gardening sans soil - water absorbent materials

by:Demi     2019-08-22
gardening sans soil  -  water absorbent materials
Although the soil has always been the most natural medium for planting plants, it has also caused many problems.
Since garden soil is a living, breathing substance, it often contains harmful bacteria and is a source of many soils --borne diseases.
Fighting these pests is the bane of every gardener. Inert soil-
Fewer media have an advantage here: because they are sterile, they cannot support the growth of bacterial life.
This is also an ideal solution for areas where the soil is hard compacted.
These media range from inorganic substances: sand, gravel, Pearl Rock to organic materials such as wood chips, coconut shells and Hull. Soil-
Less kitchen gardening is ideal for small spaces and patio gardens with slots or containers and vertical growth structures.
But it can also be done in a larger space.
Many commercial enterprises have turned to these media with their obvious advantages.
It's easy to control nutrients in the soil --
There is less sterile medium, especially when the root can be directly exposed to nutrient mass.
When the plant is given what is needed to grow ,(
Adjust pH, balance nutrition, sun and water)
They will grow and behave in a genetically programmed manner and produce quality food or flowers.
Medium and gravel: sand generally used for seedling raising, but impurities must be washed away first.
It is best to use coarse sand because it will produce air bags that will help to ventilate the roots.
The gravel particles are large and, like sand, good for drainage.
In addition, it can be cleaned and re-cleanedReuse.
Pearl Rock, Pearl Rock: The Pearl rock is made of minerals that are heated until they are expanded to become lightweight and porous.
Vermiculite stone is a silicate mineral that also expands and has a similar nature to the Pearl Rock.
They are excellent aerators that can be used in combination with other media.
It can also be cleaned and stored for later use.
Coconut shell, French fries, rice husks: coconut shell or coconut shell is the most favorable growth medium.
The PH is neutral, the water is well maintained and well ventilated.
The Coco chip is large and can be used in combination with other media.
Steamed grain shell is a by-product of Rice;
When the shells are cleaned and dried during the extraction of rice, they are sterile and ideal for growing plants.
Like coconut fiber, it is a completely natural product and gardeners who only use organic materials prefer it.
Others: absorbent gel, peat moss, wood chips, garden compost these media are best used in combination with other materials.
Most gardeners have their own recipes and have different proportions at different stages of planting.
Vermiculite stone, Pearl Rock, cocoppeat and sand are good blends as they keep moisture and help inflate the roots.
Many gardeners prefer a fine combination of sterile garden compost and sand to sow.
Other combinations used by gardeners are: fertilizer screened with peat moss and cocoa shells covered with broken shells.
Fertilizer and pest control plant growth requires three main nutrients
Nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium, and a series of trace elementsnutrients. Soil-
Less medium is inert and must be enhanced with organic fertilizer, which provides the necessary nutrients.
Organic substances containing these nutrients will keep your soil
Medium health.
These are: compost, clean screened fertilizer, ground limestone, bone powder, leaf mold, nee rice cake.
Fill containers, planting bags or gardening space with soil
You choose less media;
You can sow or sow seedlings as you do in the soil.
Gently water after sowing.
First of all, it is better to observe how the new medium keeps moisture;
If you find it dry quickly, please note that more organic matter will be used to adjust the combination in the future.
If the mixture does not have enough drainage, add more sand or bentonite.
As usual, these observations must be made in the garden diary for future reference.
Regular application of organic fertilizers will ensure the healthy production of plants.
One of the best aspects of soil --
The less medium is that the use of pesticides is almost completely eliminated.
This is the first of two.
Article series on alternative media for gardening.
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