fuel spill fouls san fran marsh - water absorbent pads

by:Demi     2019-08-26
fuel spill fouls san fran marsh  -  water absorbent pads
The pipeline to deliver oil from the San Francisco Bay Area refinery broke, pumping diesel into the swamp and becoming a key nesting site for migratory birds.
The leak began Tuesday with an emergency clean-up at susenmarsh, about 30 miles northeast of San Francisco.
Coast guard spokesman Claire Maranda said several dead animals, mainly ducks, were found at the scene.
State officials estimate 40,000 gallons of fuel leakage. Initial worst-
An estimated 1 million gallons were leaked.
Jerry engerhart, a spokesman for the Houston company Kinder Morgan Energy Partners, which owns the pipeline, said an estimated 500 to 1,000 barrels leaked into the swamp, containing 42 gallons of fuel per barrel.
Trump awarded D-
On the same day, Parkland arrested border arrests and quickly lifted the ban. Most of the oil spill was controlled on 600 acres before Thursday, so officials said fuel could not easily escape to other parts of the swamp.
About 50 workers from state, county and federal agencies are using the enclosure boom and the suction pad to clean up the spills, which leave a shine on the water.
The pipeline transports fuel from refineries in the San Francisco Bay Area to Chico, Sacramento and Renault.
Broke sometime on Tuesday.
Kinder Morgan noticed that the pressure on the pipe dropped around 6 p. m.
Engerhart said he closed a pipe Tuesday night.
Environmental officials were told Wednesday.
The damaged part of the pipe will be replaced and put back into use by Saturday, but it may take weeks or even months to clean up the leak completely, said engerhart.
Susen swamp is considered second in California.
According to Greg Green, a biologist in Memphis, Tennessee, this is the largest natural swamp. -
The wetland protection organization "duck Unlimited ".
However, it is also an area that manages a high concentration, and there is a large area to control the flow of water.
"This is an important area for biological purposes," Green said . ".
The swamp covers an area of 57,000 acres and is frequented by about 700,000 birds, including migratory birds and Raptors.
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