genetically reproduced clones of ancient trees planted in california - carbon dioxide absorbent

by:Demi     2019-09-07
genetically reproduced clones of ancient trees planted in california  -  carbon dioxide absorbent
Using plant reproduction, a method of cloning, from the cutting of the mother plant to the middle of the tree, the Archangel old tree has produced thousands of genetic copies of Sequoia and giant sequoia.
The giant fir is the largest tree in the world, with a height of more than 300 feet and a diameter of more than 40 feet.
It is reported that the oldest sequoia has lived for more than 3,500 years.
The Giants are still small, and most of the survivors are in the Sierra Nevada mountains.
But environmental groups believe it can bring large swaths of the trees back to Earth to help combat climate change.
Two planting ceremonies were held in seven countries on Monday
More than a dozen cloned plants from red wood forests in California, where there are some of the highest trees on Earth.
The organization wrote on its website that the ceremony took place on Earth Day, which "represents not only the saturation point of the archives of the Archangel trees, but also the saturation point of the world ".
"On this Earth Day, the Archangel is released from the greatest Redwood Coast of all time to all parts of the world.
Grow the champion coast redwood tree worldwide and start rebuilding healthy forests.
"The organization has spent $2 million over the past four years planting genetic replicas of thousands of redwood trees and sequoia that are now being planted and cared for by organizations around the world.
"This is the first step in mass production," David Milarch
The founder of the Archangel Archives told The Associated Press.
"We need to reforest the earth;
This is a must.
To do this, it makes sense to use the largest, oldest and most iconic trees of all time.
"The United States, Australia, New Zealand, Ireland, Germany, Canada and the United Kingdom have planted some tree clones that are currently about 18 inch tall.
Defenders of the Archangel's archives believe that the fine genes of the trees they clone will make them live longer than other species.
They also say Sequoia and Sequoia can absorb more carbon dioxide, which scientists say plays an important role in climate change.
"If we have enough of these trees, we will make a difference," Jared Milarch, executive director of the group, told The Associated Press . ".
David mirachy and his two sons, Jerry and Jack, have a stump nursery in copemesh, Michigan, since they began to focus on the forest that disappeared in the 1990 s, they have been working on their cloning and afforestation projects.
Their team is anonymous.
Relying on the donated profit organization, they do not charge any fees for cloned trees.
But while many nature protectors have good intentions when planting trees, 90% often die because they don't get the care they need after planting trees. “It’s a feel-
Good things, "old Milach told The Associated Press.
"You can't plant trees, and you can't expect them to plant trees by themselves.
"But the miratches believe the trees will thrive in parks in the northwest of the United States, where the climate is ideal for redwood trees.
The Archangel's recipient has grown 250 of cotton near Port auford.
A region where trees have grown naturally for thousands of years.
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