fate of atlantic salmon at diesel spill east of port mcneill undetermined - absorbent

by:Demi     2019-08-29
fate of atlantic salmon at diesel spill east of port mcneill undetermined  -  absorbent
Salmon in a 600 location
A diesel leak north of Vancouver Island can still reach your plate. Or maybe not.
This remains to be determined.
The diesel leak occurred at the Cermaq fish farm in Canada, when staff were transferring fuel from one tank to another, unattended nozzles, Brock Thompson, regional Production managers and special project managers at Cermaq, Canada, said on Monday.
Thompson said the company would do additional monitoring of the fish but did not say that they would automatically take off the market.
The fish has shown normal behavior since the leak, he said.
"Under normal circumstances, they are all contaminated --
Monitor programming.
"We tested some contaminants and we will raise that to make sure there is no safety or human health risk," Thompson said . ".
Thompson said the company also avoided feeding the fish, which would attract the fish to the point where the fuel is concentrated.
The Canadian fisheries and marine sector did not specify whether the fish would be tested, but said federal regulators ensured that food eaten by humans was safe.
The leak occurred in the early hours of Saturday night and Sunday morning.
Cermaq reported the leak to the Canadian Coast Guard at 5 in the morning. m.
Sunday, Thompson said.
Staff of the port Hadi coast guard 70 kilometres away arrived at the scene on Sunday morning, and in the afternoon the contractor of Cermaq in Canada, Western Canada Marine reaction, joined them.
Canadian Fisheries and Oceans said they fenced the site and recovered most of the fuel in the enclosure at the fish farm.
However, some of the fuel, including about 5 cents biodiesel, escaped and continued to spread beyond the farm.
The federal Fisheries Department says the glow of the rainbow cannot be cleaned up.
Although Cermaq initially said there were as many as 1,500 liters of diesel leakage, estimates dropped to about 600 liters by Monday afternoon.
Around 70 liters remain outside the containment area and are expected to evaporate.
Nearby kwikwasat 'inuxw haxwa' mis First Nation elected chief MP Bob Chamberlin said he was told during a conference call with the respondent on Monday morning
Chamberlin said he was worried that diesel would reach some of the 50 beaches in the Burdwood islands, which are critical to clam fisheries --
Cultural, economic and food sources. Clam-
Digging is a major source of income for the community and a staple food, especially when wild salmon are not in the area, he said.
The first country deployed its own ships and a helicopter to monitor the oil spill, about 45 kilometers east of the port of MacNeil on the Broughton Islands.
"I looked at the archives of some of us who have been monitoring the situation there and the report I got was very frustrating in terms of the company's response.
They don't have all the necessary equipment to control it, and the government admits 150-
There is no rice part of the boom to hold oil.
So this is a huge and important window for oil to enter the environment, "Chamberlin said.
Chamberlin also said that this shows that there is no "world in the province-
Prime Minister Christie Clark promised a "class" leak response.
In an industry where leaks can occur, he said, every company should have training and equipment to control leaks.
"We were lucky that there was not much wind in the area yesterday.
But even if there is no wind, the floating oil from the fish farm is very huge, "he said.
The fisheries and marine sector of Canada says sensitive shoreline areas are being planned as priority protection areas.
But in response to concerns that fuel would pollute shellfish, the company said many areas had been shut down and could not be harvested due to worries about biotoxins.
The Environment Department is also monitoring the situation.
Independent biologist Alexandra Morton says because of teen pink and chum salmon --
Eating insects from the surface
It will pass through the area soon.
"We were very lucky that this didn't happen in a few weeks when all the underage salmon had just come out of the river in that area of the Burdwood islands," she said . ".
Time colonists.
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