giant radio telescope could detect e.t.'s call - absorption of water

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giant radio telescope could detect e.t.\'s call  -  absorption of water
Supporters of the project say a huge array of telescopes will allow scientists to conduct the most sensitive and detailed search of signs of alien civilization to date online.
Square kilometers (SKA)
Construction is currently planned to begin in 2018, which may allow people looking for intelligent alien life
Go back to other scientific observations and search the Milky Way with unprecedented precision.
"One unique aspect of exploring life in the universe is whether advanced life evolved the question of intelligence," Andrew simian said at the Astrobiology Science Conference in Chicago in June. [
13 ways to kill alien intelligent life]
Safion is co-appointed with the University of California, Berkeley, the Dutch Institute of Radio Astronomy, and the University of Radbound in the Netherlands to look for signs of alien technology in the universe.
"In the foreseeable future, the only way to answer this question is to look directly for evidence of intelligence," said eliion . ".
You need a large telescope. "Piggy-
The square-kilometer telescope will be built in South Africa and Australia.
SKA will be funded by a consortium from different countries to bring together thousands of small antennas worldwide rather than a large plate, which makes radio astronomy more sensitive than ever before.
Use such expensive instruments in a scientific study, especially ones that are speculative like looking for alien intelligence (SETI)
It is unheard of in astronomy.
But SETI scientists have found a way to get an important telescope time almost 30 years ago when they started piggy
Returning to the observations of other users of the huge Arecibo Observatory in Puerto Rico, copying their observations, almost without losing sensitivity.
Today, researchers at SETI are able to get thousands of hours of observation data each year, and they are carefully studying radio signals from outside the Earth.
According to safion, SKA's data can also be similar to that of piglets-backed.
But when Arecibo uses a large dish, SKA will be much larger than the largest radio telescope running today, which enables scientists to search for weak signals.
Construction of SKA will begin in 2018.
The first phase planned to be completed by 2020 will allow the completion of approximately 10% of the entire instrument collection area in low and medium
Range frequency.
According to a paper written by Elion last fall, a five
The first phase of SKA's annual movement allows scientists to investigate more than 10,000 stars.
Upon completion, SKA can detect signals from every star in almost 200 light range, as faint as signals from aircraft radar on Earthyears.
Bugging E. T.
When humans began to transmit signals via radio, the earth began to leave its mark in the Milky Way.
These signals radiate from the Earth and can theoretically be detected by other civilizations.
Given the vast spectrum of radio waves, scientists suggest finding some preferred frequencies for alien communications. [
Serious search for intelligent life: 4 key issues (Video)]
However, with the advancement of technology on Earth, humans have begun to reduce radio
Waves leak into space.
This may indicate that the window to observe an unexpected broadcast signal is very short --
Maybe only a century or so.
Although scientists still want to detect such signals, they also want to find radio waves designed to travel through space.
SKA is concentrated in a frequency region known as the "ground microwave window", "a spectral region of low natural noise between the galactic background and the emission and absorption of water and oxygen in the Earth's atmosphere.
These frequencies can be transmitted through space between stars and water.
The atmosphere of the Earth or any other planet is filled with ease, which makes scientists suspect that distant civilizations may use them to communicate.
SETI scientists are not just looking for signals to broadcast randomly.
They also want to eavesdrop on interstellar communications.
If alien technology spreads across multiple planets in one system, it is feasible to expect these different outposts to communicate with each other.
If the planets follow the line of sight of the Earth and observe when the planets communicate with each other, SKA may receive these broadcasts, the researchers said.
In addition to a series of planets recently discovered by NASA's Keplermission, the European Space Agency's Gaia spacecraft and future missions, such as NASA's lingri Exoplanet Survey Satellite (TESS)
A catalogue of properly arranged planetary systems can be made for viewing. Life-
Hunting researchers, for example, have begun hacking some of Kepler's findings.
"We will have all kinds of data to figure out how to build these databases in the next few years," sayion said . ".
Although the ground microwave window will be the main focus of ska seti search, the safion warns that it is not the only potential communication signal.
"We don't know exactly what E is. T.
"I will do it," he said . ".
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