fun science projects for kids - polymer absorbent crystals

by:Demi     2019-08-22
fun science projects for kids  -  polymer absorbent crystals
This is about absorbing what you should know about super-
Absorbing polymer?
It's absorbing!
What's the other thing?
It's for diapers.
Now, you can use this knowledge to perform a magic trick.
Chemical name of Super-
The absorbing polymer is sodium propylene.
Its chemical structure enables it to absorb a large amount of liquid.
Please help with this activity. The super-
Absorbing the polymer can cause the eyes and the inner nose to dry and stimulate, so wear goggles when using this material.
While it looks like a nerd or pop rock, don't put it in your mouth ---
It may be harmful if swallowed.
Step 1: Wear goggles.
Cut the part of a clean diaper that absorbs the baby's urine.
Step 2: gently slide the cotton surface with your fingers.
Powder and Crystal Experience fall off-
Catch them on dark paper.
This material is super
Absorb polymer.
Don't rub your fingers too rough on the diaper surface-
You want to collect crystals instead of cotton. Put the super-
Absorb the polymer crystal to the bottom of the foam cup.
Step 3: Take 2 ml of the water and pour it into the cup.
Continue to do so until there is no more water in the polymer.
Calculate the total amount of super water-
Absorb polymer from a diaper container.
Step 4: Now is the coolest part: Repeat Step 1 and Step 2;
Then collect your audience for your magic.
Don't let them know that there is anything in your cup.
Take the super amount of water-
Absorbing polymer that can accommodate (
You calculated this in step 3)
Pour slowly into the cup.
Step 5: talk to your audience for a minute when the water is absorbed.
Then dramatically pour the Cup over.
To everyone's surprise, no water will come out.
Ever wondered why there was a picture of a cow on your white glue bottle?
Continue to read interesting science programs for children to learn the answers.
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