get fit for 2013: chris powell answers 'gma' viewers' questions - absorption of water

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get fit for 2013: chris powell answers \'gma\' viewers\' questions  -  absorption of water
Chris Powell from Uber
Coach who helps people lose weight and change their lives on ABC's "Extreme Makeover Weight Loss Edition", appeared today on Good Morning America, sharing his fitness skills and answering your weight loss questions.
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You ask, answer Chris Powell!
Kathy asked: I'm addicted to sugar.
I have been around 13 years old.
I drink sugar, sometimes up to 1,000 grams a day.
What is the best way to break this, and what food will eliminate this craving before sugar disappears from my system?
Chris replied: Personally, I think the best way is not to catch a cold. turkey.
You need to believe that you can remove sugar from life.
The only way to realistically do this is a little bit at a time.
Now, I want you to think about a source of sugar for your day.
It could be soda.
Don't delete it completely, but your commitment to yourself should be to remove one or two sodas from your mode every day.
Once you have done it successfully for a week or two, you will begin to realize and believe that this is possible.
Then you can promise to delete more.
Take your time.
It can take months to finally completely separate from sugar, but you get healthier every day.
Be sure to drink plenty of water as this is one of the most effective ways to suppress appetite --
At least half an ounce of your weight every day!
Woman of "rock bottom" Cassandra by Merry Dean, Miss.
Q: I'm 37 years old and I'm sick and fat.
I had a serious heart attack at 35 and a slight heart attack a year later.
I'm afraid I won't live to see my 11-year-
My daughter grew up.
I was going to start Atkins again because I lost 17 lbs.
The first two weeks I tried last year.
I'm afraid of exercise.
I can't breathe easily, just don't know what I can do.
I have touched the bottom.
I have to change now.
I need your help and know how to teach me a new way of life.
Please help me to learn how to live!
Chris replied: choose one thing to change your nutrition --
Maybe breakfast, maybe plenty of water, maybe soda from lunch.
When it comes to exercise, 5 minutes walk when watching TV every day. That's it.
That's how your journey started.
Once you realize that you can do it, then you realize that you can do more.
This is where everything starts!
These minor changes will change your body more than you think.
Small changes over time are the secret of long-term weight loss success!
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How do I adjust my arm?
Frankie from coral point Florida
Q: Good morning!
I lost 95 pounds (woot woot)! Since Nov. 1, 2011.
I start with a walk, look at what I eat, and every day when I walk, I add a street to my neighbors.
I will also do some sports at home.
Then I found a training camp that started 3 days a week.
I have a big problem with my upper body.
They're terrible.
I just have excess skin as the weight goes down, just flaps!
I was in training camp while I was running and you can hear that.
I deliberately run faster or slower than other campers and you can also hear my arms beating!
What can I do except surgery (Not an Option $)
Can I at least narrow them down a bit?
Because of them, I don't wear shoulder-less clothes.
By the way, I'm 45 years old. Thank You.
Chris replied: First of all, warmly congratulate you on your amazing success! !
Here is our harvest.
When it comes to the skin, there are two possible ways to tighten it: surgery, or develop the muscles below!
It's like blowing a balloon under some crumpled sheets.
It ended up pulling them tight!
Depending on how much skin you have, you may only be able to develop your muscles to a certain extent
Surgery may be required next.
Anyway, you should be very proud of your skin and the work you do to get it! !
FITNESS ex, N. FITNESS 101 DanielleJ.
Q: What is best for breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks?
How long should I stay in the gym?
Chris replied: thin protein, fruit, vegetables, nuts, seeds, some light dairy products and whole grains are the way to go!
When you are in the gym, stay as long as you promise you will be there.
It could be 5 minutes or 50 minutes.
Remember, any movement will move you in the right direction.
Health and fitness are all choices to improve the quality of life --
You want to do this, you don't need to do this!
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Q: The question I gave you is, what kind of advice can you give to patients with Hashimoto's disease (
Insufficient thyroid activity)?
I exercise taekwondo and boxing three times a week, so exercise is not a problem.
I eat healthy, but I have a problem with my weight. I'm 5 years old. foot-
56 years old, now weighs about 145.
My problem has always been my stomach.
No matter what I do, it will never go away and the weight will increase quickly if I don't look at it. Any advice?
Chris replied: first check with your doctor to make sure your thyroid medication is stable.
Once that's the case, you can make some minor changes to your diet and see how your body reacts.
Try to get rid of most dairy products and grains.
Some people are sensitive to these foods, which cause inflammation of the intestines, resulting in unwanted moisture retention and poor food absorption.
See what's good for you!
ATKINS Loralee from Ohio asked: I lost 40 pounds on the Atkins diet.
And then we got pregnant.
I lost a lot after baby was born, but now I'm back.
A job that starts at 8 in the morning how does mom workm. to 5 p. m. -
In addition, all the housework and cooking
Are you on a diet again?
