sound pleasant, we are used to the idea two years later.
Now, as I walked into a bathroom with a urinal running on the water, I retreated.
I have nothing to do with this company, but we use this one.
I believe there are many other products in the market. Check them out.
Don't confuse this with standard urinal cakes, they are not.
Today, there are hundreds of environmental-sensitive products available for household cleaning.
They are available at minimal additional cost and have little or no impact on the environment.
There are similar products at the commercial level.
They are well worth investigating and evaluating as to whether they can be used.
This possibility is endless, trying to brainstorm products in an eco-friendly form.
For example, we now provide ecology
Friendly paint for the family, which contains large or all harmful chemicals.
The coloring paint we use is also Eco-Friendly.
Almost every workplace is illuminated in some way.
Lighting is a must.
However, our lighting source is a decision we need to make wisely.
We recently purchased low power lighting and it will arrive soon and it will be installed once our floor is polished.
Lighting is one of the things I mentioned.
We humans take it for granted that we have been blinded by this fact for years (pardon the pun).
The source of long-running lighting is a large amount of energy waste.
While this may be necessary, we can ensure that we minimize losses by using an energy-efficient globe.
To minimize the amount of lumens needed, we need to optimize our light generation.
In the case of a warehouse, an easy way is to re-
Smooth the surface of the concrete floor and seal or polish it.
The reflection of light can exceed 70%.
Alternativley painted it in a light color. Skylights-
Can be a great addition to your low power light source.
Natural light is easily equal to standard lighting systems. (
The photo shows the old high intensity light next to the skylight. )
* Compact Fluorescent-
Front: suitable for office lighting with close range lighting or higher power.
Negative: lack of directional attention.
You can't focus on an area.
* Compact fluorescent with reflector-
On the positive side: in my opinion, after years of managing the electrical department, the reflector optimizes the direction of your light.
Taking into account the correct angle of reflection of the required light, these optimize some of your performance under power compact fluorescent lamps.
For countries related to the AU a Ro80 reflector, 100 w (incan equiv)
Best for standard office.
Negative: callbacks are their lack of dispersion in larger areas.
* Linear fluorescence-
Front: 36 w in 4ft x 1 (120cm x 25mm)
Quite impressive.
The nature of linear spheres makes them attractive in lighting the workspace.
They disperse light very effectively.
Negative: they lack directional attention.
While this is a disturbing idea, we all have to take a moment to understand the state of the Earth.
If we continue at this rate, the Earth will not be able to sustain a longer human population.
The sea is warming and the ozone layer is decreasing sharply (
It's almost impossible to think of a hole anymore)
In addition to the massive deforestation, all the ice caps are melting and the Earth's own breathing is destroyed.
We stand on the edge, we have a choice.
Decisions need to be made
Each of us thinks we owe something to the Earth.
As an orgasism support environment, it is not our function as a maintainer, nurturing and ensuring it is ongoing.
Taking the time to decide this, as a result of your answer, will determine not only the fate of humanity, but also the planet on which we reserve the right to choose wisely.
I hope you can find this kind of help without more, I hope you like it.
In the interest of public awareness, I would ask, let's try a new approach, not a negative comment on this kind of internals.
Collect your ideas and post them as bullet points.
I would be more than happy to add steps or correct the bullet points.
This is a list that I really want to join, but I realize that I can go on forever and it may not be possible to achieve the ultimate goal.
I look forward to your comments and look forward to your more important points.
Please contribute. . .
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