garden fresh : they call it melon yellow - absorbent paper

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garden fresh : they call it melon yellow  -  absorbent paper
Does yellow watermelon taste stronger than red watermelon? To me it does.
The Golden food seems to taste Golden. Butterscotch.
Peach, peach, papaya, pineapple.
Butter liar-
There are also acorns, bananas and pasta.
Corn and wax beans.
Some tomatoes, melons and plums.
Sunny face of eggs.
Olive oil from Provence. Does home-
Better than the watermelon in the store. bought? You bet!
Cutting the golden watermelon you raise is a thrilling one.
Watermelon has been bringing happiness to people for thousands of years.
As far as they are concerned, melon enjoys the hot days and nights of summer, with soft humidity in the air.
Spring is sown indoors. Order early.
From Seed to table, it takes about 1/2 months for big watermelon.
If you are in the warmthto-hot-
The summer part of Southern California is sown directly into the soil from April to June.
Along the coast, sows may and June.
In the high desert
On June;
In the desert on February and 3.
In the mountains where I live, we can grow watermelons indoors.
Willet seed
Poolville, Texas
Offering a mouth watering variety of greens.
Willhite says farmers grow Orangeglo for themselves (
In the catalog description, "exquisite family garden variety" means that the shell is too thin to ship without breakage, so plant it for your own benefit).
The flesh of Orangeglo is the color of the ripe peach, and the oval fruit weighs 50 pounds.
Tastigold is a round golden watermelon weighing half Orangeglo.
Picking at the peak of maturity, Tastigold tastes comparable to the best watermelon of any color. For an open-
Pollination melon--
You can keep its seeds and plant them. -
Choose the sweet golden honey.
In inland areas with strong citrus growth, you can grow any golden watermelon variety you like, but in warm areas with water shortage, grow the King of sweet desert.
I have eaten, not only delicious but also very drytolerant.
In a cold and dry climate, such as the high desert, try Hopi huangmette, a plant that grows in a sandy place in the southwest and has nothing but rain.
I planted it too, very exciting. Both are open-pollinated.
In a cool summer or a short season, choose a small refrigerator-
Big Melon mature in 70 to 75 days.
You can rely on the yellow baby to produce sweet seven-
Golden watermelon with several seeds.
The sunlight F1 is slightly larger, the meat is crispy and juicy, and the skin is thick and can be marinated.
The delicious early Moonlight is openpollinated.
Yellow doll, a small, very sweet hybrid animal with thin skin and earliest maturity for about 68 days.
To germinate the seeds, wrap them with wet paper towels and seal them in plastic bags.
Keep the bag at 75 to 85 degrees.
Check every day to make sure the towels are wet.
It takes 5 to 10 days for the seeds to germinate.
Watermelon needs warm soil, so when you sow that day, get a jump in this season: for each plant, lay fourto five-
Square feet of black plastic covering in sunny places-
Best exposure in the South.
The soil must be light, loose and goodDrain, Super
Rich in organic matter and microacid (a pH of 6 to 6. 5).
* Put two of them in 1/4 when your seeds sprout-
Three-inch deep-
Container in inches packed with paper basin or clay coal basin.
Grow under 75 degrees of strong light and never let the soil dry.
When they were a few inches high, they pinched the weaker of the two.
When the weather is stable and the soil is warm, cut an opening on the plastic cover (
Where there is frost, wait until the last frost is a few weeks later than you).
Carefully pull the flowerpot off the seedlings and place the plant on the ground (
Don't bother root).
Species of space shrubs-
The fastest mature ---
About 3 feet apart.
Water thoroughly with Vitamin B1 solution.
If the night is sometimes cold, cover with floating rows (
The veil of shade that lets the sun and water pass)
But remove it when the night becomes warm or when the first flower appears.
If it's a cool spring, leave the plastic cover in place before it gets hot and remove it.
Replace it with straw or leaves that keep a few inches away from the vine.
Water every four days until the fruit is ripe.
After that, give an inch of water every week.
Always water before 3 p. m.
Use a drip system if possible.
Once a month, spray the leaves with a solution of half-current fish and half-kelp in the morning.
Pick out any bugs
Around September, pinch all the flowers-
This allows plants to put energy into mature existing fruits.
You don't have to plant watermelons in traditional watermelon fields.
By the side of the garden, a Bush watermelon looks charming.
