global nappy shortage fears after factory explosion - super water absorbent polymer

by:Demi     2019-08-26
global nappy shortage fears after factory explosion  -  super water absorbent polymer
The explosion killed a firefighter and injured 35 other emergency service personnel after a chemical reaction at a factory run by Shokubai Co on Saturday afternoon.
It is located in the East me City near Osaka in central Japan.
Shokubai, Japan controls the largest share of the world's supermarkets
The absorbent polymer used in the production of diapers has been expanding its international sales network to meet demand.
According to the company, the demand is so high that its production facilities are required to operate at full capacity and announced plans to set up production facilities overseas.
The company is particularly keen to meet the growing demand for disposable diapers in China. The water-
The absorbing polymer absorbs the baby's waste by hydrogen bonding with water molecules.
In general, diapers using this technology can absorb 50 times as much liquid as their own weight.
If the operation of the factory is suspended for a long time, production may be affected.
Before it was destroyed, the Himeji factory produced 320,000 tons of super
According to the Nikkei, absorbent polymers account for about the world share.
Diaper Wars in Norway: supermarkets have attracted Eastern Europeans to change diapers and baby talk guides modern fathers have only started changing diapers for the Queen in the last 20 years, in order to make up for this gap, other production facilities of the state and diaper companies will face greater pressure.
On average, a child in the UK can pass up to 6,500 diapers in the first two years --and-a-half-
According to a study by Surrey County Council, several years of his or her life.
According to the Women's Environmental Network, the UK throws away 3 billion diapers a year and about 8 million diapers a day.
Of this total, more than 90 are disposed of in landfill sites.
The United States Environmental Protection Agency estimates that the number of disposable diapers used in the United States is 16 billion per year.
Television footage of the fire showed the building burned and a fire truck was damaged in the explosion.
Some 500 staff members had to be evacuated.
"The explosion shook our doors so much that we thought it was an earthquake," a local resident told nbc nhk . ".
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