first step to remove concordia fuel - oil absorbent boom

by:Demi     2019-08-28
first step to remove concordia fuel  -  oil absorbent boom
Italian officials are clearing the barrier today and starting to inject nearly 2 million litres of fuel from capsized Costa Concordia, which could cause environmental disasters as divers continue to search for 19 missing persons.
Citizen Protection officials are today considering whether to stop searching in order to start cheering as islanders are increasingly concerned about the possibility of double search
The bottom tank with about 2200 metric tons of heavy fuel may leak.
The original sea around Giglio, with 4200 people on board, hit a reef on January 13, cut the hull, and then rolled over, a precious fishing area, it is also part of the whale and dolphin sanctuary.
"They should start the drainage operation on the ship," resident Andrea ginaneski told The Associated Press . ".
"Those who have died will not be resurrected at this point.
Even if they pull them out later, unfortunately it won't make any difference.
"The national civil defense official in charge of the rescue work met with technical experts on Monday morning to determine whether it was possible to start refueling operations while continuing the search, or whether it would pose a danger to divers.
The official, Franco Gabriel, will meet with prosecutors later to discuss the impact of stopping the search.
Dutch salvage company Smit has been preparing for a week to start extracting fuel from the tank and only waiting for departureahead.
However, with the transfer of Concordia in its unstable habitat, operations on board have been stopped on a regular basis.
A few meters away from the wreck, the bottom of the sea suddenly dropped, about 20 to 30 metres. If Concorde suddenly rolls off the ledge, rescuers may be trapped inside.
Smit said today that the Italian authorities have said that once there is a second absorption boom around the ship and it can start clearing after the oil tanker, which is expected to arrive later on Monday, arrives.
The company said on its website that the boom was used to "reduce the likelihood of polluting the coastline and help make it easier to recover ".
"Based on current insights, it is understood that once these precautions are in place, the Italian maritime authorities will allow oil removal activities to begin," Smit said in a statement . ".
Where conditions permit, the search for the missing crew and passengers has been ongoing, with divers focusing on the area where the missing person was last seen, they may gather some places to evacuate and separate cabins.
Divers pulled a woman's body out of the ship on Sunday, increasing the number of deaths pulled out of the ship to 13, while 19 others were still listed as missing.
However, officials admitted over the weekend that there may be unregistered passengers on board, which could increase the number of potential victims.
Some diesel and lubricants have leaked into the water near the ship and may come from the machinery on board.
Officials characterized pollution as surface pollution.
In addition to the heavier fuel, there are 185 tons of diesel and lubricating oil on board.
Some scattered on machinery and lifeboats, not on 17 twin ships
The bottom tank that holds most of the fuel-
In addition to chemicals including cleaning products and chlorine.
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