exploring the shadow world of the stasi - absorbent cloth

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exploring the shadow world of the stasi  -  absorbent cloth
A joke they used to tell in East Germany was this: "A grandson wrote a letter to his grandmother in West Germany: 'Thank you for your pistol.
I buried it in the garden.
"Four weeks later, he wrote," you can send tulips now, dear grandma.
The Stasi dug up the garden. ’"The Stasi —
The Ministry of National Security officially announced:
It's the secret East German police.
When the Soviet Union-
Supported Democratic Republic of Germany (GDR)
On 1990, after the fall of the Berlin Wall on November 1989, Stasi was dissolved.
Their agents managed to destroy about a third document, but that still left a file for 6 million citizens.
In Leipzig, the Stasi headquarters is a building called a circular corner.
It survived more or less intact and is now a museum whose exhibition, Stasi: possible and mediocre, shows the operation of the bureau.
The exhibition occupies the first floor of the fourth floor.
Floor Building (
Closed other floors)
It was as monotonous as the secret police were when they were there: small offices, dirty felt, bare fluorescent lamps, all the old and shabby things.
The introduction to the English audio guide states that Stasi "permeates the most private aspects of people's lives", "spreading distrust among neighbors and violating the most basic human rights.
All displayed in German (
You need an audio guide for about $5. 75)
, To illustrate this point.
In a room, for example, there is a series of sealed glass cans.
It was filled with clothes that smelled suspicious citizens.
Typically, the sample is obtained by calling someone to answer the question and then having them sit on the suction cloth and wait.
If "subversive" flyers are distributed, Stasi will have specially trained dogs sniff out printed flyers and then sniff out a series of cloth until they bark.
Even in the GDR, this is not legally acceptable evidence, but, the audio guide says, "Stasi generally finds a way to formalize the results.
"In another room, there was a machine made specifically to turn on the steam and resend people's mail.
1,500 to 2,000 letters per week are taken directly from the Leipzig post office to the corner.
Mail is not just reading: Stasi establishes an index to register each sender of the Leipzig letter and archive a sample of writing for each sender on microfilm.
The Leipzig division also retains a list of 14,000 people who will be placed in a detention camp or interrogation room in the event of civil unrest.
You can make a list of contacts with Western media or become a "lasting non-voter.
"When Stasi disappeared in 1990, they had about 90,000 people in
The scheduled staff, together with nearly 190,000 information personnel, is called IMs.
We learned that "in most cases, it is not material considerations that convince IMs to register, but political beliefs . ".
Payment rarely exceeds a pack of coffee or a bouquet of flowers.
If you are outstanding, you may also get a medal.
You can't wear it, of course. NEED TO KNOW—
More information around the corner (Runde Ecke)visit runde-ecke-leipzig. de. —
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