freight hauling goes digital. - spill containment kit

by:Demi     2019-09-14
freight hauling goes digital.  -  spill containment kit
E-Commerce promotes industrial development.
Whether it's on the road, in the air or on the water, Alaska's freight business is changing. High-
Technology trucks manage roads, companies large and small do business on the information superhighway. -
It is easy and direct.
By clicking on amouse, consumers can get information about the shipping of the goods, they can book the goods or track the goods-
All of this comes from the comfort of their home or office computers.
Advanced Computer Technology also benefits the owner.
The shipping crew is no longer overwhelmed by the phone, and the company is no longer targeting productivity.
Truck mechanics are now able to talk to electronic engines and have ruled out a lot of speculation in the business of driving large rigs in the most efficient way.
"It's getting more and more interesting," said Jay Reardon, a truck engine salesman at NC Power Systems . ".
"And it really got quite advanced.
The industry trend is to integrate electronic control modules into new engines, says Leiden.
These ECMs perform various tasks.
They diagnose engine failures, monitor engine functions, and even control braking.
Railden sells Caterpillar engines and says the manufacturer is at the forefront of new technology.
With a range of engines from 175 hp to 600 hp, Caterpillar has built a wide range of engines on the market, but of all these, only one ECM design works.
If serious problems occur, Caterpillar's ECM will shut down the engine and prevent it from starting, he said.
ECM can also determine the severity of the problem, reducing the power output to keep the engine running as long as it is not damaged.
"It will limping until it reaches the place where it needs Togo," riedon said . ".
The ECM sends data to the dashboard to show fuel economy, how far the truck is going and how far it has to go to its destination.
But this information is just a sample of the data that ECM can generate.
The software keeps the machinery in line with the engine. The fleet information software allows the machinery to be connected to the engine through the data port inside the truck.
Laptops and other diagnostic devices can be plugged into the truck to see how it is driving, how it is performing, and what is the problem.
The software is able to print a histogram showing the history of the truckby the hour.
"The truck can be transported," says Leiden . "
The speed of the electronic engine is lower than that of the mechanical engine, with peak performance, horsepower and torque of about 1,550 rpm.
The speed of the old mechanical diesel engine is about 2,000 rpm.
The electronic engine running at 2,000 rpms is not operating well and the fuel economy is affected.
"It's like pumping the fuel out of the exhaust," according to redden . ".
He said the ECM will record the rpm range of the truck's operation, how the driver uses the brakes, and how fast the truck is traveling, etc.
The automatic transmission is a supplement to the new electronic engine.
One such transmission, manufactured by Eaton Fuller, can monitor driving speed and engine speed.
The transmission is carried out automatically when the gear needs to be replaced.
Drivers only need to use their clutch when starting a business and parking. The 10-
Speed, automatic transmission is programmed to be high performance and fuel economy and reduce damage to the transmission system.
Transmission becomes weak if there is a problem
Similar to the home model adopted by Caterpillar's ECM.
With more horsepower and more efficient gear boxes under the hood, truck manufacturers have redesigned aerodynamics to improve fuel economy and safety.
Kenworth has long been a leader in the truck manufacturing industry and has recently joined its lineup with the t2000.
The T2000 toutsa body is very smooth, thus creating the lowest resistance factor for any early model.
The appearance of the truck is made of composite materials, which can maximize high strength and reduce weight. Under-
Cab fairness also simplifies the T2000, reducing turbulence and reducing splash and spread in wet weather.
Only 14,950 pounds leather weight (
The weight of the truck is subtracted from the maximum weight allowed on the road)
It means that trucks carry heavier goods. The lighter-
The fuel efficiency of the weight truck is also higher, which increases the profit margin of the owner.
"I think their fuel mileage is great and easy to maintain," said Brian Skinner, who owns two Kenworth t2000 . ".
He said all he had to do was change the oil and change the filter.
Skinner has B and C trucks in Anchorage, and every Friday, uses trucks to transport Pepsi products from Anchorage to Fairbanks.
He said there was no problem with the truck pulling a 000 pounds-pound tandem trailer.
He said the aerodynamic trucks reduced the impact of strong winds.
"I can't feel the wind," he said.
They won't slow me down.
The truck just slid over them.
"In addition to taxiing in the wind and taxiing on the road, these rigs have also attracted attention.
"These trucks were noticed.
"We always get calls from people who just want to say they like the clean look and future style," he said . ".
"One of my jobs is to show a good image for Pepsi.
That's what these trucks do.
"Skinner's truck was driven by 550 lip Caterpillar diesel in less than a year, driving 75,000 miles per vehicle.
The first T2000 he bought was about 77,000 miles.
The second is 99 000 miles away.
He said he would trade them in after they reached about a mile.
"They just did a great job," he said . ".
"When I buy another truck, it will be a t2000.
"Inside the cab, advanced ergonomics make truck driving easier, easier and more efficient.
The surround dashboard enables easy control of all meters and vehicles.
The significantly reclined Hood and the rear view mirror in the best position improve visibility.
"This is not true," Skinner said . "
"They are very friendly to the driver and ride very smoothly.
You can legally go to Fairbanks four times in a week and then you don't feel defeated at all.
Modular Sleep in Kenworth includes appointments
Cable package, refrigerator/freezer, Skylight, closet, CD player and 4-
Foot pads make your life more comfortable on theroad.
The sleepers are available in sizes ranging from 38 inch to 86 inch deep. Kenworth's top-of-the-
The price of the T2000 line is about $120,000 and can be built according to different specifications. "We (design)
"The truck in the computer," said Kenworth arassman Bob F, pointing to a laptop on his desktop.
