flood surge raises fears of montana oil spill spread - fuel absorbent pads

by:Demi     2019-09-03
flood surge raises fears of montana oil spill spread  -  fuel absorbent pads
-On Tuesday, the staff who cleaned up the oil spill in the Yellowstone River faced difficult conditions because the scenic waterway was higher than the flood water level, causing concern, that is, the surging water may push crude oil into the river with abundant fishery resources.
The state of the bloated Yellowstone National Park is holding back efforts to find reasons for Friday's 12-point break
It is estimated that 1,000 barrels of crude oil have been leaked.
The flow of the river was so fast that the crew could not reach some areas where the oil was badly polluted. Weather forecasters say snow melting in mountainous areas has increased the water level.
Officials speculated that soaring oil prices could push oil into areas that have not yet been damaged.
Most of the banks are also covered by dense bushes, which makes it difficult to walk along the coastline.
Most observations are carried out through aerial flight. Sweat-
Wet workers in hazmat suits and life
Under the scorching sun, the Rangers shuttled between the vegetation by the river.
Some people throw oil residue into garbage bags;
Others apply water-absorbing pads to the blackened grass.
The boom collects oil in the water and has a plastic children's pool set up to allow workers to wash off their boots after leaving the water.
Robert Castleberry, a downstream homeowner a few miles from the broken water pipe, said he had left his house since Saturday as the River passed through his yard, into the crawling space under his house, creating danger.
He said Castleberry's wife had a heart attack and the smoke made her have difficulty breathing.
While he appreciated the company's commitment to pay the couple's direct expenses, retired fuel truck drivers questioned whether the workers could clean up the blacks and run the river through the sticky films of the bushes.
"Exxon is only 100% for us," he said . ".
"But when you brush so thick, it's almost impossible to clean it up.
The company and federal officials said they only saw oil down the River about 25 miles from the rest site near Laurel. But Gov.
Brian Schweitzer says he believes some people have gone hundreds of miles to North Dakota.
"North Dakota already has some oil being mined at seven miles an hour.
"This is a given condition," Schweitzer said . ".
"I asked everyone to go out and report what you saw on the river.
"The representative of Exxon oil and the Environmental Protection Agency said they had no reports about oil except for the town of Huntley.
Officials at the company said they were cleaning up the area centrally but have acknowledged that the scope of the leak could be more than 10-
They initially said the area most affected was miles long.
Sherman Glass, president of Exxon's refining and supply, said the staff had identified 10 places with the largest oil pool between Laurel and Huntley.
Exxon oil pipeline
The president of Gary Pruessing said the company did not limit the scope of the clean-up to the direct clean-up site.
Glass said Exxon plans to test the condition of the river with a jet boat, and eight remain on standby if the launch is successful. Water-
According to EPA spokesman David Ostrander, the quality test downstream of the leak point started on Monday and plans for more.
The Silvertip pipeline is buried at the bottom of the Yellowstone River, delivering 40,000 barrels of oil to Billings's refinery every day.
Pruessing said for a long time
After the worker finds the pressure to drop, it takes an hour to close and seal the broken pipe.
However, documents released by the Ministry of Transport show that the pipeline is not fully sealed within 49 minutes.
Alan Jeffers, a spokesman for the company, said the longer the time was based on information that Exxon Petroleum had provided to federal agencies.
He added that the discrepancy may have been caused by speaking in a manner that was not noted before him.
"Obviously, our communication with regulators (DOT)
That's the one we can pinpoint. "Said Jeffers.
Federal regulators have ordered Exxon-year-old pipeline.
One of the orders is to re-
Embedding to prevent external damage and to assess the risk of crossing the waterway.
Company officials said they were considering burying the line deeper when repairing it.
The company will also have to submit a restart plan to the Department of Transport before crude oil can flow through the line again, which delivers oil to Billings's refineries and other customers.
"When the company does not meet our safety standards, we will take action," Transport Minister Ray LaHood said in a statement . ".
Schweitzer also ordered a review of the pipeline crossing the main and secondary rivers of the state.
Officials will look at the age of the pipes, the location of the closing valves and whether they are similar to the broken pipes.
He said there are 88 such crossings in the state.
Modern pipes can be buried 25 feet under water;
Exxon oil's silver tip line is 5 to 8 feet lower than the bottom of Yellowstone National Park.
As Laurel officials fear that the line could be at risk with the rise of Yellowstone, the line is temporarily closed.
After reviewing its safety records, the company restarted the production line a day later.
The cause of the rupture has not yet been determined, but companies and government officials speculate that high water levels in recent weeks may have washed the bottom of the river and exposed the pipes to damaged debris.
The site is located downstream of Yellowstone National Park, which is nearby and is not under threat.
But the river that leaked was the home of sauger fish, bass catfish, goldeye fish, trout, and native bamboos far below the mile city.
Mr. Schweitzer said he noticed that oil was gathering in areas near the bank.
Moving water, close to islands and cotton stations, supports microorganisms and insects that bring life to the river.
"These riverbanks are a treasure trove of creatures.
"This is the health and wealth of the river," he said . ".
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