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freddie asked young men to strip naked and parade in front of him wearing only women's hats...then he picked the one he wanted! - buy dry ice

freddie asked young men to strip naked and parade in front of him wearing only women's hats...then he picked the one he wanted! - buy dry ice


freddie asked young men to strip naked and parade in front of him wearing only women\'s hats...then he picked the one he wanted!  -  buy dry ice
Freddy Mercury is wearing killer clothes.
And his bodyguard and hanger.
The superstar swept through the latest hot spots at Munich's notorious gay bar and club's Bermuda square.
There was an exciting shock in the crowded club.
In an instant, the Queen's gorgeous singers became the target of a group of young sharks who frantically fed rich and simple meat.
But no Freddy. one's fool.
He will string them all until dawn.
Then pick a few people in Munich's apartment for the party, where he has enjoyed one of his favorite games.
The young men were asked to take off their clothes and march in front of him, and they were innocent except to pick some female hats.
Freddy likes them very much.
He has a weakness in beef cake.
It looks like the muscular guy of the truck driver, with big hands and dark beard.
He will choose his roommate and then suddenly fire someone else.
It was one night after another.
His sexual impulses are hard to resist.
He once admitted: "I have to sleep everything.
He boasted that he had slept hundreds of lovers.
Indifferent to the fact that every night is a different person.
But before he became famous, Freddy lived with a beautiful clerk named Mary Austin.
It is only when he reaches the star status he desires that he leaves Mary to satisfy his desire for men.
For 10 years, Freddy's life in New York, Munich and London has been a carnival of cocaine, gay and rock.
It was these years that he was finally killed.
Freddy cannot openly admit that he is gay.
He claims to be bisexual.
Introduced Mary to him.
His future wife is a devout parent.
But the star's secret sluttering bedeviled him and tortured him.
Deep inside, all he wanted was rough sex.
Someone who is not well-educated partner and allows him to control.
"I'm just an old scum, getting up every morning, scratching his head and wondering who he wants," he admits . ".
Mary was a good friend all her life, but a few years later, when she asked him to give her a child, he replied, "I would rather have a child.
"Freddy will deal with his current man with luxurious diamonds, luxurious cars and a lot of cash.
When he is busy with a new thing, he feels that his best creative work has been done.
But it's easy for him to feel sorry for himself.
"Love is a Russian roulette for me," he said . ""No-
A person likes the real me inside.
They all fell in love with my fame, my star.
"Although Freddy is a control freak, he is occasionally rejected by lovers who don't bow their heads to their star status.
Winnie kokenberg, the German restaurant owner, is a typical example.
After spending a night at a bar in Munich, Freddy announced that he would be waiting for AKA and the driver.
Kirkenberger retorted that he didn't care at all. . .
He's on his way home and he has to go too if Freddy wants to be with him!
This Butch show is shaking with excitement through Freddy's body.
Not long-
Fresh Meat is waiting.
When Freddy took another lover named Patrickjealous.
Freddy likes it.
He enjoyed a game shamelessly.
He thrive as a puppet master and again shows that he needs to control himself.
Freddy's fantasy lover is actor Bert Reynolds.
When Freddy walked into the gay club paradise in London, he thought he had met the Hollywood man of his dreams.
That man is Jim Heaton, 1 pounds. a-
Weekly Barber at London's Savoy Hotel.
Heaton offered to buy a vodka for the superstar.
Freddy accepted it and asked, "How big is your thing?
Heton obviously measured it.
They were dancing most of the time before going to the Fredy Kensington apartment.
But even so, Freddy let him wait.
He insisted on embracing the two cats Oscar and Tiffany, and took a sip of cocaine before taking him to the bedroom.
A few months later, Heaton was invited to dinner at Freddy sham.
There, he and his entourage learned the nickname in close company.
Freddy is Melina, after the Greek actress Melina Mercouri never appeared as a prostitute on Sunday. His two live-
In the "personal assistant" and "ex-lover", Joe Fanelli and Peter Friston are called Lisa and Phoebe.
Heton stayed for another night. . .
Move in slowly with the superstar
They lived together until Freddie died six years later.
Freddy has an unpredictable and strong demand for his physical needs.
Heton described their sex together as vulgar, but not particularly acrobatic.
Surprisingly, Freddy prefers his love of control to the dominant role.
After a passionate meeting, he was very kind. . .
He likes to lie on the couch watching TV with his new lover to keep track of hot sex.
Freddy's stunning home is a garden cottage in Kensington.
He exchanged 500,000 cash for 28.
The Georgian-style mansion sits on an acre of neatly trimmed gardens surrounded by high walls.
Previously, it was owned by the Hoare Bank family.
That's what SoFreddie said. . . House of prostitutes
When Freddy and Heaton moved in, Freddy took half of Houghton's rent.
The building was renovated.
Renovation and renovation.
The three rooms on the third floor were bumped together to form a huge master bedroom with a huge bed inside.
But by 1985, the shadow of AIDS began to loom over gay communities.