Because of money problems, Atkins diet is not feasible at this time
We can't buy expensive meat the way we used.
Any suggestions are helpful.
It's time to sleep when I pick up the kids home, cook, clean, take a shower and play.
I don't eat junk food.
I hardly sit down at night.
I also have polycystic ovary, so I must lose weight.
ThanksChris replied: Have you tried carbs bikes?
I personally like it very much and it will produce very amazing results!
Eggs, Greek yogurt, farm cheese or whey protein are your source of protein
They are much cheaper than meat and much easier to prepare
Especially when you're with your baby.
Due to polycystic syndrome, you should stay away from processed and refined food, sugar, etc.
Eat healthy fats such as whole grains, vegetables and avocado, nuts and olive oil.
Hope this helps!
How do I lose weight?
More dor From Ariz.
Q: What is the best way to keep your weight once you reach your ideal weight?
I am 5 feet, hovering between 107 and 110 pounds.
It is very easy for me to be above and below my ideal weight.
So short, it's obvious to have a few pounds in either way.
My goal is to target the areas and tone of these issues and build a small muscle.
At present, I am running to keep my body in shape.
Thank you for any suggestions.
Chris replied: In my experience, it was found that "maintenance" was a highly customized process.
Whether it's from personal confidence, feedback from others, rewarding food or activities, you must feel rewarded on a regular basis (
Shopping, manicure, massage, etc).
You should keep running if you like it!
Make sure it's something you really like, though.
If not, maybe it's time to "date" other types of sports (
Maybe tennis, hiking, boating, cross-sport? )
If you want to "tone and build" it's time to pick up some iron
That's how we grow our muscles.
Continue the great work!
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Back pain, bad knee, any exercise?
Dorothy from Princeton, USAJ.
, Q: How do I start working out when my knee is injured, I have had a knee surgery when I was 60 years old, back pain, numbness of my fingers, weak hand strength?
Please give me a stomach weight loss exercise that I can handle.
Linda from Va Exmore
Q: I had a gastric bypass seven years ago and I did a very good job and was very proud of my achievements. I lost 170-
Pound stuff.
My weight is 363 and I dropped to 189 without a problem.
I am very happy with my achievements as I am able to shop in regular shops/shops and enjoy walking without breathing or sweating.
After my husband's death, I began to slowly regain my weight, and it wasn't until after I reached 225 that I realized that my weight had been on the rise and was now weighing 248.
I think and need to lose weight, but my knee is very bad (and am)
Wait to complete two knee replacements.
I can't walk or exercise.
Question: What is the best way to lose weight and not stress my knees?
Are you still trying to change the food I eat?
I still can't have a big meal at a time, and I live alone. Please help! ! ! ! !
Chris replied: swimming! !
Find a local public or private pool nearby and jump in (
Uh, actually, stairs. .
You will find it great.
You will use every muscle of your body.
You will love it!
I worked with a few people who couldn't even walk.
Let them swim through the transformation and they lost between 100 and 200 pounds!
"Gma" was launched on January: the playlist stayed motivated during exercise. The new mom is looking to work out at home with the Deven baby at Ky Clearfield.
Q: I am 21 years old, am 5 feet, 2 inch centimeters, and I am almost 200 pounds.
I recently had a baby.
What are some ways I can start losing weight?
I hope this is something I can do at home with my kids.
Chris replied: Congratulate your child! How exciting!
To reduce the weight of the baby, breast-feeding (
500 to 600 extra calories per day! )and walk.
This is the best start.
Buy a stroller or stroller and start turning around the area a few times.
If the weather is not allowed, or it is not safe outside, then going to the spot while watching TV is actually a very good exercise.
Raise your knee and keep breathing.
Try to run it through the whole sitcomgo get 'em!
Frustrated women have no motivation, Debra from henderville, New YorkC.
Q: I am very depressed.
My doctor told me I was waiting for a stroke or a heart attack.
It's my birthday today.
I'm 49 and weigh 334 pounds. I am so self-conscious -
I hate going out in public.
I am on vacation when we find out how I have sustained deterioration of Fibromyalgia/chronic fatigue, and of course my weight is one of the factors.
My doctor asked me to think about surgery.
They tie in a band or something like that.
I have no motivation, I hope someone will give me directions, guide me along the way, and urge me on difficult days.
Answer Chris: Debra
Remember, this is your choice!
There is no right or wrong decision at this point.
There will be difficult days;
We all have. That's life!
But you have to start small.
Losing motivation means that you have violated your commitment to yourself and have not corrected it yet.
You need to believe in yourself again.
This can only happen if you start fulfilling your small commitments to yourself.
Choose one thing with the nutrients you choose to change.
Start by moving only 5 minutes a day.
Once you realize that you can do these things, you can make a bigger commitment.
Gradually, you will keep a bigger promise (
Oh yes, the numbers on the scale will start to fall like stones).
But it has nothing to do with diet and exercise;
This is about keeping promises to yourself.
Get everything else in place!
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