The leaves are like big and long maple leaves. -
Sometimes they are spots of white or gold.
If there is space on your border for vines to walk along the ground, remember ---the best-
Melons come from long vines.
A better idea is to train long vines on a fence or grid.
These can be separated by 1 feet in good soil.
It's a good idea to grow watermelon up.
Support the fruit with a soft cotton sling.
If you don't have room for watermelon in the garden, raise a bush variety in a large bag on the deck or terrace.
Ask about the bag in the nursery.
What is the golden sound in summer?
Hollow punk!
When you hit a ripe watermelon
Although it is not a trustworthy test in the market (
Ripe watermelon can also be punk
Hit your watermelon every few days.
When melon is the coolest, do it in the morning.
Other tests: the curly tendrils on the stem closest to the melon have dried, while the spots on the melon it touches the ground are sunny yellow.
Fruits are usually maintained for 10 to 14 days during the peak period of maturity.
Harvest your melon with a knife and take one-inch stem.
Store it in a cool place.
The thick skin of the uncooked melon can also be marinated.
Watermelon is one of the essence of nature.
Unlike bananas and raspberries (
Cream is needed.
Apples and pears (
Cheese is needed.
Or peaches and strawberries (
Need powdered sugar)
There's nothing to make watermelon better. -
For me, the golden watermelon is the choice of crops.
Fresh Source: often at the farmer's market.
* Seeds: The King of the desert, Orangeglo and Tastigold of The willet Seed Company
, Poolville, Tex. 76076.
Early moonlight from the seeds of change, box 15700, Santa Fe, N. M. 87506-5700.
The golden honey and yellow doll of Porter and son, 104 cases, Tekes Stephenville. 76401-0104.
Hopi yellow powder from local seeds/Search, 2509 N. Campbell Ave. , No.
325, Tucson, arritz. 85719.
Sunshine F1 and come to the floating row cover of Johnny on Albion fforth mountain road. 04910-9731.
Yellow baby from Box 548 Buffalo, New York. Y. 14240-0548.
* At lunch, I wanted to eat something beautiful and unusual to entertain my friends, so I prepared a golden watermelon salad in Asia.
The colors and shapes are pleasant and all the elements work beautifully together ---the warm-
Sesame oil and sweet rice vinegar are the catalyst.
A mouthful of watermelon and peas was a surprise.
Besides noodles (
Could be lame soon)
Can be prepared a few hours in advance.
If your tea is not a salad, cut the watermelon into large pieces. bite-
Throw all the ingredients together. -
It will be a different kind of gorgeous.
Of course, recipes are used with red
Also give melon meat.
Provide fruit-flavored white wine like acacia.
Dessert is a slice of sponge cake with mint.
1 pound snow bean 3 pounds gold watermelon mild vegetable oil 2 oz glass paper noodles (
Green bean noodles)
2 large bundles of parsley, leaves and tender stems, 32 prawns refrigerated, complete tail (About 3/4)
, Slice 4 rings with small sweet red pepper, refrigerate 2 tablespoons Asian sesame oil 1/4 cup of rice vinegar salt, freshly ground white pepper, and remove the string from fresh snow beans.
Put in a large pot of boiled salt water.
30 seconds after biddingcrisp--
Scoop it out and put it in ice water.
Drain when cold
Take a dry shot, wrap it up, and cool it.
Cut the watermelon into wedges. Remove rind.
Watermelon slice 1/2-
Inches thick, then cut into 32 Yangtze River Delta shapes. Wrap and chill.
In a medium-sized, heavy-duty frying pan
High temperature, 1/4-
Oil in inches to 340 degrees (an inch-
Wide bread cube Brown in 70 seconds).
Stir-fry noodles with small hands.
Once expanded, turn with pliers.
Lift before the color is deepened and the water-absorbing paper is drained.
To serve, cover the cold plate with Douban.
8 pieces of watermelon are arranged on each watermelon as the spokes of the wheel.
Set 1 shrimp at the wide edge of each watermelon wedge and the tail points in the same direction.
Overlap pea pods in the center of the mound.
Crown pods with pepper rings and then spread noodles on them.
Mix the sesame oil, vinegar, salt and pepper and dribble on the salad.
Taste of seasoning.
4 copies.
About 447 calories per serving; 218 mg sodium;
129 mg of cholesterol; 24 grams fat;
39 grams of carbohydrates;
22 grams of protein; 3. 85 grams fiber.
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