Freddy no longer follows the scene of the club, but he can't go to his old place once in a while.
Sometimes, when Heton is in the Garden Cottage, he picks up someone and takes him back to another apartment for the night.
When Heton found out, he went out to retaliate with the others.
Freddy hated the idea of paying back in kind and then screamed.
Although he always begged him to come back, he drove Heton out of the house with terrible anger.
Heton stayed with Freddy all the time, and he was by the bed when he died.
Freddie left most of his property and house to Mary Austin in return.
Laura Jackson 1996
Excerpt from: Mercury: King of the Queen, published by Smith Eagle Lion Co. , Ltd.  in May 30 (pounds 16. 99).
Prima donna broke a mirror on my head!
Freddy Mercury is a superstar and hopes to treat him like a star.
He may be an arrogant, spoiled child during the tour.
In Sydney, the band found that they had to drive through a huge playground, packed with talent to attend their show.
At the time, the Queen's private manager, Pete Brown, thought it would be faster to give up the limo.
"I asked the band to walk out of their cars," he said . "
"Freddy's immediate reaction is, 'Honey, I can't go anywhere! ' -
The direct blank of Herefuse leaves the limo.
"In order not to hurt anyone, we had to drive through at the speed of a snail, and Freddy performed with champagne all the way!
The crowd reacted angrily, hitting the car with their fists and putting up two fingers.
When the team finally arrived at the concert hall
Freddy lost his temper to Brown.
"He picked up a big mirror and really smashed it on my head," he said . ".
"Then he ordered me to sweep the glass with a brush!
"On a tour of the Midwest, the Queen landed in a small town without a limo.
Instead, three shiny black RV rentals rented from the local Cheng underta are waiting at the airport.
"Freddy shook and threw a big car and walked into a huge sultry because there was no luxury car and flatly refused to enter the car," played with the Queen in thin Lizhen
"He was told in advance that there was no point in stretching the limo, but he had to make an opinion about it.
O'donnelll accused Freddy of supporting himself with a hanger
Who cut him off from the real world?
There are two personal assistants in the court of King Freddy, a hairdresser, a private masseur, a dresser and a chef.
"It's all 'Freddy Darlin', and 'Of course, Freddy darlin'," O'Donnell said '. ".
"The terrible thing about having yourself with these women is what they will say and do to please him.
O'Donnell recalled a performance in Chicago when temperatures were below freezing.
The Queen was late, and the fans in the queue crowded together to warm up with their hands.
The promoters begged Freddy to let them in.
O'Donnell said: "He told Freddy that many people look blue outside.
"His only response was, 'Dear, we haven't had a voice check yet.
Until then, it was impossible for them to hear.
"I watched him deliberately delay the whole process just to show his point of view. " After-
The performance dinner is also a performance.
"The Queen does not have the usual back office restaurant," said Donnell.
"Four of them went --
The candle holder of the gourmet routinecomplete.
"Brian May and Roger Taylor are the real rock singers in the band who will sneak out and hang out at some club in town, leaving Freddy and John Deacon behind.
John is walking away, too.  Freddy is going to the gay club.
"Sometimes ask --
They must all be treated in the same luxury.
It's impossible to prove.
Ensuring that the accommodation style and size of each band member Tour is exactly the same is part of Pete Brown's work.
"I did my best, but it didn't matter what I did during a trip to Europe, and it was wrong.
I managed to upset all four at the same time. " he said.
"In Paris, I should have found four houses for them --
The house is not an apartment! -
They must all be the same in a comfortable environment.
This is impossible.
"Nude models in the liver dish!
The Queen's party is a legendary carnival of sex and drugs.
In the middle of an American tour of New Orleans the 10 thousand St. stop 12-
The one-hour marathon is hidden in the giant original liver. Half-
The naked girl danced in a bamboo cage hanging from the ceiling of the huge ballroom and was transformed into a swamp that looked like a glass of wine and dry ice smoke.
Female wrestlers, snake women, strip women and topless waitresses fascinated guests with endless drinks.
At one stage, Freddy (above)
When she leaned against the table, she signed a stripper's ass.
The Queen held another famous party in the roof garden on jul ton High Street, where 500 guests, including Cliff Richard, the stebbandway ballet and Gary Glitter, were present.
"Every waiter, whether a boy or a girl's uniform, is body paint," Gary recalls . ".
"At first you didn't notice that they had nothing, and then you did a double test and thought, wow!
Only the Queen would have thought of doing so.
"Other dishes prepared for guests include:
The dressed woman on duty in the men's toilet and a woman who is equally inadequate
A gentleman in a lady's dress is ready to give any help.
Freddy saw Mary Austin on his arm that night.
Jim Heton, his boyfriend, is missing.
Freddy can wear this style himself.
At one of his private parties, a group of dwarfs ran around with a few bowls of the best cocaine, raising their shoulders high for their guests.                                                                            

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