gadgets won’t save you from climate change, but they may keep you cool - dry ice packs for coolers

by:Demi     2019-11-24
gadgets won’t save you from climate change, but they may keep you cool  -  dry ice packs for coolers
As much as AmericaS.
After 90-
Plus this month's degree day, I have a cardboard box on my desk marked "be careful.
Inside is a black spandex dress with 120 feet medical fibers.
Grade pipes, as well as backpacks, ice packs, pumps and lithium-ion battery.
Including a drain pipe.
And an invoice of $1,911. 15.
In the name of the Climate report, I ordered a dozen different items and promised to keep me cool outside of the air --
Qualified office(
The company agreed to send the sample and I didn't come back until I tried it. )
I have important questions to answer: are these things useful?
Do I look like a walking version of SkyMall?
As global warming pushes summer temperatures in some places to the limits that humans can tolerate, personal cooling products may soon turn from gimmicks to necessities.
In this year, the flight was in a mess because the air temperature was over 120 degrees Fahrenheit (49 Celsius).
Reach 134 degrees in Death Valley
But it was a hot weather.
By contrast, the damp 96 degrees in Washington may sound mild last week, but it requires some technical intervention for the Toronto native.
I started from cool on the journey ($50), a battery-
Electric fan hanging on the lanyard around your neck and blowing air on your chin.
It's not as silly as it sounds.
The effect is similar to the sea breeze a few blocks away or passing the open door to the air --
Centrally located on the other side of the busy sidewalk.
There are shortcomings.
When the steering is full, this is the only way to get any real cooling effect, the motor of the fan makes a surprising sound --
Less fan than dustbuster.
At noon, the actual air flow on the downtown street of Washington could easily drown the cooling, such as the exhaust gas of a passing city bus.
Wearing clothes that evoke small StarCraft businesses may not be the most fashionable thing for Hampton brunch.
For those who like to be cautious, some companies offer relatively harmless ties that cool down when wet.
One of these companies is Mission, which has many instructions for water sports and fitness
Cool neck leggings and headband ($18)
"The Wizard of Oz" could have written like this: "soak in the water, wring and shoot three times.
"I try to wear leggings on my neck, between my skin and the open collar of my shirt;
Sure enough, the fabric feels cooler and longer than ordinary wet cloth.
If so, it's too cold-
About 20 minutes later, I started getting a deadly flu. like sensation.
Aesthetics doesn't help: hide in my collar and the leggings look like a sick personapplied cravat.
The company also produces HydroActive MAX towels ($20)
It can be around the neck or overhead.
When I soaked the towel in the water, a sticky soap film came out, which moved me to the next item in the pile.
Nano is a better choice for overalls
Sam White, founder of Boston company Ice, raised money through Kickstarter.
Its cooling scarf ($49)
It's not cold than Mission's product, but it's still enough to lower the calorie index.
This product can also be sold as a necklace if you don't like summer scarves.
If you're looking for something more compelling, another option is to attach an ice bag to your head.
This is the main point of the Cool58 baseball cap ($31), made by Ohio-
Based in Polar products
Under the Dome of the lid there is a round pocket with a frozen cooling bag inside.
The way the hat is constructed is that the ice is placed directly on your scalp.
This leads to some interesting effects.
First of all, this hat is sitting surprisingly high, giving the impression that you have something hidden under it, and of course you are.
Second, putting an ice bag on your skull will reproduce the symptoms of ice
No fun ice cream part, cream headache.
Still, the chilling effect of the hat does not spread to other parts of the body, so the wearer is still very hot, but there are also migraines now.
Company fashion cooling vest ($138-$205)
The effect is better: the inside pocket before and after the vest is filled with ice bags, which are close to the skin and can be cooled without causing discomfort.
The company sent me a women's vest, and a colleague readily agreed to wear it around the block.
She said she would wear it regularly, which is not exactly in line with the fashion aesthetic, but she would love to wear it while hiking.
But if it gets hotter in the summer, it may take more than a scarf or vest to spend time outside.
This brings us back to the box marked "watch out" and the batterypowered, ice-water-
Cooling compression suit.
It is located in Stockbridge, Georgia, where the manufacturer of Coolshirt Systems manufactures wearable cooling devices for racing drivers, film crew, firefighters and surgeons.
The professional direction is obvious: I had to call the company and ask where to insert which nozzles.
But for those who are willing to invest money and time, the effect of this suit is exciting --for a while.
Pressing the button will create a weak rotation noise because of the battery-
Power pump in backpack ($640)
Start to pass the chilled water through the pipe.
A few seconds later, the water went through the shirt ($247)
Because its sudden cooling effect is disturbing.
A few seconds later, the water hit the tube in the shorts ($223)
, Create the feeling of being submerged in the water.
I tested this outfit by running at noon;
The temperature here is 90 degrees and I barely noticed it in the first 10 minutes.
But after 15 minutes the water lost some chill.
All cooling effects stopped in half an hour.
At that time, I was stuck two miles from my office, running in black spandex in hot weather.
If it weren't for another drawback, I would try this suit again and try a different mixture of water, ice and ice bags in my backpack: it turns out that it's impossible for this shirt to take off on its own, because its pipe network is hard to bend.
Only with the help of the editor can I move freely.
Jay Buckalew, ceo of Coolshirt, said his company's revenue is expected to double from last year to $5 million, in part because people are trying to keep their daily activities comfortable --
Join a football match or trim the lawn
The temperature is warm.
What does cooling equipment need to enter the summer life of ordinary people?
Zachary Schlader, a professor at the University of Buffalo, said people are slow to change their habits and he focuses on heat stress;
If you have had a hot summer without help, you may resist from now on.
But for people in the warmest areas, without some sort of cold hat or tube, they can't or won't hide indoors all summer --
Full of shirts, "the weather will get hot and we can't cope with it. ”—
With the help of Chloe Whiteaker
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