"It gives us more choices.
"Freight companies enter the online market and freight companies that want to provide customers with more convenient ordering, tracking of goods and customer service are developing websites.
The Lynden family of companies is the leader in the field of freight handling and they embrace the Internet with all their heart.
Lynden's budget is $9.
Information Technology 2 million in 2000. Ofthat, $7.
€ 5 million is dedicated to operating costs, including costs of downtime, maintenance and equipment.
$1 left
7 million investment in the development of new technologies and so-called new technologies
Business Center, information about truck transportation in Lynden, bargeand air-
Can access the freight business online.
"It has become a computer world," said Mark Anderson, president of Lynden logistics . ".
"If we are going to keep up with the pace in our industry and other industries, we have to update.
"Linden may remain competitive in entering the online marketplace, but more importantly, Anderson says his company is providing customers with the services they want.
"Our idea is to save time and money ---
Satisfy our customers, "he said. Jeanine St.
John, logistics manager at Lynden, said there are three levels in the center.
You can book or track the goods by logging into Lynden's website.
You can find the starting point, destination, status and contact information there.
The uniqueness of the site is that shipping charges can be tracked through either the purchase order number or the shipper's bill of lading number.
Advanced Shipment tracking can be performed at the second level of the site.
This level is password protected for use only by major customers in toringdon.
More detailed shipping information can be obtained compared to public websites, and scanned copies of receipts and other documents can be accessed.
Document Imaging allows the customer to view the signature of the party signed for the shipment or the content specified in the original shipment document.
On the third tier, Lynden's customer database is accessible.
The features there are tailored for individual customers.
Labels and bills can be printed; there is an e-
Mail ordering system;
The site's service Finder will help you determine which companies of the site can use when shipping goods to the outside.
Lynden is also experimenting with a satellite tracking system for tracking rail, barge, air and truck transportation.
Another company that opened stores electronically is RoadwayExpress.
It has two docks in Alaska, one in Fairbanks and the other in Anchorage.
Bill Crawford, Highway Express manager at Anchorage, said the biggest technological advance in his company over the past five years was the Internet.
"This has changed the way we do business," Crawford said . "
"Customers can now track shipments, get their own shipping costs, and claim goods ---online.
Putting basic information at the customer's fingertips helps the customer answer their own questions and improves the company's customer relationship, he said.
Crawford estimates Roadway spent $50 million to $60 million last year to update its computer system.
The investment began to generate dividends, but he said it would take years for the company to fully understand the impact of its online business.
The road will be full in a few years.
The global positioning system tracks the scale implementation of large rigs in Alaska.
While esatellite tracking is still being developed for high precision, the roadway has used it below 48 degrees.
"All of our sleeper use GPS --Team operations.
"Satellite tracking is great," Crawford said . "
"You can tell customers that their freight is six miles from Salt Lake City (Utah)
It will show up in 15 minutes.
"This immediacy also appeared in the taxi of the truck driver.
"Mobile phones have certainly become part of our business.
They are more effective than two. way radios.
All our lines (long-distance)
"The driver carried the cell," he said . "
"Most people carry fuel cards.
We have our own gas station at the bigger pier.
When they can't use it, the driver will use the refueling card.
"Featured information only touches the innovative surface available to diesel machinery, freight companies and line transport drivers.
Although it is impossible to predict what will drive freight --
In the transportation industry in the future, the advancement of application technology has led to the improvement of customer relations and more reliable transportation.
Computer drawing makes the digital advantage of Anchorage garbage Roger Kane has no easy way to ensure that Anchorage's garbage is transferred to the appropriate landfill site, but the application of computer technology simplifies the garbage transportation business.
Anchorage garbage company
There are 60 trucks collecting containers of commercial and residential garbage.
A single dispatcher routes and reroute these trucks as needed.
Dean Kirgis, route manager, said it was a high
Stress work that requires a lot of planning and effort.
"Some kind of talent is needed to send," he said . ".
Doug Daniels from ARI market and sales agreed to that.
"The dispatcher may have a customer on the phone and is looking at the computer map and dispatching the truck (via two-way radio)
At the same time, "he said.
A computer software program called microsoft MapPoint 2000 helps simplify this work.
About eight months ago, the dispatcher began using the software to route eight volumes of the company. offtrucks. Roll-
Out-of-truck delivery of garbage containers deployed for commercial customers. The roll-
The driver starts every day at the first stop address in their hands.
After that, everyone relies on the dispatcher to take them to their next destination.
The real-time scheduling system is more effective than previously relying on paper maps, Daniels said.
ARI is upgrading its system, although MapPoint is new and efficient, Kirgis said.
He attributed Alibaba's parent company, waste management.
Make it possible to upgrade.
The replacement Star System for MapPoint should be in place by the end of the summer and link the company's customer database with computerized maps.
Kirgis said the project will show the location of the company's containers and will automatically map short cables between pick-up.
Another technological advance ARI is taking advantage of is not relying on computer chips, but mechanical and safe. Commercial roll-
The Off container is 20 feet long and 7 long.
5 feet wide, 7 feet high, garbage with 15 cubic code to 40 cubic code.
Emptying large bins requires lifting them to the truck bed and transporting them away.
In the past, the operator had to get off the truck and fix the container on the truck.
Ali changed that.
The company has designed a mechanism to lock and unlock garbage containers using the electric transport of trucksoff mechanism.
The company also uses cameras on trucks so drivers can monitor the workers behind the trucks and determine what or who is behind them.
Each truck in ARI is also equipped with a leak container for cleaning up hydraulic fluid, oil, fuel or other contaminants that may leak or leak.
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