fishing vessel sinks as lucrative lobster season opens off nova scotia - super water absorbent material

by:Demi     2019-08-25
fishing vessel sinks as lucrative lobster season opens off nova scotia  -  super water absorbent material
Canada's largest and most profitable lobster fishing company opened in Nova Scotia on Saturday and a fishing boat sank, but all crew members were reportedly safe.
Debbie Buott, spokesman for the fisheries department-
Thessen confirmed that a lobster fishing boat sank in Hackett Bay on Saturday morning. Hackett Bay is about 45 kilometers southwest of Halifax city center.
Spokeswoman for the Joint Rescue Coordination Center
Amber Bineau said four crew members of the ship, wearing life jackets, were rescued by a nearby fishing boat.
Keith Laidlaw, deputy director of the Canadian Coast Guard environmental response team, was unable to explain why the vessel sank.
He said he would remove it from the water on Saturday afternoon.
"Obviously, the ship is full of fuel because they have just started," Laidlaw said in an interview . ".
"We did release the pollutants from the ship.
There is a hydraulic tank of about 30 to 40 liters.
Absorption materials are being used to load and clean up fuel, Laidlaw said.
It is also using a oil purifier to remove oil from the water.
Hackett Bay is part of the lobster fishing area 33, extending from Halifax to the southwest end of Nova Scotia.
Fishing is open at about 7 in the morning. m.
Lobster fishing area 34-Saturday-
Including about 970 ships working in waters off the western edge of the province
Open at about 6. m.
The season should start from last Monday, but the industry association, which represents about 6,000 fishermen, has called for a delay as forecasts require rain, snow and strong winds throughout the week. Buott-
If the wind speed is expected to exceed 46 kilometers per hour, then the opening will automatically delay, thessen said.
However, if the forecast does not provide an exact situation, the final decision depends on the representative of each fishery.
Lobster was the province's largest seafood export in 2017, with exports of $0. 947 billion.
According to a recent report by the Senate committee, Canada's commercial fishing industry has the highest mortality rate at work in Canada --
Die once a month on average.
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